1 year anniversary, a significant slow down, and ignore script ban ;)

Below is an incredibly important update on my WANIKANI progress which EVERYONE needs to read immediately :wink: :wink:

Firstly - I made it to a year. So that’s a year of doing reviews pretty much every day. PARTEEYYYY - how should i celebrate? or should i wait until level 30? :slight_smile:

Secondly - I have stopped using the ‘ignore’ script. This wasn’t really planned - I have just started using firefox, and couldn’t get the scripts to work. ha

I would say i am definitely glad that i can’t use it. As much as it is (intensely) annoying that I often make ridiculous ty[pos, the fact i can no longer convince myself that i 'knew that one really ', or ‘would have got it right if i wasn’t so tired’ is going to be of benefit to my retention in the long term. SUPPORT GROUP TIME - My name is Daniel and i used to abuse the ignore script … * clapping ensues *

I’m not saying necessarily that the ignore function is bad*, but if you are one of those people who misuse it (you may not even be able to admit it to yourself yet :wink: ), you need to remember that getting things wrong shortens the intervals on that item, ultimately re-enforcing the neural pathways associated with that memory. That’s what’s great about SRS.

not bad, but definitely evil**

**nah, just joking, but you will def go to hell if you use it

Thirdly - I’ve slowed down. I was intending on slowing down at lvl30 (not that i was going super-fast), but i have been so busy during summer i decided to all but stop doing new lessons. this has coincided nicely (and accidentally) with a lot of burn items coming back round to bite me. So my apprentice items has stayed high. I think if I had the burn items and lessons from new reviews i would have had a breakdown. here is my progress graph, in case you were interested…

I’ve become less stressed at getting though WANIKANI like a race, and have decided it takes as long as it takes. Having said that once the summer is over and I’m less busy i would like to try and get back to around 12 day level times.

LASTLY (*audience sighs with relief *) I start my second year of classes in September, so I can shove a bit more grammar in to ma brain, and sushi into ma mouth (i get sushi in town after class). :crazy_face:

A final shout out to all those people who get through WANIKANI in around a year -



Congratulations!!! I know how much of an effort regularly doing the reviews is. Still haven’t went through my first year myself but I was thinking in doing a similar post as well.

I too think that level 30 or around it’s a great place to relax a bit with kanji and specially put emphasis on immersion either watching / listening or getting to read on a regular basis.

Best of luck in your 2nd year!!


I used to think the same, do some kind of break around level 30 and slow down on purpose to give more time for reading… But, personally, reading lot of native material was still too frustrating at this stage. You must stop all the freaking time to lookup kanji, with bonus saltiness realizing that almost all of them are just a few levels later in WK.

So I’ve come to the opposite conclusion. I “abuse” ignore script a lot more now. My hunch is that it’s much better to have a garbage knowledge of 2000 kanji than a pristine one of 500 or even a great one of 1000.


While my current readings are those of 6-8 year olds in Japan, and there’re no unknown kanjis in those for the most part; indeed the clear to the stoke order pristine knowledge seems for the most part irrelevant if understanding is the aim… context usually helps differentiate well enough similar kanjis.
A brush of knowledge is way better than a triple coat of wisdom :sunglasses:


sensei what’s ignore script?

please pardon my ignorant self (/ω\)

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Where did you get the progress graph from? I can’t see it in my profile?

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you can get the progress graph from here https://www.wkstats.com :blush:


haha ! no worries.

Wanikani allow people to add userscripts (that people much more intelligent than me code). The ignore script is one of these, and allows creates a button at the bottom right of the screen whilst doing reviews which allows you to ignore a wrong answer. There are many more scripts that can be very useful - including ones that increase the info on your dashboard.

depending on your browser, you will need to install tampermonkey or equivalent. I’m not super tech savvy so don’t fully understand it all - but have found some of the scripts really useful. there are loads of topics on scripts if you wanna give them a try.


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Thanks !

yeah - just need to find some time immerse myself ! :sweat_smile

good effort getting to lvl32 in less than a year ! :blush: - i look forward to your post

ha ! interesting point - though i think in my case, although a reasonable reading level is a goal of mine, i should really focus more on speaking and listening, so slowing down gives me a little more time to work on that. But is definitely see where you are coming from.

thanks a lot, sensei~

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