🐬 raindrops’ study log & 日本語日記🐬

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another update from the I don’t know what’s happening but it sure as heck isn’t japanese study zone :heart: still haven’t got back into my daily habits, but today I did 100 reviews. I’m happy for it.


I am feeling some serious “I don’t know any Japanese at all” feelings atm – I’m sure getting back into output would help with that so hopefully I start my Japanese diary soon.

I’m conscious of the fact I’ve been studying for about 2 years and don’t feel competent in the language at all :confused: If anyone has any ways to boost morale about this I’m all ears <3

I’ve decided to join this book club for ちいさな森のオオカミちゃん - although i’ve been attempting to read much higher level manga than this, I think an absolute beginner book club will be a good way for me to get back into reading even if it’s just a couple simple pages a week! I totally flopped at the read every day spring challenge so hopefully I can keep up with this :slight_smile: