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Yes, it’s marking the contrast. Similar to ~と違う. If you google it you will see that とは別 appears often as a phrase.

(1) Sorry I have no idea
(2) I understood this to be (It’s for) A midget that I know - the smallest one I know. Because he is using a walnut shell to drink tea.


a walnut shell??!   :exploding_head:

Ahaha, I looked up くるみ and was totally like “ugh, nothing except some plant terms” :joy:


p172 – 「おもちゃをつくるときは、子どもの心にならなくちゃ、子どものたのしむものはつくれないんだよ。」

“When you make toys, you have to have a child’s heart, you can’t make children’s happiness”? Something seems wrong, but I can’t figure out what.

Edit: p172 again – 「きびしくいって、いくらサンデーがなきわめいても知らんぷりしていたら、サンデーまでトケの店からうでにかかえきれないほど買ってくるしまつだ。」

I think I know what every word means, but I have no idea how it all connects.

This bit I think is more like “you can’t make fun children’s things” - it’s たのしむもの, not たのしむ.

I think the preceding clause has an implied “otherwise” - “you have to have a child’s heart, (or else) you can’t make fun children’s toys”.

I was also going to ask about this sentence, so I can’t help much I’m afraid. I think overall it’s roughly:

If (she was) strict/harsh and pretended to feign ignorance however much Sunday cried, the end result was that Monday would just buy (sweets) from Toke’s shop, to the extent that he couldn’t hold them in his arms.

There are so many people using the vocab spreadsheet right now :blush:


p174 – にっこりしたのを知らなかった。

She didn’t know how to smile? She smiled without knowing?

Btw, I had the same thought, so don’t worry. It was a hard week, I think. Well, still is, I’m not done yet, but will finish today.


Ha, I remember this trap. It’s actually pretty explicit rather than implied. なくちゃ is short for なくては (just like なきゃ is short for なければ). While those usually then have the implied いけない・ならない to make it “must / have to”, that’s not always the case. Here it is just short for なくては, which is a conditional.

So basically “When making toys, if you don’t have a child’s heart you can’t make fun children’s things”.


I figured that’s the meaning of it, but I didn’t understand how to get to it. But now I know, thanks!


I had a problem with this, but I think I figured it out:

p176 – じゃなきゃ = でなければ

source: https://hinative.com/ja/questions/1107190

Edit: p177 – マンデーは、リナがどんなにたのんでもサンデーのめんどうをみさせてくれないし、まえから気にもなっていたので、しかられることをしょうちで人形をとりだした。
Because of how much she didn’t want to see Monday in trouble and also because of how she wasn’t troubled before, inviting being [ / knowing she will be] scolded, she went off to get the doll?

Did I get it right?

Edit 2: Finished this week’s reading. Did Rina figure out that the doll is Sunday’s mom / she’s trapped in the doll? Or is Rina maybe trying to make the doll look like his mom to trick him into taking off his mask? A little confused about what’s going on, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

I think this is better translated as “things that children enjoy”

You need the whole sentence for this to make sense. It starts with リナは.

Rina didn’t know that Picottobaachan stopped, looked back, said “It seems that child also likes the hedge” and smiled.

I think perhaps it’s more like: Monday wouldn’t let Rina look after Sunday, no matter how much she asked, and as it had bothered her since earlier, she took out the doll, knowing (accepting) that she would be scolded.

I don’t think she did. I think she just wanted to do something that might cheer everyone up.


Gosh, the week somehow got away from me.

Page 171


Little confused by the multiple 山’s here - doesn’t that bit in the middle essentially say “the mountain of piled up candy like a mountain”?


Apparently 甘い汁を吸う means “to be onto a good thing” - does the あまいしる here essentially mean the same thing (just without the explicit を吸う)? I’m very confused about what this whole middle clause means, to be honest.


Is that first bit “even if you say “but it’s delicious!””?

(or more accurately, “because it’s delicious”, I guess in reponse to an implied question of why you’re continuing to eat them, or how you can keep eating them).

