涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱: Week 5 Discussion

Also true. Reading faster we might have desensitized ourselves? :sweat_smile:

The book club is the sole reason I even started this, so yeah… If it didn’t exist, I’d be happily ignoring its existence too.


It also seemed weirdly lined up where something bad happened 3 weeks in a row if I’m remembering correctly which probably made it feel even worse than if they’d been in the same week.

I couldn’t take it anymore and started to read ahead a bit to see if anything interesting happens. Vague impression of what’s probably most of the week 7 reading: I haven’t read far enough to get to any big reveals or anything but there luckily also hasn’t been anything bad happening.


I’ve read up to the end of chapter 5 and I can say there are one or two more scenes y’all probably won’t like, but it did get interesting.


Read half a chapter in one sitting, then half of that the next time, then half again…

Yeah, there’s an actual storyline coming. It’s not just a whole book of serial groping.


Does it get any better in the volition department? Because, for my part, what I find most insufferable is the fact that it’s been just Haruhi freely harming others and everyone else showing as much resistance as a polyp washing away in a neverending current of bad taste. I really hope the “interesting” bits aren’t just some justification of why she gets away with it, be it supernatural or not, but either people standing up and doing something or some exploration of said state of subservience.

(Wow, we can do \TeX here, so modern…) Anyway, can’t speak for others, but I would certainly have given up after week 5’s part if not before.

I’m a bit worried about everyone either already in the know or reading ahead, though… there are already not that many people reading along, according to the poll, so if we all split, there won’t be much of a weekly reading thread… I won’t be reading any faster, though—not worth it for me—so if everyone decides to speed things up, I’ll just drop, but that’s also fine by me. :woman_shrugging:


I’m reading at the expected pace right now.
I do feel better to know that things are mostly going to be okay from now, so I don’t mind people being in the know/running ahead, if only for that.

On a side note, it’s also amazing that we didn’t get anyone going “oh, come on, just chill out, it’s just a joke/fiction/nothing”™
I’m really glad :blush:


Rosebud is Haruhi’s sled.


All I can really say about volition is that, besides Kyon, everyone has a reason to be in the club, even Asahina.


If that happened I could imagine you leaping through your computer screen to smack them.

I found all this content completely distasteful, among the worst I’ve seen with Japanese media (comparing mostly with anime). I was just glad to get through it quickly since I read the English version in less than a week.

My spoiler free impression of the book for those interested:

I was not that impressed.


I like how we’re all just discussing in week 5. :slight_smile:

Yees. And Kyon going “I’ll do something about it next time. I say that but coward that I am I won’t. I should have done something. Sorry. It’d be a lie to say I didn’t somewhat enjoy it, though,” every. Single. Time.


Thank everything there’s something coming that justifies us all more or less trudging though this! :relieved:




I feel like a fraud making theories because I’ve literally watched the anime (+10 years ago? Now I feel old) and don’t remember a thing, but I just wanted to say that I did get the impression that Asahina had some very specific reason for being there and enduring all that awfulness, and even seemed to know the reading girl (Yuki?) from before so…checks out?
Rereading this I don’t even know my point was to begin with…

Yes. I like this place.


I probably won’t read too far ahead. At least I’m only about a week ahead now, maybe slightly less. I’ll try to maintain my normal level of discussion anyway…which really isn’t too high of a bar but it’s something. :laughing:

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I think I would have just flagged that post with maximum prejudice (aka Regular-powered insta-hide), but that works too.

Yes, I got the same impression. I think she even mentioned her as a reason to join when キョン tries to tell her not to. Considering that 有希 seems to spend all her time in the room (that might be a week 6 spoiler, sorry :confused: ), it does make sense to join at least… Little did she know it would turn out to be a terrible mistake.


Oh, nooo. What have you done?

I was just about to go to bed…


Haruhi still does whatever she wants and I still don’t like her. A fairly big portion of what I read doesn’t even feature her though, which is probably part of what made it interesting.

But if you really want to know (no plot spoilers) there was one time Kyon grew some balls to stop her from doing something.


Being that I am not yet caught up with the reading, I’m not quite sure how far in exactly you all are. However, all will be revealed in due time. Hopefully to all of your liking.

I wonder if I didn’t have as strong feelings against these things (or characters, like Haruhi) because I had seen the anime first, though. Or because my friend also said that “you are Haruhi” to me…

For QuackingShoe and others who are familiar with the series only...

Actually, that very same friend said this about the two of us: he is Kyon wishing to be Koizumi, and I am Haruhi wishing to be Kyon.

Of course, if you go into the deeper theories about who really is the sleeping god, that could potentially change things. Such as the one where it’s really Kyon - to which I have my own theories about, which seem to be solidifying and making more sense upon a second read-through, even after feeling the need to possibly abandon them because of Surprise. No idea if that’s Tanigawa’s intent or not, but it’s fun to surmise and think about, and read into the story with it as a base assumption. It really colours things. I’d love to talk more about it, but don’t want to get into specifics here until the book is complete.

Anyways, that will all make more sense to everyone when the story unfolds more and/or comes to a close…

Yeah, possibly. (See my hidden portion, Quack! XD)


There’s also theories that since the introduction that Haruhi gives is that she wants to meet 宇宙人、未来人、異世界人、超能力者, but then no 異世界人 ever appears, that it’s Kyon who’s the 異世界人…

True, but...

While this seems true because of a certain book and movie, there is also the case that in the anime, at least, Haruhi picks Kyon because of a mole on the back of his neck (they zoom in on it to infer that she found it odd). I can’t recall if that was in the LNs at all, but it’s there in the anime, whether or not Tanigawa intended that to be the real reason/a reason. Even so, because of Kyon’s wishes, made especially explicit in the LN just before he goes over to the other world, that could be considered evidence pointing to the other theory as well (or even both theories, if you like). Plus if you remember the snow mansion story, well, I felt that was against the slider theory.

Just sayin’. ^^

(I had said this differently yesterday on my phone, but as I was on the subway with an intermittent signal, Discourse ate my reply (it was never saved).)

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