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Yeah, (for I assume licensing reasons) Japanese subtitles are rarely available on streaming services outside Japan for anime. You can bring your own with addons like asbplayer or jimaku though I probably can’t link you to where you can find the subtitle files to load with them.


The addons works directly on streaming sites if you can find the subtitles ?


Yes. They usually also let you retime them too because of bluray vs web subtitle timing as well.


:headphones: Home post // April 5 :cherry_blossom: :rainbow:

Finished Frieren ep 27 and 28!


Fern is so cute

I find the ending kinda ironic. The scene where Frieren asks Himmel why does he make such simple/plain goodbyes to friends they’ve made along the way even though he doesn’t know if they’re going to cross roads with them again. “Crying now will make it embarrassing when we meet again in the future,” he says like the cool, chill guy he is. I.e. it’s okay to not make sappy goodbyes. The scene itself is closing off the series after 28 episodes, of course it’s natural for the viewer to feel emotional at that point and then it’s Himmel saying it’s okay to not make a big deal out of farewells. Hahaha. I still felt a bit like I was going to cry when the last episode ended TuT



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-05 :earth_asia: Log Horizon :tv: Anime :arrow_forward: 2 episodes
:vhs: 13-14
:hourglass: 0h50m

Today’s listening practice consists of another 2 episodes of Log Horizon. Actually kind of a hard episode for episode 14, as Regan comes and exposits at us for half the episode. I wonder how William’s gamers speech episode will go in season 2

Log Horizon vs Spice and Wolf, Spoilers for all Log Horizon season 1, and Spice and Wolf up to episode 9

So outside of Japanese practice, I’ve been watching Spice and Wolf with some friends. It’s interesting coinciding timing, as Spice and Wolf was always recommended to “if you want more of the economic worldbuilding of Log Horizon, watch this next” around when Log Horizon was relevant.

But for their main plot, I think Spice and Wolf so far is proving a lot weaker than Log Horizon. There’s not the sense of long term planning in Spice and Wolf so far that Log Horizon has.

To give an example, I’ve just watched episode 9 of Spice and Wolf. Lawrence has just got to a town, with a bunch of weapons he’s bought on credit. Holo is being pointed about how she’s wary of buying on credit, a guard is smirking about it. It’s really not subtle that this is going to be an important plot point, and this episode.

Ultimately both Shiroe and Lawrence are going to resolve the issues they face, neither are the kind of show where that’s really in doubt. But in Lawrence’s case, the stuff he’s solved by now has been explained in retrospect, introducing new parts of the world in the solution, but not letting the viewer piece it together.

In the episode of Log Horizon I just watched, they’ve basically smuggled part of the solution for a future episode here. Regan is giving an explanation of the mechanics of HP/MP. In the context of episode 14, it’s basically an info dump about how the characters got here, and how time works, and who Regan is.

But there’s an apparently throwaway comment, about how the dissipation of MP works with resurrection spells and what it means for resurrecting people of the land/NPCs. This is going to be relevant in about… 10 episodes, where a person of the land character is mortally wounded and that’s part of the solution to bringing them back.

Maybe because of Log Horizon’s MMO theme, I’m thinking of Final Fantasy XIV’s story which also does a good job of laying seeds with stuff that comes to fruition later, and makes you feel like you can theorycraft along with where the plot is going. (Probably fitting too, since my understanding is that the two biggest inspirations on Elder Tale’s setting are Final Fantasy XI and Everquest)


Busy week so it’s totally been minimal effort, but at least daily

:headphones: :loudspeaker: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 1

Listened to Teppei for beginners #65

:headphones: :loudspeaker: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 2

Listened to Teppei for beginners #66 and #67

:headphones: :loudspeaker: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 3

Listened to Teppei for beginners #68

:headphones: :loudspeaker: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 4

Listened to Teppei for beginners #69

:headphones: :loudspeaker: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 5

Listened to Teppei for beginners #70


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:man_swimming: Free
2 episodes subtitled in french
1 episode subtitled in japanese
Sooo… I’ve watched my very first japanese-subtitled anime episode and it was… intense :sweat_smile:
I may have taken more than an hour to finish it :joy: I suppose I only can improve from now on. At least, I’ve taken a big step forward !
Thanks @araigoshi for the resources you listed, they’re really useful :pray:


:headphones: Home post // April 6 :cherry_blossom: :rainbow:

Haven’t decided which series to watch next yet. I can share what I watched instead.

