🐬 raindrops’ study log & 日本語日記🐬

I’m sorry you had a very bad mental health day causing you to lose your streak. But you know what? It’s just a number! Nothing more! You still did some studying and you updated your log! I’m really glad to know that you’re not taking it too hard and that you could immediately shift your mindset. I feel the positivity in your little notes! :laughing: Also very sweet of your friend to make you a playlist to drown out the noise in your head! You’ve got great friends! I also love to listen to music to console me and lift my spirits. Sometimes I’ll listen to sad songs to just wallow in sadness for a bit and when I’ve had enough of self pitying, I’ll change the playlist to a happy one.

Never heard of 75 hard before… I would like to try this for my physical health actually, but it sounds insane… If you do end up doing it for Japanese, I will definitely be following your progress!

The interview went well I think? :grimacing: I was recovering from being sick and it was scheduled at 11pm because my interviewers were in Asia, but I think I did pretty well considering… I probably could have organized my thoughts better but I think i did the best I could. I’m not sure if I’ll get it though… Or even accept it if I get it. My preference is remote work, but they apparently want someone in person. I mentioned to them I would only be available in person in 3 months time but could start working remotely asap. Hope your job hunt is going well!


You’re totally right about streaks being just numbers and in fact, I feel like it was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to jumpstart this new Japanese challenge (which -so far on day 4!!- is going well!) and close the chapter on the >wanikani + Japanese diary< steak.

I do feel soooooo appreciative of my friends :sob: and luckily my mental health feels a ton better today than it did a few days ago

Yeah the fact its 2 x 45 minute workouts a day and reading 10 pages of a book a day (audiobooks -my preferred method- not included) suggests such a time commitment that I can’t imagine incorporating realistically into my schedule rn. That saaaaid,

some personal deets hehe

I’ve been in a long-distance dealio with someone for nearly the whole time I’ve lived in Japan and one way of making the intervals between visits to seem them go by quicker was to do physical challenges (e.g. in 2022 it was my half marathon and last year it was the full marathon!) We’re finally in our last stint apart and it’d be cool to do one final fitness challenge to make the time go by faster. Doing a 75 day thing before my flight from Japan might be a possibility and would involve starting around mid-May which is actually pretty soon hahaha) I know for a fact the 75 hard isn’t for me buuut maybe I could make my own modified easier version. It would probably be something like:

  • some physical activity every day
  • no cheat meals or alcohol (except on special occasions e.g. goodbye parties etc.)
  • no caffeinated coffee
  • drink enough water (I don’t need the gallon 75 hard recommends since I drink so little nowadays; any amount would be an improvement haha)
  • progress pics every day
  • I don’t think I need the reading one since that’s encompassed in my Japanese goals too

So we’ll see how I feel next month and if I feel like doing it :smiley: let me know if you try it or some variation ! Rooting for you !

Congrats on the interview going well enough despite the time zones and having been sick! Really impressive - I bet I’d be loopy sleepy brain haha ! Every interview under your belt is more experience/practice so it’s a success in and of itself <3 Hope you hear back from them so the decision (whatever you decide) is in your court!


Glad you’re feeling a lot better!

an exchange of personal deets

Oh hey! This is such a good idea! I wish I had known about this before my partner and I concluded our 4-year long distance relationship just this month and moved in together. But in any case, this has motivated me to create joint goals on physical fitness. Likely won’t be able to convince him to do 75 hard with me though! I also looked up the full rules and I am already feeling discomfort just reading them. Not really sure that kind of intensity and strictness is my cup of tea. :sweat_smile: Your modified version seems much more lenient and inviting! Oooof! I’m sure there will be a lot of exceptions with the goodbye parties and such. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratulations on doing a full marathon! I know a few friends who’ve done it and I know how much of a mental challenge it is… Sheer will and determination! That’s something I have never ever thought of doing. I never really enjoyed running except when trail running with other people. If I had to do some cardio alone, I much prefer long distance biking.


24 sekki banner

Rainbows begin to appear!

My first week of my “Japanese 75 hard” is (nearly) complete and I’m enjoying it so far! It’s been ‘nice’ (aka needed) becoming more aware of just how little time I dedicated to, quite frankly, most of the major skills (listening, speaking, and reading). I have a good feeling that (if I keep this up over 2024) I’m going to progress more this year than I have in the last year. And ultimately that’s all I want.

I missed the deadline to sign up for the summer JLPT kinda accidentally on purpose (financial reasons). So maybe I’ll shoot for the December test when I’m living in the states.

Another update from the last week was something that came from reading the wonderful @hotdogsuplex’s study blog: taking a test to learn my learning style and being quite surprised by the results! I took 2 and here they are:

I was surprised by how high Auditory/Aural learning was :o But after discovering it, I thought back on the times I’d have to remember a long string of numbers for example and I do always say it aloud to myself. I think because listening is my weakest skill in Japanese, I assumed that reflected my learning style buuuuuuut maybe the fact I never do listening practice in Japanese is hindering me in ways I couldn’t imagine looool. All this to say, I am more motivated than ever before albeit there’s still room for more motivation lol to prioritize daily listening practice and do more reading aloud. I think my 75 hard will be good for that.

Okie y’all ! Posting this on a Sunday because this upcoming week I start teaching again so no more wanikani-foruming at work anymore booooo haha I’ll post my diaries for this week starting tomorrow :two_hearts:

reply to @alygator

@alygator omgggggggg 4 years apart!!! That is so admirable and impressive - As a LDR-sufferer haha, I’m so happy for you that you could finally move in together after so long!! I wish u both all the best !

Keep me in the loop if you try out any kind of physical challenge I’d love to hear about it! I can definitely recommend signing up to something for motivation. There’s nothing like having a looming date to press you into action! That’s the benefit of running bc there are always so many races going on, but maybe you could find some sort of event that better suits the sports/activities you enjoy!

15/04/24 (Day 7/75 - one week!)

  • reading - 8 pages of Hidari Sketch
  • speaking - reading aloud manga and diary
  • listening - Teppei and Noriko (3 eps)
  • writing :arrow_down:


16/04/24 (Day 8/75)

  • reading - Hidamari Sketch (6 pages)
  • speaking - some Japanese during my classes
  • listening - Teppei and Noriko (2 eps) and Slow Japanese (1 ep)
  • writing :arrow_down:


17/04/24 (Day 9/75)

  • reading - a couple pages of 天国大魔境
  • speaking - chatting to my students (very basic!)
  • listening - student chats + Teppei podcast
  • writing - :arrow_down:


18/04/24 (Day 10/75 double digits hell ye!)

  • reading - NHK news
  • speaking - language practice tonight
  • listening - language practice tonight
  • writing - :arrow_down:


19/04/24 (Day 11/75)

  • reading - Hidamari sketch
  • speaking - reading diary
  • listening - Teppei and Noriko pod
  • writing - :arrow_down:


20/04/24 (Day 12/75)

  • reading - Hidamari Sketch
  • speaking - reading diary and manga aloud
  • listening - anime
  • writing :arrow_down:


21/04/24 (Day 13/75)

  • listening - subtitleless anime
  • speaking - reading diary aloud
  • reading - Akira and Quartet
  • writing - :arrow_down:



Which level are you planning to take?


I’ll be over here cheering you on! ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-


I was going to do N3 this summer but I guess we’ll see how far I progress up to and after when I move - maybe I’ll go wild and try the N2 in December (very unlikely but you never know! It’ll depend what my priorities are for doing the test e.g. gaining confidence in my ability -N3- or pushing myself to the limits -N2-)

<3 <3 <3 <3


24 sekki banner

Peonies bloom, 牡丹華

Feeling quite apathetic recently, suddenly and unexpectedly ? I think it’s probably a combination of life things that swirl around and cause a general anxious discontent ? I feel so mentally and literally busy with the moving countries / emptying my apartment situation that sometimes I don’t have the energy for studying Japanese or running. And when I don’t do those things, I get quite self critical / disappointed in life + myself, it’s dramatic but true. So it’s a bit of a crummy cycle. I’m doing the bare minimum in my ‘Japanese 75 hard’ experiment (2 weeks done now!) so at least I haven’t missed a day, buuut I haven’t done wanikani in a while (800+ reviews waiting for me lol; so I’ve whacked on vacation mode for now). I guess all I can do is keep showing up each day and doing what I can and hopefully wait for this brain funk to dissipate. My brother is visiting me in Japan this week and we’ll go traveling together during Golden Week so I’m sure that will help my mood - I just have to be diligent to keep up my daily tasks while he’s here.

  • For listening, I’ve really been enjoying Grimm Variations on Netflix. I watch the episode in Japanese without subtitles and then again with English subtitles.
  • For reading, I’ve been reading vol.9 of Hidamari Sketch (a manga I started reading in English when I was a kid) - the positive side of moving and having to donate all your books is the motivation to actually read the books that have sat untouched on a bookshelf for months finally haha!
  • For speaking, lately it’s just been reading things aloud buuuut I’m excited to travel because I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities for fuller conversations then!

I’ve made this week’s banner log 2 weeks not 1 so it’s one less thing I have to think about so I’ll post my diary entries for the next 2 weeks here :arrow_down:

22/04/24 (Day 14/75 no way 2 weeks!)

  • reading - Hidamari sketch
  • speaking - reading diary / manga aloud
  • listening - subtitleless anime
  • writing - :arrow_down:


23/04/24 (Day 15/75)

  • reading - subtitles
  • speaking - some comments in class
  • listening - 字幕なしアニメ
  • writing - :arrow_down:


24/04/24 (Day 16/75)

  • reading - forms at the second hand shop
  • speaking - at the second hand shop
  • listening - at the second hand shop
  • writing - :arrow_down:


SO many look ups today; my word recall is abysmal haha (successively, 続々, second hand store, 中古, to cancel, 取り消す)

25/04/24 (Day 17/75)

  • reading - subtitles in anime
  • listening - Teppei & Noriko pod (1 ep)
  • speaking - recalling my day to myself
  • writing - :arrow_down:


26/04/24 (Day 18/75)

  • reading - nhk article
  • listening and speaking - chatting to hotel staff
  • writing - :arrow_down:


27/04/24 (Day 19/75)

  • speaking and listening - talking to staff
  • reading - reading menus (DOES THIS COUNT)
  • writing :arrow_down:


28/04/24 (day 20/75!!)

  • reading - nhk news article
  • speaking and listening - speaking to locals
  • writing - :arrow_down:

今日カマクラで大仏を見に行く。昨日酒を飲んでから今日少し二日酔い :dizzy_face: !

29/04/24 (Day 21/75)

  • reading - hidamari sketch
  • speaking/listening - buying tickets
  • writing - :arrow_down:


30/04/24 (Day 22/75)

  • reading nhk easy news
  • speaking/listening locals
  • writing :arrow_down:

今日は清水寺に行った. ゴールデンウィークだから普通と比べてたくさん観光客がいるかもしれないだと思ったけど、びっくりで実は人がたくさんじゃなかった

01/05/24 (Day 23/75)

  • reading NHK news
  • speaking/listening talking to staff
  • writing :arrow_down:

今日沖縄県に行く! 日本に住んでいる間に初めてに国内な飛行機で旅行する

02/05/24 (day 24/75)

  • reading NHK news
  • speaking/listening talking to staff
  • writing :arrow_down:


03/5/24 (day 25/75)

  • reading nhk easy article
  • speaking/listening restaurant ordering
  • writing :arrow_down:

今日船レースと学生のスモウ大会を見て楽しかった! @hotdogsuplex not too hot; around 23-28 degrees each day! Yesterday was super rainy but today was suuuuuunny ! My brother did get a bit sunburnt tho hahah the main thing he noticed was how humid it was !

04/05/24 (bust!)

  • reading NO READING ! streak broke !
  • listening/speaking locals
  • writing :arrow_down:



You’re in Okinawa!? How hot is it there?


:leaves: A Super Long Update Post! :leaves:


I’ve taken about a week off of pretty much all Japanese study. Of course I still use Japanese here and there in my daily life living in Japan with coworkers or at the shops, but in terms of active studying, nothing! I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing; this is probably the longest break I’ve taken in years aha. But I do feel the urge to push myself to get back into doing at least something daily or else the act of [not studying] will become its own solidified habit. The “good” part about having studied multiple languages at high school only to have forgotten ALL that I learned is that I did learn an important lesson:

It doesn’t matter how long you have studied a language, if you stop using it, you will forget it.

obviously I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone but it sure as heck applies to me! And I’m aware that if you’ve studied something for a long time it might be easier to get back into than the first time around however, I still think the general message stands.

So, I would hate for Japanese to become yet another language I spent years on only to eventually remember nothing of it. So far in my language learning journey, Japanese has felt distinct given it’s my first self-taught and self-motivated language which I studied outside of school. So I’m hoping to keep it that way, and not let it join the other languages in my 言語墓場 lol.

Lots of my fav study logs on here posted a 2023 review a while back and I never did, so in a similar vein I think it’d be good to reflect on the study phases I’ve gone through the last year to think about what worked well and what didn’t.

- - - my study routines over the last year - - -

  • :books: reading phase

This time last year (May ‘23), I joined my first book club 小さな森の狼ちゃん and started reading 天国大魔境. I also binged Cure Dolly grammar videos. And I was intermittently writing my Japanese diary (which I began in February). Around this time I was also using Anki and wanikani. In June, I was mostly using Bunpro, but didn’t study much. Then through July-Aug, I started reading Akira in Japanese. These were intensive reading sessions where I looked up every word I didn’t know and physically rewrote every line of text in a notebook. I really enjoyed my Akira set-up!

  • :pencil2: writing phase

Then in September, I began the Quartet 1 study group, (watched Tokini Andy’s supplementary grammar videos), and was doing the monthly writing tasks. This is also when I wrote my first comic in Japanese and I would go on to make 4 comics. I continued reading and writing out Akira. In November, I started reading V for Vendetta in Japanese, but that didn’t go very far.

  • :speech_balloon: heavy output phase

After taking a break during my travels in December, I came back to Japan in January ‘24 and really committed to my Japanese diary. I pretty much did it every day for a loooooong time. I also did daily wanikani pretty consistently for a while. The biggest change tho was taking up weekly Japanese conversation practice with my friend. This was probably the most active speaking practice I had ever done while studying Japanese. So with daily writing output and weekly speaking output, it felt good. Then, I stopped doing wanikani and began that 75 hard challenge (trying to practice reading-writing-speaking-listening every day), but that only lasted around 25 days.

- - - the situation now - - -

And now here we are. I have wanikani in vacation mode with around 750 reviews waiting for me and I’ve been on this level for 91 days. I don’t necessarily feel inclined to return to wanikani reviews as of yet. My work life is a lot busier than it used to be so I don’t have down time during work which is mainly when I used to do reviews so it’s a bit harder. But I probably should return to it because I’ve noticed myself mixing up kanji and forgetting readings. I think I’ll do that in a week or two once I feel settled back into a daily routine.

When I travelled last week, although technically I was meeting my 75 hard goals and doing all 4 skills daily, I was only doing the bare minimum. Truthfully, I felt like a cop out.

Having reflected on the last year, I think the phases I most felt like I was actively engaged in my Japanese study were 1) when I was intensively reading Akira (July-Oct ‘23) and 2) when I was writing my Japanese diary daily, doing wanikani, and meeting my friend weekly to practice speaking (Jan-March ‘24). Given the increased workload at work, I need to build a study routine which is sustainable to achieve in non-working hours.

Reading through my study log, I also found a gem of a comment from @Pitapi who (after I posted sometime last year about feeling disconnected to Japanese study) said:

All of these suggestions are so so good, but the last one is especially cool. Namely, it’s important to ask yourself:

what made you love learning Japanese? And why did you want to learn Japanese in the first place?

And ultimately for me, it was always because I wanted to be able to read Japanese manga after having written on it during my thesis. I think in the past and now, I have felt disheartened about my poor skills in speaking and listening. Also, since I’m leaving Japan really soon in a few months, there’s this anxiety that “now is the best opportunity to practice speaking/listening with native speakers so don’t miss this moment!!”. So I push myself to do things like the 75 hard challenge where I have to practice those skills. And while they are really important, frankly I didn’t learn Japanese so I could speak it. And maybe returning to intensive reading as a focus, returning to something that was at the heart of my original motivation for learning the language, will help reignite my passion for it.

