🌠 A quest to learn japanese! (meagstudies' study log)

level up ff7

Level 60

time on level 59: 30 days, 23 hours

I edited this crunchy gif in like 2 minutes I have no idea what I’m doing


I’ve reached Level 60! It doesn’t feel like I’m finally done. Maybe because I still have all those lessons left to do lol

Thank you everyone for supporting me on my kanji quest! Don’t know when I’ll be done with my official Level 60 post but I’m having a lot of fun making it

Reading + Listening


Almost done with 気になってる人が男じゃなかった thanks to the Read Every Day challenge!

At this point idk if I’ll ever get back to 神さまがまちガえる lmao

I’ve been listening to Nihongo con Teppei in the car to and from class, it’s not completely active listening since, you know, I’m driving, but it’s not entirely passive either