金田一耕助 Series Reading Club - NOW: 殺人鬼 NEXT: ハつ墓村

Thanks @Belerith!

I fully support having the remaining two 殺人鬼 stories slotted in during the S&M break, either scheduled or unscheduled. I will likely read those later on and refer back to any discussion after the fact. Either way, I would always have the option to jump in along the way if I feel that reading two chapters per week of both the S&M book and 海辺のカフカ isn’t enough. :sweat_smile:


Thanks to having lots of free time over Golden Week and putting my other reading on hold for a few weeks, I managed to get through all of the 殺人鬼 collection over the past two weeks - including 香水心中 and 百日紅の下にて. I’ll set aside some notes about each so I can discuss them with you when you get around to reading them, even if I’m too busy with S&M and 村上. :grin:

One thing I will say is that 香水心中 works perfectly fine as a standalone story, although it’s apparent that 金田一 is older and more respected than he is in the other three stories. Quite a stark contrast from the way he’s presented in 黒蘭姫 (which falls directly before 香水心中 in the book). There is one brief reference to 犬神家の一族 and 不死蝶 when discussing 金田一’s reputation, but absolutely nothing about the details of those cases.

I would also like to say that I know we’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the majority of the short stories that we’ve read so far, but I do think that they have been very helpful in filling in the chronology of 金田一’s early life and development as a detective. This is true of both the 本陣 stories, as well as the ones in 殺人鬼.

But for those who have been ambivalent about fitting the short stories in, keep in mind that the 殺人鬼 stories will be the last short stories on our queue for quite a while now. Based on the chronological timeline and publishing order, it looks like we will have at least five major novels in a row before we have to make any more short story decisions.

It looks like the order will be:

  1. 夜歩く
  2. 八つ墓村
  3. 死仮面
  4. 犬神家の一族
  5. 女王蜂

These novels were all serialized either consecutively or even simultaneously. Then there seems to be a break of about a year between novels - this would probably be a good place to slot in the short story collection 人面瘡 (falling chronologically around the time of 犬神家の一族 and 女王蜂) and the chronologically earlier novel 悪魔が来りて笛を吹く (published after 女王蜂). That’s if we even make it that far!


Time well spent, I’d say! :wink:
I think it’s fine if you want to post your opinions on 香水心中 and 百日紅の下にて in the 殺人鬼 thread under a spoiler tag. Of course if you’d rather wait so you can comment more specifically that’s fine too~

Thanks for letting us know about the other stories! That’s about what I expected after the references in the short stories at the end of 本陣殺人事件 but definitely good to know for sure. I’m looking forward to reading about how 金田一 will become an established private detective~

Haha yeah. I’m no way near tired of 横溝 yet, but it’s a long way to go still. Having a bit of a break scheduled thanks to S&M will probably be quite helpful to keep motivations going strong too.

Speaking of, do we want to schedule the other 2 short stories in that time frame (end of June to end of July basically) or rather keep them unscheduled, ‘read at your own pace’ kind of deal? @rodan @BadPlayer, since I assume you haven’t finished the book yet and might have more of an opinion on this than @Jfredel78. :slight_smile:


I say schedule them in.


scheduling them’s fine with me!


Alright, so scheduling it is! :+1:

We’ll be done with 夜歩く on June 19 (Su). The last week is a very relaxed 25 pages.

The two stories remaining in 殺人鬼 are ~90 and ~45 pages. Alloting 2 weeks for the longer one would give us a very even page count. We have however already read 90+ pages in a week, so just reading that story in one week would be possible too.

  • 2 week schedule for 香水心中
  • 1 week schedule for 香水心中
  • Either is fine
  • I’d prefer something else (please explain)

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The other question is, do we want to take a bit of a break to wait for the S&M bookclub to finish? Their last week ends at the end of June, so we would start our next book in July. Personally I’m in favor of this, I don’t want to just run full speed ahead and leave them behind. Let me know if you’d prefer a different approach though!

  • Start right after 夜歩く, then take a longer break
  • Take shorter breaks before and after the remaining short stories
  • Yes to breaks, but either is fine
  • I’d prefer no breaks
  • I’d prefer a different approach

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I’m not really sure what you mean in terms of scheduling… 夜歩く’s last week begins 6/13, and then S&M starts on 6/18, and its last week starts on 7/23.

Anyway, my idea is to mix up the order a bit and read the 45-page story the same week as the last chapter of 夜歩く and then the 90 page story after S&M (late July/early August).

I seem to remember we talked about reading the remaining 2 stories during the course of the S&M bookclub. It sounds like you’d prefer to take a break for the 6 weeks and read the rest of 殺人鬼 outside of that time span with no overlap?

I did not realize it would be during S&M when discussing the scheduling previously… I think both at once would be a bit much for me. So yeah, I’d like to avoid overlap. So I’d like to do 百日紅の下にて between 夜歩く and S&M and then 香水心中 after S&M, or after S&M do 香水心中 and then 百日紅の下にて. I think I’d prefer the former over the latter but either would be much better than overlapping with S&M. I don’t really care if we do 香水心中 in one week or two.

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Reading 百日紅の下にて in between 夜歩く and S&M would mean reading it in that last, 25 page week of 夜歩く?

Of you’re okay with that as well @rodan, I’d say let’s just go with that.

anything’s fine with me!

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So are you all planning to read 八つ墓村 next? (I’ve read 本陣殺人事件 and don’t much care about reading books out of order, so am happy to skip forward to whatever you’re up to currently.)


It sounded to me like the current plan is to read 八つ墓村 at some point after people in the Saikawa & Moe book club read Jack the Poetical Private (with some cleaning up of loose short stories in 殺人鬼 that we didn’t get to earlier in the meantime)

So yep! 八つ墓村 is next! But it’ll probably start in late July or early August. You’d be totally welcome to join!


We’ll finish up 殺人鬼 over these next few weeks - so let’s talk about 八つ墓村! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Let’s read 八つ墓村…
  • …starting August 8
  • …starting August 15
  • …starting some later date (please specify!)

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I had a look at the index, and we have 8 chapters plus a bit at the beginning and end. They end at these percentages in the ebook:


発端: 3%
1: 12%
2: 27%
3: 37%
4: 52%
5: 62%
6: 81%
7: 88%
8: 99%
大団円: 100%

If we combine the beginning and end bits with the neighboring chapters, we get chapter lengths that range pretty solidly between 10 and 15% of the book. Chapter 5 is the only longer one at 19%, chapter 7 the only one below that at 7%.

The 文庫本 according to Amazon has about 490 pages. That would mean if we went with a chapter a week, we’d be reading ~50-75 pages per week, with the outliers at ~95 and ~40
pages respectively.

Do you happen to have a physical version of this book as well, @Jfredel78 ? Could I ask you to check the actual pages for us? :slight_smile:

I know we’ve read at that speed before, but life happens and there’s a new face maybe? :eyes: So please let me know what you think about that as well~

八つ墓村 scheduling
  • Let’s read a chapter a week (8 weeks)
  • Let’s read the longest chapter over 2 weeks (9 weeks)
  • I’m fine with whatever!
  • I’d like to read at a slower pace (please specify~)
  • I’d like to read at a faster pace (please specify~)

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(If everyone votes they’re fine with whatever, we’re going with the 8 week option. :wink: )

Let me just tag everyone~~ @rodan @BadPlayer @pm215

@wangqiwen Not sure whether you’re planning to read more Kindaichi? Please excuse the ping if not. :slight_smile:


Page numbers from the Kadokawa bunkobon edition:

発端: 5
1: 20
2: 58
3: 131
4: 180
5: 257
6: 310
7: 406
8: 439
大団円: 491
end of book: 493


…so pages per chapter:
発端: 15
1: 38
2: 73
3: 49
4: 77
5: 53
6: 96
7: 33
8: 52
大団円: 2

Chapter 6 is the big one, followed by 4 and 2. If we want to split chapter 6, looks like the nearest section break to the middle is on page 354, which would give 44 / 52 (last sentence before break: その夜、私は眠れなかった。)



Personally, I’d like to get a few chapters of this book done before Spice and Wolf starts at the end of August. And I don’t mind reading ahead a bit on week 5 so that week 6 isn’t a problem.


I’ve already read 8 Graves, I’ll catch ya’ll at Death Mask

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Ah, I see now where I confused myself. Thank you for the page numbers! That means we’ll have the shortest week right after the longest, that’s pretty ideal. :slight_smile:

It seems like so far everyone is alright with the chapter a week schedule, and we’re leaning towards starting earlier rather than later.

I’ll be setting up the thread for 八つ墓村 later today or on Sunday, but as always that doesn’t mean anything a set in stone. If anyone would prefer a different solution, please don’t hesitate to bring it up.

:eyes: Hi there :wave:

I keep forgetting that that’s the one you’ve read. :see_no_evil: Good thing that’s going to be a non-issue soon, haha.


Here it is! Start date is August 8. As always, let me know if there’s anything you’d like changed or to bring to discussion~

This one has a lot of different covers! I stuck with the ones amazon considers the same book. Still, really makes me wonder what to expect from this one. Particularly the last one… :thinking: