葬送のフリーレン ・Frieren 🧝‍♂️ (Beginner Book Club) [Vol 2 starts July 26th]

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Welcome to the 葬送のフリーレン ・Frieren Book Club!

Vol 2 starts July 26th! :eyes: Link to Volume 2 Thread

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a Japanese manga series written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe. The series won the 14th Manga Taishō and the New Creator Prize of the 25th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2021 and the 69th Shogakukan Manga Award in 2024.

Story: After a ten-year odyssey, the elf mage Frieren and Sky’s band of heroes succeed in overthrowing the demon king and bringing peace to the land. As an elf with a long lifespan, Frieren continues to roam the lands. The death of a former comrade brings her pain and deep regret - regret at not having spent enough time with them. With this regret in her heart, she sets off on a journey to meet a wide variety of people and share new adventures with them.

A post-apocalyptic fantasy telling the story of how the heroes lived after their great adventure.

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How it works

We create a reading schedule, with a set number of pages to work through each week. Each week we create a new discussion thread for that week’s reading. In those threads we discuss everything from vocab and grammar to the characters and story. We try to help each other by contributing to the shared vocab list, by answering each other’s questions and by keeping each other motivated.

Discussion Guidelines

Spoiler Courtesy

Please follow these rules to avoid inadvertent ネタバレ. If you’re unsure whether something should have a spoiler tag, err on the side of using one.

  1. Any potential spoiler for the current week’s reading need only be covered by a spoiler tag. Predictions and conjecture made by somebody who has not read ahead still falls into this category.
  2. Any potential spoilers for external sources need to be covered by a spoiler tag and include a label (outside of the spoiler tag) of what might be spoiled. These include but are not limited to: other book club picks, other books, games, movies, anime, etc. I recommend also tagging the severity of the spoiler (for example, I may still look at minor spoilers for something that I don’t intend to read soon).
  3. Any information from later in the book than the current week’s reading (including trigger warnings that haven’t yet manifested) needs to be hidden by spoiler tags and labeled as coming from later sections.
Instructions for Spoiler Tags

Click the cog above the text box and use either the “Hide Details” or “Blur Spoiler” options. The text which says “This text will be hidden” should be replaced with what you are wishing to write. In the case of “Hide Details”, the section in the brackets that is labelled “Summary” can be replaced with whatever you like also (i.e, [details=”Chapter 1, Pg. 1”]).

Hide Details results in the dropdown box like below:


This is an example of the “Hide Details” option.

The “Blur Spoiler” option will simply blur the text it surrounds.

This is an example of the “Blur Spoiler” option.

Posting Advice
  • When asking for help, please mention the page number, and check before posting that your question hasn’t already been asked. As the threads get longer, it becomes more convenient to use the Search function, which is located in the upper right corner of the forum. It is the magnifying glass which is near your profile picture! The best way to search is usually to type part of the sentence you are confused about, and select “in this topic”. This will show you all posts within the current thread which has that string of text.
  • Be sure to join the conversation! It’s fun, and it’s what keeps these book clubs lively! There’s no such thing as a stupid question! We are all learning here, and if the question has crossed your mind, there’s a very good chance it has crossed somebody else’s also! Asking and answering questions is a great learning opportunity for everyone involved, so never hesitate to do so!

How do I join in?

  1. Get yourself a copy of the book (see “Where to purchase” below)
  2. Click on the participation poll below to let us know you’re planning to join in
  3. Set this thread to “watching” so you get updates on the group (go just past the last post in this thread, click on the grey box that says “normal” or “tracking” and change this to “watching”)

Where to purchase

Physical: Amazon JP, CD Japan.
Digital: Kindle, Kobo and BookWalker.

Discuss threads by volume

Volume 1 thread links
Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Pages with text
Week 1 April 19th Chapter 1 Pt 1 3 - 15 10
Week 2 April 26th Chapter 1 Pt 2 16 - 29 10
Week 3 May 3rd Chapter 1 Pt 3 30 - 40 9
Week 4 May 10th Chapter 2 Pt 1 41 - 55 12
Week 5 May 17th Chapter 2 Pt 2 56 - 76 14
Week 6 May 24th Chapter 3 Pt 1 77 - 91 14
Week 7 May 31st Chapter 3 Pt 2 92 - 110 14
Week 8 June 7th Chapter 4 111 - 128 17
Week 9 June 14th Chapter 5 129 - 148 18
Week 10 June 21st Chapter 6 149 - 166 16
Week 11 June 28th Chapter 7 (+ Omake) 167 - end 18

Suggested vocabulary to pre-learn (vol 1):

Resources and vocabulary

  • Vocabulary spreadsheet
    Please read the guidelines on the first page before adding any words. With special features (such as highest frequency words marked by *** in volume 1) - kindly provided by ChristopherFritz
  • Frieren vocab roots: there are many names that derive from German words. Here is a page that looks into those roots
  • Manga Kotoba has frequency-based vocabulary lists for all volumes (website by ChristopherFritz). A free account enables tracking and if you go to settings you can also sort words chronologically. You can ask questions about it here.
  • Advice for those new to reading
  • Jisho is a popular online Japanese-English dictionary.
  • ichi.moe is a tool for parsing out sentences. You can type/paste in a whole sentence and it will try and break the sentence down into its individual parts.
  • Deepl will translate a sentence from Japanese to English. It’s obviously not going to be right all the time, so if you want to check your translation it’s often better to ask in the thread.
  • If you want to watch the anime after reading the manga, someone on reddit made a correspondence list of episodes and chapters
  • Volume 1 read-aloud sessions on Youtube


