🔊 Listen Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 ⛄❄


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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-03-31 :earth_asia: Log Horizon :tv: Anime :arrow_forward: 2 episodes
:vhs: 3-4
:hourglass: 50m

For the final day of the listening challenge, I watched two more episodes of Log Horizon. Unlike the last two, I hadn’t studied these during my 2023 attempt at watching the show, and still, they went… well. Between this and Shirobako the Movie, it’s a nice sign of how far I’ve come over this season. In the beginning, my goal was to just listen, and stuff like Japanese with Shun was difficult and Log Horizon had just flat out defeated me in 2023.

In the first half, I made some progress as Japanese with Shun progressed from challenging to boring. But the latter half, after switching to Japanese from Small Talk as the primary consistent material, I was feeling like I wasn’t making much progress, as that podcast felt like it was getting harder if anything (I think they do pay less and less attention to the beginner audience as they proceed), so there was a real feeling of being stuck in another local maximum again.

I think part of it is there’s less of an objective metric to measure listening progress from. With reading there’s reading speed for example, where in the beginning I was taking 3 hours for a manga volume I could do in 10 minutes in English. But with listening, in the gulf between “Not getting any of it” and “I understand perfectly”, it’s very easy to “feel” you’re at 80% understanding but be getting major details wrong and be at 20% understanding. So it’s hard to sometimes trust when I feel like I understand something better.

But it turns out that time with the harder podcast wasn’t for naught, as my “slowly slowly” approaching to raising anime difficulty may have been too conservative after listening to a more natural speech style podcast. (Plus maybe the Quartet listening exercises and just generally better grammar knowledge along the way helped too). I’m particularly glad with the Log Horizon before and after difference, as I don’t like to leave learning material victorious, so coming back to something I once couldn’t manage and completing it is a nice feeling (see also the bookworm novel volume from the reading challenge).