美少女戦士セーラームーン 第一期 ダーク・キングダム編 🏰

From this point, the schedule for discussion becomes one act per week. The extra days for act 1 were to fit in both “start Jan 1” and “new act every Saturday”. (But being in California, I need to see if that means I should announce the start of a new act Friday evening, afternoon, or otherwise.)

To accomodate anyone reading along at a slower pace, I’ll want to mention for subsequent weeks to take care in marking spoilers.

From there, we’ll see how things go. Since this this group’s not meant to be too concerned with reading speed (since it’s a longer series), I’m expecting to keep it one act per week, but if extending time per act helps for discussion for the first story arc, that could be up for consideration.


In the Shinsouban edition, I noticed that in the same dialogue bubble, “Umino-kun” is written once in katakana and then, in hiragana! (I don’t have my copy with me to take a pic, will do so later on)

Anyone else noticed this? Is that a way to make an emphasis, or simply some oversight from Naoko Takeuchi when editing the dialogues for the manga update?

Another thing I noticed is Takeuchi’s penmanship: I sometimes have a hard time reading her onomatopoeia!

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As you can see, Usagi’s mom mentions Umino-kun twice, first with “kun” in katakana (2nd line from right), then in hiragana (4th line).

This is on page 22 of the Shinsouban edition. Is it like this in the other editions of the manga?

It’s the same in the kanzenban version.
As for what it means I hope someone can clarify…


I’m sure it’s intended, but I can’t say what meaning it may hold. Neither anime adaptations have any kind of emphasis. Maybe it’s simply to make the first mention of his name stand out more, as the reader is new to the characters?

Entering the second full week of 2020, discussion is now open for:


I hoped to have this up earlier, but had overtime at work today. Hopefully I’ll get to introducing the new week a little earlier in the day from now on.

We’re keeping with the same thread for Act.2. Feel free to keep asking any questions you may have in Act.1. For Act.2, please use [spoiler] tags for anything spoilery, as some readers will still be working through Act.1. For any spoilery images from Act.2, [details] works nicely as well.


  • I’m reading along (ready for Act.2)
  • I’m taking my time (still on Act.1)
  • I’ve gone on ahead (to Act.3 and beyond)
  • I’m no longer reading this series (so soon?)
  • I’m skipping this series (but do like polls)

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Remember, you can always change your answer later if you’d like.


Release First Last
Tankoubon 42 76
Shinsouban 48 80
Kanzenban 47 80

If we use a single thread, maybe we can make a new poll in the post introducing the act (i.e. the one I am replying to). It’s always good to keep track of number of people who are behind schedule.


Good idea. I’d wondered if I should put something like that. I’ll edit one in soon.

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Version Differences

There will be slight differences based on the version you’re reading.

Act.2 Page T.44/S.50/K.50

Kanji was added for the kanzenban release.

Older Kanzenban
われら 我ら
あつめ 集め
はやく 刻早く
さがし 探し
わかって 分かって
おまかせ お任せ
Act.2 Page T.45/S.51/K.51

More kanji added in the kanzenban release.

Older Kanzenban
ごはん ご飯
名まえ 名前
いう 言う
ひっかく 引っ掻く
ねる 寝る
おなかすいた お腹空いた
Act.2 Page T.46/S.52/K.52

More kanji added in the kanzenban release.

Older Kanzenban
いすわって 居座って
いって 言って
おしえ 教え
いっぱい 一杯
しゃべる 喋る

(Among other kanji added on prior pages.)

In the first panel, Usagi’s dialogue originally ended in 「しようっての?」 The shinsouban and kanzenban releases have the updated dialogue, 「する気?」 In one panel, 二 had furigana added for these releases as well, which is interesting.

Act.2 Page T.47/S.53/K.53

More kanji added in the kanzenban release. Some are the same as from prior pages, as well as:

Older Kanzenban
さがさなくちゃ 捜さなくちゃ
見つけだして 見つけ出して
めぼし 目星

王女(プリンセス), which originally appears once and then is プリンセス on all subsequent uses, has been replaced with プリンセス. Perhaps the word プリンセス has become better known among Japanese?

The shinsouban and kanzenban releases remove all side remarks to other comic series written by Naoko Takeuchi. Originally there was a note under the Sailor V image that reads, 「『るんるん』ヨロシク!」, referring to the magazine the Sailor V manga ran in when Sailormoon was first run.

Act.2 Page T.49/S.55/K.55

The first dialogue balloon has a ねえねえ added at the start in the shinsouban and kanzenban releases. The test scores are also changed from testing in nine subjects down to five (as shown by Ami’s top score dropping from 900 to 500).

An いってん became 言ってん here, as well, for the kanzenban release.

The original release has a comment on the bottom, 「ミス・レインかとおもっちゃった」. Here’s Miss Rain (image found on an online seller listing), another series by Naoko Takeuchi:

Act.2 Page T.50/S.56/K.56

More kanji added in the kanzenban release, such as ものすごい becoming 物凄い. (Did the Japanese government add more kanji to younger grades?)

