0 Apprentice Items

I held off posting when I hit 60, just because how do you know you’ve actually finished level 60? I decided to draw a line at when I hit 0 Apprentice level items, similar to the old software development milestone of ZBB, or “Zero Bug Bounce.” That used to be the milestone shortly before shipping a product when at the end of every single day, all bugs were resolved. It didn’t mean that there were no bugs, just that there was no backlog of bugs, so anything discovered could be addressed within a single working day. I don’t think software releases work like that anymore, but the idea still sticks with me.

I know that within a day or so I’ll have Apprentice items again, just like how the bugs keep coming in even after you hit ZBB, but I honestly was a little skeptical that this particular milestone would ever happen. Surely my leech count would be high enough to keep a perpetual cycle of Apprentice items. Anyway, I thought it was cool enough that it warranted a screenshot and a post.


I’ve worked in software development for over ten years and haven’t heard of ZBB but I love it :grin:
Very cool milestone, congrats!!!


Now this is a proper achivement! Nice


Congratulations! :partying_face:


You love to see a zero under the apprentice pile! You don’t often get to see it! :sweat_smile: Congratulations on your achievement and for making it to level 60! Fantastic!

-Nick at WK