Will you be reading with us?
  • Yes
  • Yes, but I might start late
  • Maybe
  • No
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Which version will you be reading?
  • Digital
  • Physical
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To kick off the schedule discussion, I’ve made a proposal below


  • Any volunteers to help make an autogenerated vocab spreadsheet?
  • Crucially, any proposals for the book club emoji? :slight_smile:


Frieren has ~20 pages divided into 7 chapters (and a short preview of book 2). Chapter lengths are as follows:

Chapter 1 - 29 pages with text
Chapter 2 - 26 pages with text
Chapter 3 - 28 pages with text
Chapter 4 - 17 pages with text
Chapter 5 - 18 pages with text
Chapter 6 - 16 pages with text
Chapter 7 - 18 pages with text

Looking back at recent clubs: Level ~22 manga seem to read about 12-16 pages (with text) in the first 5-6 weeks, increasing up to 20 pages/weke. Level 25-26 manga seem to read about 9-13 pages (with text) per week.

Frieren is rated Level 26 and is rather text dense. To give a usual ramp-up period, here is the schedule I’m proposing:

Ch 1: 3 weeks (9-10 pages of text/week)
Ch 2 & 3: 2 weeks each (13-14 pages of text/week)
Ch 4-7 - 1 chapter per week (16-18 pages of text/week)

That would be 11 weeks total and roughly in line with previous book club pacing.

Please comment below with other suggestions/proposals for the schedule! By the middle of next week, I’ll set up a poll with all schedule proposals so that readers can vote on their preferred one.



I’ll see if I can get that together tonight.

(But first comes reviewing my frequency list for the volume to see which words I want to SRS in advance.)


For Frieren’s name? Or :snowflake:. Or :cold_face: if you interpret the fact that it’s a verb in German more strictly.

Another, maybe slightly spoilerish option would be

To signify that this series deals with loss and volume 1 has a rather large headcount.

I’m pretty flexible in regards to the schedule. The one you posted seems fine to me.


:mantelpiece_clock: maybe for how much the passage of time is important to the plot?


My nomination for emoji is nothing, in rememberance of all those who died in the war against the Demon King.


Can I ask how that process works?



I feel like these look like magic being fired off


Are you planning to start with volume 1 or pick up the volume that continues after the anime?

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Book clubs almost always start from vol 1

  • Python 3
  • Mokuro
  • Ichiran
  • Web browser with Javascript console
  1. Run through Mokuro.
  2. Open Mokuro HTML file in browser and set to show one page at a time (rather than two).
  3. Open Javascript console and paste in this Javascript.
  4. Move mouse over text boxes or press number keys to select text boxes. (Press 0 to select the next text box sequentially, or * to undo a selection.)
  5. After selecting all text boxes, enter saveLocalStorageToFile() into the Javascript console to save the extracted text in the order selected as a JSON file.
  6. Run through Ichiman using this Python script and redirect console output to a file.
Screenshot of step 4.

Sample output from step 6.
王都	おうと	[n]	royal capital; imperial capital	1	4
私達	わたしたち	[pn]	we; us	5	4
勇者	ゆうしゃ	[n]	hero; the brave; man of valour (valor)	7	4
凱旋	がいせん	[vi,vs,n]	triumphant return; returning in triumph	9	4
だ	だ	[exp]	be; is	12	4
帰る	かえる	[v5r,vi]	to return; to come home; to go home; to go back	14	4
仕事	しごと	[n,vs,vi]	work; job; labor; labour; business; task; assignment; occupation; employment	15	4
探す	さがす	[v5s,vt]	to search for; to look for; to hunt for; to seek	17	4
もう	もう	[adv]	now; soon; shortly; before long; presently	20	4
そんな	そんな	[adj-pn]	such; that sort of; that kind of; like that	21	4


  • Extracted text
  • Reading
  • Part of speech
  • English (first result from Ichiran)
  • Sort word number
  • File number [may or may not align with page number]

Damn, so you also have to have accessible digital copies…

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Initial vocabulary spreadsheet:

Once we have a confirmed schedule, I can split across tabs, then remove duplicates per tab.

Yup. For me, that’s buying from Kobo + an extra step.



A note on difficulty - I don’t think Frieren is as hard as, say, Dungeon Meshi, but I think it will be a step up from 気になっている人 with the double-whammy of having a lot of fantasy vocab as well as being longer than 4-pages per ‘story’, so yeah - be prepared! Should be okay for the BBC though imho


And it’s done -
:star_struck: amazing, thank you so much! Your creations and methods are just so incredibly useful! I feel like we need to make a @ChristopherFritz Academy, a streamlined certification program for members who have followed in your steps and learned your ways :star2: The FritzBadge TM :star2:

Nice emoji suggestions @Boodil @araigoshi @DIO-Berry You all are so fun and thoughtful!

It’s looking like the schedule might not be the hard part, maybe I’ll just make a poll for the emoji :laughing: I have to admit, I’m leaning toward the :ice_cube: or :snowflake: since they could also be considered to capture the vibe in some of the other themes that were brought up.

I’ll wait for the weekend to see if there are any other proposals for the schedule.

Thanks everyone!!!


there’s no damn blue flower emoji


Or the number of times they spend a whole winter stuck in a hut.


:cloud_with_snow::snowflake::hut: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:

Whoops, I spoilered volume 3.


I tried to find something to represent the theme that Frieren is emotionally frozen at the beginning and the entire story is about her melting, but the closest emoji I could find was :melting_face:, so maybe not.