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Chapter 3 (first half)

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This week we’re reading pages 98–118, as per numbering in the physical re-release.

If you have the original release, post a photo of (part of) a page with a number, and I can see if it matches the re-release or not.

For digital readers, this week is pages 94–114. However, your reader software’s internal page counter may list this week as pages 95–115 (due to counting the cover page).

You’ll know you’ve reached the end of this week when you see a full page without shading. (It’s obvious when you see it.)

Portion of top-left panel of the final page


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After the two “originally in color” pages, digital readers are greeted by this aside image:




I’m not familiar with the movie, but apparently, it did get a Japanese release!



And apparently a novelization in the world of 耳をすませば :joy:

It’s the same movie for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was…okay. I mostly only remember it not because of the movie itself, but because of the Family Guy episode which poked fun at the movie. :joy:

Edit: Your edit is immortalized. :wink:


I realized that after seeing this part:


I can’t recognize/distinguish between faces, so I have to rely on some helpful katakana!


ISBN: 4061900560


I can’t even imagine how bland a reading experience that would be. :sweat_smile:

Veering into off-topic

Unless the writer took artistic liberties and started it out with Ghostbuster Ray Stantz being spirited away into a parallel isekai where there are no ghosts.

Alternate book title: I was out busting some ghosts when a paranormal portal sucked me into a parallel world and now I’m pretending I’m a bumbling government spy until I can find a way back to my world before it’s taken over by a giant marshmallow.


I’m enjoying this story I have to say. I had no idea what to expect. Just knew the premise of the first few pages, there is a mysterious guy who borrows the same books from the library as protagonist. That was all I knew. Turns out it is a ride I’m enjoying immensely.

Story spoilers

The first few pages of this week’s read. :joy: Shizuku stumbling away, apparently because the older brother knew her name, and potentially whatever that means the brothers have talked about (and it turns out they hadn’t talked).

Then we go into younger brother shenanigans. What did he think her classmates would think? :joy:

And then to top it off, we have a high tension scene where Sugimura finally confesses his interest in Shizuku after she’s made him see her friend is interested in him. Honestly, I loved how that scene was portrayed, and how it went.

The problem of having to tell someone you like them, but only as a friend. Fumbling the words. And the changes in mood shown by the faces.

And then into a weird dream. This week was a trip all right. :joy:


I’d like to know if it’s worth watching.


If you find yourself bored and enjoy Chevy Chase’s style of comedy, the movie is okay. Though I am mildly curious about the Japanese version since it apparently warranted a novelization, which I have a hard time picturing from the English version of the film. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I was working on PGA Golf (EA), when Caddyshack came out. It was pretty funny, esp. considering the project we were working on. I think I’m going to watch it (although the chances of me understanding most of the Japanese is low.)


It’s very satisfying that my last 2 wanikani levels have given me such a boost when it comes to this manga :grinning:


Poor Shizuku. :see_no_evil:

I can't really make heads or tails of this exchange on page 106.

だいたい お兄さんに聞けば すむことでしょう?
それがわざわざ 人のこと 恥ずかしい 思いさせて 聞きたいことなわけ?

photo with highlighting

Page 106

My understanding is the following: the short version is that Shizuku is complaining that he didn’t need to call her out of classroom to ask these questions, since he could have easily just asked his older brother to get the same information.

だいたい お兄さんに聞けば すむことでしょう?

だいたい => In the first place / to begin with
お兄さんに => to older brother
聞けば => 聞く to ask, but using ば for the conditional form ( if asked)
すむ => ばすむ is a very common combination to say that something would be resolved if a condition is true. すむ means basically to finish something, usually with the nuance that it’s finished in an easier / less troublesome / simpler way.
こと => turns the preceding phrase into a noun. “the fact is / the thing is that (you could have easily figured this out by asking your brother)”
でしょう => isn’t it?

それがわざわざ 人のこと 恥ずかしい 思いさせて 聞きたいことなわけ?

それが => given that (i.e., what she said in the previous sentence)
わざわざ => on purpose / deliberately
人のこと => this is very abstract and hard to translate to English, but roughly means a “person as a whole”. The person in themselves.
恥ずかしい 思い => an embarrassing experience / emotion
させて => させる the “causative” form of する verb, but in て-form. To cause something to happen.
聞きたい => 聞く, to ask, in たい form. “Want to ask”
こと => Turns the previous sentence into a noun. The fact of “wanting to ask”
わけ => Reason

Putting this together:

“Despite that, on purpose, (you) embarrass people and that’s your reason for wanting to ask (these questions)?”

In more readable English:

“So your reason for wanting to ask is because you, on purpose, want to embarrass people?”


I love it when I can’t understand something, and come to the forum to find the exact passage mentioned!


Thank you! I thought the second bubble was Seiji talking, so I was doubly confused. :joy: And I don’t think I’ve ever encountered ばすむ before. Really appreciate it!