涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱: Week 8 Discussion

That’s usually the sound effect used for staring in manga and stuff, and there’s also this word: https://jisho.org/word/じっと見る , so I’d guess some kind of staring.


The sound of staring, of course! How didn’t I think of that?
Japanese why


Real talk じー is my favourite sound effect


Okay, finished reading. Whew that was hard to get through.

Things got real. The vocab was pretty crazy so I hope I didn’t completely misunderstand anything. 情報統合思念体 is a mouthful :sweat_smile:. Poor キョン, he spent so much time wanting something like this to be real and not that he got it…not so great anymore.
On the other hand, it makes me wonder how this whole thing worked out. In theory ハルヒ was searching for a club room and 有希 just happened to be there. But if she was intentionally watching her…did she somehow know that she would end up there or…?

I won’t ask questions about the big sentences because I think I got the gist so that’s enough for me this time (or I’d go crazy) so I’ll just ask about this tiny one. Since I don’t have pages it’s near the end, right before he leaves the house. I’ll put the previous sentence too for context but the doubt is about the bolded one:




Is きれん supposed to be きれない? Even then I’m not sure what it means…

Anyway, this has officially gotten interesting :face_with_monocle:

It means you’re fed up and unwilling to engage any longer.


There is an answer to this. I don’t think we find out what it is this volume. If you’d like, I can tell you what it is after a few more chapters.

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I guess this is the sad part about reading light novel series. I guess I’ll just ask once we are done if I don’t continue the series :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’d think that for a 情報統合思念体によって作られた対有機生命体コンタクト用ヒューマノイドインターフェース , reading a book would be kinda slow and boring

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I’m curious What do you mean about キョン’s nickname? Which one would that make him?

Maybe he thinks キョン is short for キョンシー? :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably stared. Immediately made me think of じーーーー that you see in manga. But it could be any one of these: https://jisho.org/word/凝乎と

They all describe Nagato. You will likely see that word a lot.



I had to look that up. Never heard of that before. Wonder if it literally hops around…? Interesting.

They’re like MMO players



Reminds me of FLYFF.

Potentially massive spoilers, do not read if not already familiar with the story

While thinking about your question, some crazy realization came to me, which is (as far as I know?) spoiler if I am correct. As such, I think it would be best to rephrase it, or hide it behind a special tag or something :sweat_smile:

Specifically, my first reaction was confusion, because “which one” of what? So, first that made me think that you meant what kind of weird being he is. That got my mind racing, I was thinking about all the things he could be; possibilities seemed endless! Heck, there’s a whole list of things in the prologue.
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. What if that long ass list wasn’t (only) for comedic purpose? What if it was way more deliberate than that. I don’t have the book with me, but I think ハルヒ mentioned the club being complete. Is there as many person as there are types in that list? If so, the “alien” would now be accounted for, so which one of the remaining is キョン?

In that context, your question makes perfect sense… except I’m pretty sure that a match between the list and the members hasn’t been established yet. If I am correct in my current deduction, I think you should maybe change the phrasing just so that no one else gets spoiled. (I mean, now that I think about it, it has been revealed that they are all weird, with the apparent exception of キョン, so having a template to guess what they are isn’t so bad I guess; still better to hide it until it becomes obvious).

Anyway, in terms of what I thought:

  • For the nickname, the fact that it is (apparently) weird but yet everybody goes along with it reminded me of [redacted, as that would be a spoiler for a different book]. Long story short, that would make キョン a powerless demi-god (or having godlike ancestry but in any case expressing no power in a meaningful way). So he would be “weird” in a sense, yet still mundane.
  • I had other weird hypotheses, but I’m going to skip them, since they are quite far fetched. I did mention one earlier, though (he is a kind of “antibody” that’s suppose to keep “weirdness” in check; any old human would be able to get that “express” that feature though as long as they come in contact with, err, weirdness, so he is still technically normal just in a different state).
  • The one that came to me after the realization above would be time traveler, but the boring kind. E.g., he came from 20 years in the future when he was 1 year old and got adopted by his current parents. That way, he is no different than a regular person, and has nothing going on for himself. That way, he is weird, yet undetectable for 長門.

… But I already had a spoiler tag on it? And in a reply to your already-blurred spoiler post? …? Thought you had already made the assumptions in your post when you said what you said which is why I said what I said… ???

It makes me wonder if the page did not display properly for you or something.

(Now onward to the more interesting meat of your post!)

More things you shouldn't read...

No! Tell me! Which book, at least…? And then I’ll know if I care about spoilers or not. If it’s something I’ll never read… it doesn’t matter! That has sparked the HUGEST curiosity!!!

Possibly a spoiler for you, Naph? Haha, I love your third theory. It made me laugh and I’m still smiling. Such a neat idea!!! Maybe read this much later in the book.

Thank you.

Generally speaking, the spoiler tags are for spoilers for this chapter, not the whole book, unless clarified otherwise.

And (responding partially to Naph’s spoiled section) Naph just said that she wondered if Kyon was special, not if he was part of a list of characters from earlier, which seems to be where the conversation has gone. You asking “which” special seemed to make Naph think that you were implying Kyon would be one of the things listed by either Kyon or Haruhi earlier in the book. I don’t know if that’s actually what you were trying to ask or if you were just using “which” kind of oddly, but does read that way.

Why would you tell someone not to read something and then direct the contents specifically at them?


What @QuackingShoe said

But… I can’t read it though? :confused:

In other news

Reading that part, I’m suddenly less sure about my “realization”. Regardless, I’m fine being unsure about things that will probably be explained in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite a lot of theorising. Are you hoping for answers? Or at least hints? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not at all, I’m just thinking out loud.
(I didn’t expect the conversation to go so far on those)

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