At the bottom under the panel with Usagi’s test scores, another casualty in the shinsouban and kanzenban releases is other side comments by Naoko Takeuchi. Here, she originally wrote, 「べんきょーしなさい、ほんとに」

The word 「ママ」 is added before 「最近うるさいいしな」.

Act.2 Page T.51/S.57/K.57

More kanji added. The 「……なんか」 becomes 「あれれ なんか」 along the way. And Ami’s response to Usagi originally started with an 「あ」 , which was lost along the way.

At this point, I’ll stop mentioning all the added kanji. It’s a thing for the kanzenban release. I previously thought this release was heavier because of its larger paper size, but now I know it’s the weight of all that extra kanji.

Act.2 Page T.55/S.62/K.62

Not dialogue, but the original tankoubon release had the class material on a floppy disk. The shisouban release modernized it by changing it to a compact disk (CD). Remember those?

The teacher’s dialogue has a change from しょってた to 背負ってた, but with the same pronunciation as in the original.

Act.2 Page T.57/S.63/K.63

Tankoubon readers get linear notes by Naoko Takeuchi, filling where ads originally filled part of the page in the Nakayoshi release. These notes are removed throughout for later re-releases of the series.

Act.2 Page T.58/S.64/K.64

Top-center panel, Ami’s line changes from tankoubon to shinsouban:

T: 「ディスクの勉強の内容」
S: 「ディスクの内容」

(I’ll edit more dialogue changes in below as I look through the act.)


The second くん might be hiragana because there is katakana right after it (to stop confusion). I’m not willing to go through all dialog with the mom to see how consistent she is with katakana vs hiragana when it comes to くん or other name suffixes, but that might tell a tale of why for these two instances. (Aka, is the first katakana to make it stand out/empathize in some way? Or is the second one hiragana to stop confusion with テスト (aka she usually uses katakana)? Or some other reason?)

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New chapter! Yay.

In fact I’m enjoying the manga so much that I’ve read ahead, currently reading Act 5, but promise to not post any questions ahead of time. I’m reading fairly casually (aka not for 100% comprehension), but I’ve decided that if I find anything especially challenging I’ll make a note of it from now on and post it when the right chapter comes up for reading.

All I can say currently is that I remember the Swedish-dubbed anime version (the original anime) to be rather childish, but I like nostalgia and I think the manga/anime style is very beautiful so I got the whole kanzenban version in one swoop. And now, I’m enjoying reading the manga quite a lot! <3

If I had a reading lamp, I would be reading Sailormoon as my right-before-bed read, but I don’t :confused: . (I tend to read for 30+ mins right before bed, and 30mins tend to be the minimum, mostly I read a lot more right before bed.) Instead I’ll often start my evening reading slightly earlier, read some Sailormoon (usually about half a chapter) first. :smiley:

So content and art-wise I am currently enjoying this manga immensely.


Yeah, the original anime plays up Usagi’s initial immaturity a lot . . . it’s certainly entertaining, but it’s not really faithful to the manga. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :slight_smile:


Actually, I find that kind of immaturity for entertainment very annoying rather than funny, at least nowadays. Apparently I didn’t mind it too much when I was 8-9 years old. ^^

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I remember my mother (who did in-home child care at the time) telling one of the parents that she watched an episode of Sailor Moon to see what it was about (as I was really into it, me being in middle school at the time), and my mother’s main takeaway was that the main character is a whiny crybaby.

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Poor Usagi. Many people I’ve talked to about the series have reacted the same way . . . but I love her. I was a crybaby as a child (and honestly, I still am one), so seeing a protagonist like Usagi gave me some hope that I could be strong too.


This installment was fun as well! I’m trying to stick closely to the book club schedule, so after I finished Act 1 last week I haven’t touched it–I was delighted to see it’s time for Act 2. There were a couple of points at which I was a little confused, but not because of the Japanese–I just haven’t read a great deal of manga yet and 1. sometimes get lost in the layout and 2. sometimes can’t tell what is going on in an especially frenetic panel. Just like with Japanese, though, surely the more I read the better I’ll get at understanding! Also, this is my first Japanese book club, so my first experience with once a week reading, and it’s like following a broadcast tv show. I saw the front page for Act 3 and it was like a preview of the next episode, for which I’ll have to wait a whole week! (Obviously I could read ahead but at least for now I will not.)


Sailor mercury is called 水野 and her sign is Virgo (associated planet: Mercury, of course)
I guess Usagi is Cancer and Sailor Mars Aries then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Kind of makes me wish I’d gotten the kanzenban version after all. More Kanji should make it easier to read since there’s furigana anyway.

Also the covers are pretty.


Seems like roughly 30 pages for act 2, so it’s less pages than act 1. Will start reading act 2 today and add vocab to the sheet again while doing so.

I’m so excited to go on reading! I loved Sailor Moon back when it started getting popular in Germany (just like almost every girl my age at that time actually haha), so it feels really nostalgic but great to read it now (and on top of that in Japanese!).


Uhm what kind of test is a 摸試? It is mentioned on page 55 (Kanzenban). Full sentence: ねえねえ摸試の結果見た?
Is it maybe a short form of 験 (which I found on jisho)?

And is 五組 = class five?