🌠 A quest to learn japanese! (meagstudies' study log)

Level 37

down to 0 reviews, when i’m starting lessons again, and missing 又

I haven’t leveled up yet (obviously, since I only reset yesterday). But I just got both WK and Bunpro reviews down to 0 for the first time in ages and I’m really happy about that! I was worried I would regret resetting, but I don’t regret it at all :smiley:


I am waiting to do WK lessons until my expected daily reviews get to 100 per day. atm I’m at 126 per day. Ok that’s a lie, I did do all the level 37 radical lessons. But other than that no lessons until I’m at 100 per day. Usually I’m comfortable at 150 per day but since they’re basically all leeches atm I’m lowering the lesson lock to 100


btw here are the userscripts I use for lesson lock and expected daily reviews

Oh and here’s my current apprentice/guru/etc counts

A bit of a tangent, but I’m so sad 又 is no longer burned… I learned it before it got moved up to level 51 and I always liked seeing that lone high level kanji. and since I’m not planning on going past level 50 it won’t be burned again :cry: maybe I should stop at level 51 so i can reburn it (so i can burn it 又 :wink:). go full circle, you know?

I’ll also be waiting a bit to start Bunpro lessons for a few days since it’s been a while since I did reviews there so there’s going to be a bit of a pile for the next few days. And since I’ve forgotten quite a bit there too. Not enough to reset all N4 grammar again, but enough that I’ll need to take some time to refresh my memory