鬼滅の刃 - Demon Slayer, Vol. 1-11, currently reading 👺

Just as a hint for you: with the start of the sentence you get


Note that the topic remains the same throughout (because we don’t learn about a new topic), so it’s basically the same as saying


And now you can see that your initial interpretation doesn’t fit this, I think.

Oops sorry for the spoiler! (You did watch the anime though, did you? :sweat_smile:)

Happy to hear!

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some more minor spoilers

No indeed, now I see your point here. But then again, what would the meaning of that sentence be? I don’t see the sense of demons not wandering at night because that is the exact moment when they can… I’m sure I’m missing something, but don’t know what exactly, do you get what I mean? Can you provide a literal translation of that sentence to help me understand? Also in unnatural english it’s okay (actually not being an english native those are the ones I understand the best haha)

"Ahem ahem :rofl: yes yes, I watched the anime and I’m up to date with it :grin: btw did you read the entire manga series aswell?

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still 1.15.5

Yes, it’s just a bit repetitive here.

人喰い鬼は - man-eating demons
日が暮れると - when the sun sets they (every time / without fail)
うろつき出す。start to wander around
だから - therefore
夜歩き回る - walking-around-at-night
もん - creatures they are
じゃねぇ。- right? (i.e. that’s what you call them, no?)

Remember that this is a shounen manga, so the average 8-year-old might not have the same world knowledge that you have :sweat_smile: so I think the point here is to stress that when they start walking around when the sun sets, then they are creatures that walk around at night. And to maybe introduce a fancy Japanese word. That’s it :woman_shrugging:

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No, only the first 3 volumes. I loved the first one, liked the second one a lot, but in the third one a new character appears that annoyed me so much that I stopped reading.
(and also, I usually prefer books to manga so I was actually surprised I lasted that long :woman_shrugging:)
So I guess you know a lot more of the story than I do (which is good as I cannot spoiler you then).

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Well it ends kind abruptly. The arc that the anime is currently covering is basically right before the final battle and it feels super A to B with a lot of repetition. The anime may fix this but yeah I felt pretty dissatisfied with the series as a whole afterwards.

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Zenitsu? :eyes:

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Please don’t ask me about Japanese names :rofl:
I’m talking about this crybaby demon slayer that Tanjirou took with him into the house with the demon with the drums who could rotate the house, and this dude cries all the time :woman_facepalming:


It do be.

What’s wrong with Japanese names. :sweat_smile:

You know Tanjiro.

I also hate Zenitsu so much, so annoying.


Zenitsu. He’s pretty popular and his schtick evolves into a pretty funny bit. So I appreciate him now.

1.15.5 + about reading

Ooooh now I see it! I kept missing the rhetoric negation at the end :ok_man: but now it’s clear. I also may have been misled by the deepL translation which gave me “Cannibalistic demons start roaming around after dark. That’s why you shouldn’t walk around at night.” :thinking: (have no clue why it translated the piece into “shouldn’t”)

Me as well actually, I would rather only watch anime of series I like and only read manga for the ones I’m most impatient about, but I overall prefer books, I’m just not good enough to start reading one, at my level just starting out would take me too long… but I’m seriously considering throwing myself into 雪国 as soon as I finish Demon Slayer or get tired of it. Did you read this one?


Maybe I’m biased because I begun watching the anime in italian and we an incredibly skilled voice actor dubbing him which is just hilarious when he start crying for something, but I love Zenitsu :zap:


Hmm I think deepl is right here. Looks like this grammar to me: ものではない ( ≈べきではない) You shouldn’t do.


Ah, interesting one! So I was right all along :smirk: thanks for joining friend

I got roughly to Volume 10ish in Japanese. Just be warned though, you might want to brush up on Sonkeigo because there are a few characters that use it exclusively.


Are you enjoying it?
Thanks for the warning. I’m a beginner, my vocabulary is still pretty weak and I look up words all the time already so meeting some keigo won’t be a particular issue :joy:

Yeah, so far it’s pretty good. It’s pretty good at not bombarding you with walls of text about power level nonsense or how abilities work compared with other Shonen. Though if you’re looking for another story to read, I highly recommend Dr. Stone, since it’s a science anime none of the words use rarer readings for kanji and all of the terms are used in Japanese to describe actual science.


Wow, really? But how can the topic be different between the two sentences?

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Woah, Dr. Stone? I expect it to be riddled with specific niche scientific terms, I watched the anime and loved it but I was thinking of passing over the manga. Two names on my to read list are Death Note basically since I started learning Japanese, and Spy x Family

I will hazard (with my ignorance and a way less knowledgeable and developed point of view than yours on the language) that it’s because of the previous panels, here they are:


I thought that the context was pretty clear so I didn’t upload those earlier but thinking again now I see it’s a bit ambiguous. Perhaps the change of topic is possible because the suggestion of the ojisan was the main topic from the beginning and the description of the 鬼 is a brief parenthesis? Is your opinion the same after checking it?

@NicoleIsEnough, don’t trust him.

He doesn’t change at all, in fact he becomes more annoying.