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Q2 of 2024 | Week 9

5月31日 (金)

A Vlog

Then 日本人になりたかった過去. Actually I have a mixed feeling about this one, but can empathize.

6月1日 (土)

YUYU, the latest episode

Daily brief x1

Dictionaries, and pitch accent

言語交換ch on わんこの名前, with Show Transcript. Transcript, esp recent previous lines, are more helpful than sub, but I am on YouTube for smartphone, so no Yomitan.


Listening Challenge of Q2 2024 Summary


About the seasonal Challenge’s summary, to say the minimal, I didn’t finish 耳から覚える 語彙 N1. I might be able to find time to listen to vocabularies; but I don’t find time, or want enough to, learn details and do exercises.

Nonetheless, the Japanese listening might be getting more listening focused, but I can’t absolutely say it became better. Maybe other than vocabularies and phrases, appropriate levels and active listening techniques might play a part. Or perhaps I simply need to be patient.

Anyway, I kinda want to minimize the energy consumed by studying Japanese. I might rather let the status quo happen for now.