👻 Autumn's High Tech Study Log ✨ Learning Japanese at the speed of light with tech 🫨

Week 3 of Study Log

Time spent

I started time tracking again using Toggl!

I studied 25 hours this week. 50% of my time was spent sentence mining / watching anime.

21% (6 hours) was on grammar.

10% (2 hours) on Anki.

1 hour 30 on Wanikani

I am writing this on Saturday, I expect to do some grammar today but I am also going out partying tonight so maybe not so much tomorrow!

Sentence Mining

I started going through my sentence mined cards. The kanji week definitely helped, but it still feels like such a struggle. I am bashing my head so hard against the vocab I have collected, trying to remember it.

It’s annoying, but it’s necessary.

I think “what if my brain just can’t learn Japanese?”

But then you look up stats. Japanese children take 1 year to learn 80 Kanji, and I did that in just a few days last week haha.

I do feel like quitting, I feel so frustrated. But I can’t stop. Future me would be so dissapointed in myself.

I am doing 5 new cards a day.

A lot of my vocab are Kanji, and sometimes I have a vocab card with only Kanji and its very hard for me to read, and the Kanji is so complex. Makes me want to rip my hair out!

I found some sentences on Jisho and put them in, it helps a lot.

The Kanji suffering will continue, but on the bright side there are people 1 or 2 years ahead of me who regret sentence mining without Kanji. I guess right now it is painful, but in the future it will be worth it?

I am thinking of upping this to 10 new cards a day next week.

Also worried that 99% of my sentence mined cards are vocab, and I have a lot of issues with them being Kanji-fied. I am hoping it will be better in the future!


This week I realised my grammar was… bad!

I started using Bunpro and going through Curedolly. It’s working quite well, actually. It is also frustrating and I bang my head against a wall almost daily… But I am starting to recgonise grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

I brought a Bunpro subscription too!

I am hoping that by joining some bookclubs my grammar will become better.

My accuracy is not great. I just can’t conjugate ru-verbs / Godan verbs. Everything else is ok though :confused: I am hoping more practice would help, maybe read up more and maybe even just start conjugating verbs for fun!

Maybe I should do some conjugation pratice like Japanese Conjugation Practice Review , or buy Genki and do the stuff in that?

And I feel like my grammar is ok for reading. I read “no” and know that means possession, but to be able to write this myself and decide to use no? It’s a bit awkward.

I really feel so very frustrated with my learning right now. But I’ve just got to remember, kids do not learn as fast as this. Most adults give up. I’ve just got to break through!


This week I watched…

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Dimension - I loved YuGiOh as a kid so this was super fun to watch.
  • Chibi Maruko - Japanese kids show, I know a lot of the words. It’s fun to watch!
  • Way of the house husband - A class in this forum post.
  • Mira Nikki - This is way above my level, but I am loving watching it so I watch it anyway. There’s some words, sentences I know.
  • Death note - one of my faves, I have rewatched it a lot in English. Excited to get through it in Japanese!


I set up lingua-cafe-home which is a webapp to read books and make Anki cards from them. It’s like a mix of Kindle (managing your library, seeing books etc) and Mokuro (looking up words, Anki-fying them etc).

I can’t read books yet, so it’s not super useful to me. But it’s fun!

Speaking of Mokuro, I set that up too. GitHub - kha-white/mokuro: Read Japanese manga inside browser with selectable text. to read manga that I buy, this looks great and I am already liking the idea!

I am also exploring visual novels.


Hoping to level up this weekend!

Jitai fun?

I was informed of this 54gb torrent of Anime fonts VERY LARGE COLLECTION OF ANIME FONTS :: Nyaa

Every font ever used in anime.

Jitai is an addon that randomises the font in Wanikani.

I am thinking of trying to play around and make it use a random font from this collection. On the one hand, it’d be so cool to use actual fonts used in anime subtitles. 54gb is a lot! The fonts would likely never repeat haha!

On the other hand, this is obviously just a nerdy project and some fun for me I guess.

There is also this much smaller 2gb font collection Japanese Fonts :: Nyaa , I think I will try this. I think it’d add a lot of fun and help me learn if I use actual fonts used in anime :slight_smile:

I know there are maybe CORS issues, I am not too sure. I’d have to look into how Jitai works technically to do this :slight_smile:

The code appears to use both google fonts and local fonts:


let font_pool = {

“Hiragino-Kaku-Gothic-Pro” : {full_font_name: “Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro, ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3”, display_name: “Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“Hiragino-Maru-Gothic-Pro” : {full_font_name: “Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro, ヒラギノ丸ゴ Pro W3”, display_name: “Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“Hiragino-Mincho-Pro” : {full_font_name: “Hiragino Mincho Pro, ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W3”, display_name: “Hiragino Mincho Pro”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

// Default Windows fonts

“Meiryo” : {full_font_name: “Meiryo, メイリオ”, display_name: “Meiryo”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“MS-PGothic” : {full_font_name: “MS PGothic, MS Pゴシック, MS Gothic, MS ゴック”, display_name: “MS Gothic”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“MS-PMincho” : {full_font_name: “MS PMincho, MS P明朝, MS Mincho, MS 明朝”, display_name: “MS Mincho”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“Yu-Gothic” : {full_font_name: “Yu Gothic, YuGothic”, display_name: “Yu Gothic”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

“Yu-Mincho” : {full_font_name: “Yu Mincho, YuMincho”, display_name: “Yu Mincho”, url: ‘local’, recommended: false},

// GoogleFonts

“Zen-Kurenaido” : {full_font_name: “Zen Kurenaido”, display_name: “Zen Kurenaido”, url: ‘https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Zen+Kurenaido&subset=japanese’, recommended: false},


I asked in the main thread:

But reading the code, you add the fonts you have locally and the code iterates over them and then chooses a random one to show.

Something to note is that it looks like it processes the fonts before showing them. If you have 54gb of fonts… this will take a while…. 2gb may be pushing it… Will let you know!

Some of the fonts are super small. Like <1 mb. Loading these they only appear to have numbers, so I have removed these.

A lot of fonts other people use tend to be around 5mb. I am worried that using a smaller font will not have all the characters in them.

Migaku Fun

This week Migaku added a very cool feature.

You can now hover over a word, a pop-up dictionary will show and if you press “q” Migaku will automatically make an Anki card for you! This is such a cool feature, I love it SO much!

On top of this I’ve been using Migaku with Mokuro (kinda). It scans the entre manga and says “you will understand 20% of words here, also there’s 3 sentences you should mine because they’re I+1 sentences” which is so cool!

I just brought a subscription. I think Migaku are one of the game changers for language learning.

Book clubs

I am thinking of reading Granny Girl now in advanced.