I think it’s crucial while I’m about to enter this new phase of living OUTSIDE of Japan that my motivation for learning Japanese is at an all time high, in order to sustain my studies during the transition. Not to mention, this autumn, I’m also probably going to start learning Russian (again hehe) due to moving in with my Russian partner. So, in anticipation of taking on another target language, it’s imperative that I feel secure with my study habits in Japanese so it doesn’t fall to the wayside.

- - - going forward! - - -

とにかく、that was a very long post but it felt necessary to air out my thoughts after a week away and after about a month of feeling like a cop out aha. In conclusion, going forward, I think I’m going to:

  • return to posting a daily diary entry in Japanese here on my study log
  • take up weekly conversation practice with my friend again
  • and start intensively reading and writing out Akira again

I loved being part of the Quartet 1 study group, but I’m sad to say I don’t think I could honestly/realistically say I could commit 100% to the Quartet 2 study group right now. So I’m thinking I’ll just follow along with the new grammar points each month, watch the Tokini Andy videos since I find him a great tutor, and cheer other people on from the backseat because I am so proud of all the members who are keeping at it and I want to see how they do :heart:

These are the main focuses! I’m actually at work today (on a Saturday) but I have no classes to teach so I have free time (hence this mega post haha). So I think I’m going to spend today doing bunpro reviews to get back into the swing of things just because it will give me exposure to lots of example sentences. I have 147 reviews so let’s see how I get on! Thanks to anyone who read all of this: I really truly appreciate this online community so much and I don’t think I would have continued Japanese for as long as I have without it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And with that, here is Saturday 05/11’s diary. I’ll post the diaries like this today and tomorrow and then next week I’ll begin (another lol) new formatting system for the blog I think <3 :

Saturday 05/12
今日は友達2人とハイキングした。山は大きかったから、今私の体はちょっと痛くて、疲れた! でもこういう痛さは良い感じね!これが私は頑張ったことを見せているから!


I honestly forgot about that comment I made! I’m glad that it was helpful and thanks for quoting me, I think I also needed to read these words. Right now I’m experiencing something similar.
I’ve been having so much work (it’s Saturday and I’m working :skull: ) that all my energy is completely drained by the end of the day. I still manage to do bare minimum, and try to look for the things I love about Japanese to get me to willingly come back and don’t feel like it’s a task that is draining my willpower. But it’s okay, I don’t want to stress about it, I still love the language and I continue my studies even if life ebbs and flows.

I think when we take on tasks that are going to be with us for the long term, it’s a good idea to be gentle with ourselves and choose carefully when to push for more and when to lower the burden.

I will cheer for you @raindrops さん, we’ve got this!


:leaves: week 05/13/24 - 05/19/24 :leaves:


First new week since my week off studying and that 莫大な reflection post! Let’s goooo !

Trying out new easier formatting similar to what I used to do. I was hoping to make/draw something cute for the blog today but now it’s evening and the day is up oops! I have a feeling I’ll switch it again very soon but let’s see (similarly since I’m moving to the US soon, I’m teaching (cough cough forcing) myself to type the date as month-day-year instead of the British day-month-year because I still think it looks gross haha we’ll see if I can get used to it!)

Not sure how many people actually read my diary entries, but feel free to chime in if you do and if you think the new formatting is ugly/harder to read! I want it to be accessible :dove: alright y’all - have a good week!

日 日記 調べた言葉か文法 アキラ 会話
13 先週の土曜日に仕事したから、今日は代休で、レラクス以外ほとんど何もしなかった!郵便局で家族へ葉書を送って、コンビニでコーヒーを買って、午後に不安病気について教育的なユーチューブ動画を見た。 - - -
14 今日は授業二つしかないから、けっこうしやすい日と思う。教えない間に、私は再三さいさんにポストマローンの新しい曲を聴き楽しむ!彼の初めてカントリー曲が好き!皆も聞いた? 再三に (again and again) - -
15 今日続々授業三つがあった。後で昼休の間に、英検を生徒が準備感じさせるために、生徒と会って英語で話し練習した。仕事後で、日本語会話のために友達と晩ごはんを食べながら、出かけろうと思う。 - - :white_check_mark:
16 日本語をあまり勉強しない何週かの後で、今週はBunproサイトを使い戻る。毎日文法復習をして、間違ったら正解な答えを書いている。そして、ワニカニ復習もしてる。今週が始まる時、714つワニカニ復習があったけど、大変でも毎日だんだん減させる。地獄からものみたいな復習量って、下にスクリンショットを見える。 何_か several / some - -
17 今日は普通より忙しいだった。たくさん授業を教えなければいけなかったし、会議があったし、今晩も飲み会がある。だがそれは楽しいから、かまわない! - - :white_check_mark:
18 今午前3時半だ!飲みすぎたけど日記を書かなければいけない! 今夜楽しかった - :white_check_mark: -
19 今日は少し二日酔いがあって、大変なことしないようにする。アニメを見るとか、スナックを食べるにする。もっとお疲れさせる何かをしたくない。お茶が欲しいけど、今牛乳が持ってないから、多分コンビニに買いに行く。二日酔い日の間に散歩がいい考え。 - - -

