1 year down, less than half a year(?) to go

It’s finally been one year of WaniKani. Makes me realize that if I was truly mix-max tryharding I would have been done by now, but I’m glad I took it at my own pace while still managing to do reviews every day for a full year. I’m aiming to maintain the perfect streak all the way to the end! It was also just about a year ago that I started studying Japanese in general, and the progress is noticeable: I can read so many things, from ebooks to the news, with the help of an integrated dictionary, and barely have to look up new grammar structures at all anymore. In one more year who knows what I’ll be able to do? I think that’s the mentality you have to have, just imagining yourself one or two years down the line. It’s provided a lot of motivation for myself.


Wow, reading books in just a year is impressive!
What kind of stuff are you reading?


This thread made me realize I can change the colours on the heatmap.


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