It’s about Apex Legends. I was looking up a certain character from the game and found this channel (video about Bloodhound, 18 min). Even though the video below is 36 minutes long, I never got tired of watching. Entertaining guy, funny way of explaining things. He added hard subs to both of these videos and it’s so helpful, I probably wouldn’t be able to follow along without it. Thanks to the subs, there were just a couple times I had to rewind or pause, and that’s kinda crazy to me now that I think about it. (…hn? Does that mean I’m still dependent on subs? TuT? My happy moment… It was taken away)



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-06 :earth_asia: Log Horizon :tv: Anime :arrow_forward: 1 episode
:vhs: 15
:hourglass: 0h25m

A short one today (it got too late when I was reading 老女的少女ひなたちゃん10…), but one more episode of Log Horizon to keep the streak up.


Randomness from Jira

Speak Japanese Naturally listening binge never stops. Even at 2 am.


ALSO, there’s this song that has been stuck in my head. It’s the ending theme from the Chronicles of the Going Home Club. But it’s not released anywhere so I literally have to rewind the ending of the episodes a million times to hear it lol. I honestly don’t understand a whole ton of it but there’s little bits and pieces I get as I actively listen to it.


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 1

4月6日 (土)

Daily brief x2

4月7日 (日)

Rebuild #381 (0:27-0:39)


April 1-6 :face_with_thermometer:

Two episodes of Inuyasha, one video from Daily Japanese with Naoko.


:headphones: Home post // April 7 :cherry_blossom: :rainbow:

Ended up watching more videos from the same channel from yesterday, this time about the character Octane:

Maybe I’m more tired today, for some reason following along was not easy this time.


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:man_swimming: Free, 2 episodes.
No japanese subtitles today, I was on my exercise bike, and later, I felt like reading.



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-07 :earth_asia: Log Horizon :tv: Anime :arrow_forward: 2 episodes
:vhs: 16-17
:hourglass: 0h50m

Two more episodes of Log Horizon. The politicking was mostly followable actually - turns out the fantasy stuff with the origin of the Goblin King proved to be the hard part today. Hopefully it’s good practice (or at least synergises) with Frieren in the manga book club coming up!


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 2

4月8日 (月)

Daily brief x1

Rebuild #381 (0:39-1:29)

Then, this foxy :fox_face: YouTube



This week I spent most of my intensive listening time in Satori Reader.
I also tried a few videos from いろいろな日本語.
While driving or doing chores, I spent time listening to Nihongo Con Teppei and Akane Sensei.

It’s still quite hard for me to hear, but I do feel as though I’m starting to hear small “chunks” of information. Sometimes I can understand a few words with a particle that might be commonly found together.

I know I have to continue to trust that every minute, every half hour, every hour of listening is increasing my progress in comprehension.

Unforunately, I missed Sunday’s listening – it was a very, VERY full and challenging day, but you know what? It was a day of pure chaos, no down time, and not enough sleep. I think it’s alright.

Looking forward to a fresh start this week. I picked up an extremely cute notepad this weekend, so I’ll use that to plan this week’s listening goals!


:headphones: Home post // April 8 :cherry_blossom: :rainbow:

Watched first episode of Spy x Fam S2. It was absolutely hilarious, oh my goodness :joy:
Was surprised when I heard the opening song, Ado-san jan :eyes: Also, Loid Forger VA, chou ikebo, totally forgot that. I only remember Anya’s cuteness. I want to squish her :smiling_face:


:cherry_blossom: :teapot: Home Post and thread


:jar: The Jam Maker, episodes 21 to 23.
It seems my brain finally remembers it can understand a bit of japanese. The relief is : TOTAL :relieved:



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-08 :earth_asia: Log Horizon :tv: Anime :arrow_forward: 2 episodes
:vhs: 18-19
:hourglass: 0h50m

And for a change of pace today… more Log Horizon. I should be done season 1 by Thursday :slight_smile: Then I’ll change it up a bit before going onto season 2 at some future point.