Page 172


What is へんなり? The “place where shoes are”?

Thank you as always.


Page 171

Yeah, it sounds quite unnecessary in English doesn’t it? :joy: They do love their repetitions! :see_no_evil:

I think the next one is more that タマ has ‘sweet juice’ stuck around his mouth, making it sticky. (ベタベタ can mean sticking close to someone, but it can also just mean sticky if I’m not mistaken.) I don’t think there’s any relation to that figure of speech.

The からって is short for からといって, which means something like ‘just because (doesn’t mean)’ and is usually used in a negative context. In this case, just because doesn’t really fit since there’s a question word in there - I’d go with something like ‘no matter how delicious it is, this is eating too much.’

Took me a hot second too! Hiragana is the devil, I swear! :joy: This is 変な理屈をつける. 理屈をつける means something like ‘find an excuse’, or a pretext for something.


Whaaa, that’s just correct?! Japanese, man…

Ah, cool. I considered that possibility as well, but for some reason the appropriateness of that figure of speech made me convinced it had something to do with that (also who lets a tiger eat sweets?!).

Thank you for your help :blush:

Already started reading chapter 8, but I really want to ask all these stupid questions from this week…

Page 173


Two things here - (1) I’m a little confused by what ほしい(わ) means here, or perhaps how the normal meaning fits in with this sentence, and (2) I’m not totally clear why that だけ is included after 生けがき?


I have literally no idea what イッちゃん is talking about here!

Page 176


Not sure 会いたがっている means?

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It means “(Sunday) wants to meet” (see https://bunpro.jp/grammar_points/124)

I think he talks about, how there is a small shaped person looking like ピコットばあさん is coming and how he doesnt think he’s dreaming


This week’s was a bit of a challenge for me as well! Luckily, previously posted questions answered some of mine (thanks! I learned a few new key grammar points that I hope I can remember), but I still have a few.



Rina talked of the reason to Toke, to decrease the quantity sold to the parent and child, Monday, and although talked about doing one’s best to take measures, Ichan…


Oh dear, I didn’t think ti was a dream that there’s Picotto’s own small one here.


No matter how bad, no matter how X, not matter what he wouldn’t try to take off the mask. She watched Sunday, who was crying out that it hurts, and Rina started to cry with him together.

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So, Icchan has just told Rina that Picottobaasan told him off because part of the flowering hedge wasn’t looking so good. In response, Rina lectures him that P-baasan wants that beautiful hedge to continue all year round, because it’s so gorgeous. At which point Icchan says “Woah, I never even dreamed I had a mini-Picottobaasan in here!
So I think the だけ is maybe emphasising the hedge as the one invention of Icchan’s that she really likes?


Rina talked passionately about ways to respond to the situation, such as “what if I explain it to Toke, and get him to decrease the amount he sells to them”, but Icchan said…

See my previous post for your second sentence. p173

No matter how much she soothed him (なだめる) or cajoled him (すかす) he wouldn’t try to take off his mask. Looking at Sunday crying out in pain, Rina couldn’t help but want to cry with him.

By the way my translations are trying to convey meaning and possibly not so helpful with actual Japanese grammar points :sweat_smile:


Read this today and that was not the ending I was expecting. Maybe I missed something but it didn’t seem to reach a conclusion. I expected the last chapter to be simply a ‘summary + good-byes’ kind of thing but now I’m hoping there will also be some new info in there about this.

Oh, and this part felt harder than usual :thinking:

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Glad this seems to have been a general feeling… usually you get that rush towards the end where you realise you can read it so much more easily than when you started (which is still true, to be fair), so it felt a little disheartening to be slogging through the penultimate chapter :sweat_smile:

It ends super abruptly, right?! I gotta say, I was not jazzed at the thought that this thrilling tale of toothache might continue into the next chapter, haha.


I finished this chapter at last! :sweat_smile:
Now I have a little more than one week for the last chapter if I want to finish on time! Hope I can make it!

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