screenshot mentioned in 05/16 diary entry:


I meant to reply to this post ages ago when I read it but I forgot! I think I replied in my mind haha

I saw V for Vendetta in the library recently and thought of you haha, I couldn’t remember if you had posted any updates on reading it lately. Maybe you can go back to it and Akira when your life chills out a bit after moving!

Yayyy!!! You guys were LDR, right? congrats on moving in! I really like to see people learning another language for a partner since I’m planning on doing the same. Will you update us on your Russian learning here? :grinning:


reply to soggy:
Thanks! Ye, by the time I move in August it’ll have been over 2 years of long distance so I am suuuuuuuper excited! I’ll for sure post Russian updates with these posts once I get into it (probably in the same way @alygator posts about Spanish!). Also, Japanese V4V is one of the books coming with me in the move so I’ll defo go back to it one day ! Speaking of which tho,

I did my first Akira reading session since deciding to return to it!

I don’t think “session #21” is accurate because I jumped about 40 pages since session #20 but that was the last time I posted about it/did intensive reading with writing it all out and translating every sentence so we’ll just continue from that number!

Really enjoyable :revolving_hearts: Every time I come back to it I’m reminded what a great story it is :>


I had been meaning to respond to a number of your posts the last two weeks, but I just couldn’t find the time to until now!

You’re not alone. I also had these bouts of apathy, not feeling like doing anything at all, when moving to different countries. I think it was a sort of defense mechanism to not feel overwhelmed by it all? Sometimes it was easy to get out of, other times it wasn’t. I do hope you’re feeling better now after your travels with your brother and some reflection on your studies. Thanks for sharing @Pitapi’s advice for burnout! Also quite useful for me at this moment!

25 days is still something! At least you tried it and now know that it doesn’t work for you. I’m always going back and forth with new study habits and habit tracking methods as well! I really like your latest reflections on what worked for you last year. Those notes of Akira are gold! :star_struck:

I like the new structure! Definitely more accessible than before. Thanks for thinking about your followers :yum: Will definitely be watching out for your Russian learning journey too!


Thank you for your empathy @alygator :revolving_hearts: thankfully I do feel out of that rut since stepping back and doing that Japanese-study reflection. It’s nice how gaining more structure in one area of your life (e.g. by getting back into a study routine with Japanese) can help when you’re unable to have control/certainty with another area (like moving countries!)

I definitely feel positive about my new (or I guess old) setup, returning to what worked well for me after that mini experiment. Thanks for the encouragement :hatching_chick: !

This week is midterms at my work so hopefully I should have more free time to study. I’m still doing Bunpro reviews nearly every day, and last week I was able to get my wanikani reviews down from 714 to 463 which is pretty good going! I’ll continue to whittle down the review pile and maaaybe next week I could start doing lessons* again.

* tho honestly, regarding kanji, I think I am more tempted to review burned items than to learn more. I feel more of an urge to strengthen my foundation of beginner to intermediate kanji than to continue learning obscure infrequently used kanji. “Luckily” wanikani doesn’t teach by frequency order so there are still lots of important kanji to be learned in the upcoming lessons e.g. 泊まる is in level 42 lol. In any case, for now I have time for neither new lessons nor burn reviews so I’ll just stick to hoping active reading practice is enough to review burned kanji.

resolved confusion over a sentence in Akira last week

In unrelated news, I was mildly confused about the following dialogue I saw last week (not to such a degree I couldn’t understand what was being said, more just to get the full nuance and make a solid translation).

I translated this as “what… that’s enough money to destroy the world 100 times over”. I couldn’t find what つり meant so I asked a coworker today and she explained it to me such that I could then find:

So it’s more like “even if you destroyed the world 100 times, you’d still have money left over”. I knew intuitively my first translation was lacking because of the しても so it’s satisfying to have learnt the new phrase! I :clap: love :clap: reading :clap:

I like my new table set up so I’ll use that again this week! Have a good week everyone :dolphin:

日 日記 調べた言葉か文法 アキラ 会話
20 毎日通り、昼ごはんを食べた後でも、もうお腹が空いた感じしてる。ちょっとダイエットしたいけど、思春期から食べ物とかボデイイメージに私の関係は悪い。それで、私のメンタルヘルスにとってダイエットはちょっと危険になれる。これは重いトピックだから、明日の日記のためにまたこれについて書くかしら。 思春期, ししゅんき, adolescence - -
21 今日はワニカニ復習が無しになるまで漢字を復習したかったけど、退屈すぎた!400つが230つぐらい減させた。それで、今、漢字って頭が休めるようにアキラを読もうと思う。後で、多分漢字復習し戻る。昨日の日記書いた通りダイエットを始めるのが考えていてから、今日からカロリ数アプリを使った。でも今夜友達のレストランに行くにする。それで、始めたばかりでも、カロリは数えにくくなるかな。 数える, to count (I remembered the noun but not the verb!) :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
22 今日はとうとうワニカニ復習の莫大な量を済んでしまった!0になって良かった!でも、初級のレベルに漢字の量は少なくない。だから、復習の量も近日中大きくなる。 for the last sentence, I looked for many words for “increase” before settling on ‘get big’ lol - -
23 今日出張があった。私と同じ就職を働いていってよく見ない人らと今日出かけて嬉しくなられた。及び、今年の夏に日本から出るについてたくさん便利な情報を承った。 出張、しゅっちょう, business trip - -
24 先頃ダイエットを始めるかもについて日記で書いた。昨日から、思春期から初めてに、毎日朝ご飯を食べてみろうにする。若かった時から、朝ごはんを食べない。でも、最近インストグラムで、日中ビンジイーチングしないようにたくさん健康インフルエンサーが朝ごはんは大切と言った。それで、効果的かどうかの見よう!これまで、食べ楽しんでいるけど、普通より早く起きるのが嫌ね。 I already forgot 思春期 again oops // 効果的 effective // これまで until now - -
25 アナと雪の女王の曲のみたいに次の文を歌うの装おう! 永遠に初めてに。。。予定無しで1人で楽しめる週末日がある!こういう日の間に、私がコーヒーを飲み楽しながら日本語を勉強しに喫茶店に行く。用事があれば、これもする。例えば、数ヶ月にお姉さんの誕生日のためにプレゼントを探さなきゃから、今日する。 I originally wrote タスク which is totally fine but I was curious so searched and found 用事. // 数ヶ月 is helpful (a couple months) :white_check_mark: -
26 今週の日本語勉強は満足する。火曜日にレストランで日本人と日本語を喋れてみて、昨日アキラを読んで、毎日ワニカニ復習した。といえば、今170つ復習をしなきゃ。 - - -

Akira mini reading session (pages 271-272) from Tuesday 05/21
Not much to report other than the fact I reeeeally gotta practice the basics again (lots of kanji I should have recognized which I had to look up e.g. 揃う、済む). But there were also new words I saw for the first time which were interesting (e.g. 片付ける to settle a dispute/problem、引き受ける to take charge of、ノンキ easygoing/thoughtless)

0,0 from Wednesday 05/22 post


If you start leveling again, we’ll be doing it together! But I definitely understand your hesitation towards the higher level kanji. Especially looking at level 50+, I’m really not excited for those…


I noticed that too recently !! That would be really cute so it’s definitely tempting :eyes: what’s your current number of lessons a day / average level up time? I’m busy tonight but maybe when I get in I’ll try and blitz some reviews…


I’m going at a medium pace right now: no more than 12 lessons per day, about two weeks per level. But I’m going to drastically slow down sometime mid forties, probably to about one month per level.