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Chapter 4 (2/2)/Chapter 5 (1/3)


Start Date: September 7th
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Week 11 Reading: Chapter 4 (2/2)/Chapter 5 (1/3)
Until p.171 (当然、中身は冷たいままだった。)

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I just copied the usual format, so hopefully everything should be in order!


Another nice part :eyes:

But the next sentence directly doesn’t look very nice.


OMGWTFBBQ? :exploding_head:

ハルヒ made the world 3 years ago and is basically God? Well, then I guess she indeed did make a big explosion of information at the time… World creation ain’t cheap this days.
But then what? Where is she coming from? Did her wish for aliens and so on and so forth get so strong in the “real” world that she made her own pocket universe? Or even just rewrote reality? Well, that explains why future people can’t go beyond that point, though. There’s just nowhere to go. It also fits nicely with the model of time we just read about. It just happens that the first page of the flip book is already full of stuff. I wonder if future people already checked what will happen when ハルヒ died? (The English language seems to be lacking in terms of conjugations to relate to stuff that will have happened in a future that is in your own past)


This revelation does not excuses ハルヒ’s behavior toward みくる, since she is unaware that she is indeed a god, but it suddenly feels less like sexual abuse and more like a kid doing random stuff with their dolls. I somehow feel less bad about the whole thing? Question mark? Not quite sure how to process that yet. I still feel the author went too far, but at the same time nothing matters anymore? A confusion is I


Huuu yeah… maybe I should reserve judgement for a little longer.


Aha. We’re here. :slightly_smiling_face:

LISTER: Hey, it hasn’t happened, has it? It has “will have going to have happened” happened, but it hasn’t actually “happened” happened yet, actually.
RIMMER: Poppycock! It will be happened; it shall be going to be happening; it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future. Simple as that. Your bucket’s been kicked, baby.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?


Indeed we are. I can say with utmost confidence I did not see that coming. That’s not where I expected the story to go, but really I’m glad it did.

The title of the book suddenly feels way more ominous. You do not want her to feel depressed.


For that you should refer to Dr Dan Streetmentioner’s Time Traveller’s Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations :wink:

I just couldn’t waste the chance to throw in that reference :stuck_out_tongue:


A fitting reference for those forums :stuck_out_tongue: It’s been ages since I read that book. :astonished: I do slightly remember that part now that you mention it. I mostly remember you’re not supposed to talk to yourself if you come multiple times. (I just noticed that that part is mentioned on the second page you uploaded).


Hello friends. I’m really hoping to get to read though those walls of spoilers ( seeing someone write “OMGWTFBBQ?:exploding_head:” whatever that means is great motivation :eyes:) but I need some help first.



I mean, I think I still get the overall meaning (there were sofas but they were full), but unsure about the details of the bolded parts. And to be fair the first time I went for the wrong meaning of ふさがる and thought the library was closed. But then they started doing things with books and shelves and I was like…wait that can’t be right :sweat_smile:


あるにはある+ものの is saying something like “there are sofas, but…” or “while there are sofas…”. Basically not denying that there are sofas, but then going on to explain that it’s as if there weren’t because he can’t use them.

ども attached to a noun often acts as a pluralizer and め is a derogatory suffix. So by saying ヒマ人どもめ Kyon is (probably jokingly) cursing those damn people sitting on the sofas.

And yeah, ふさがる just refers to the sofas being occupied, not the library being closed :wink:


I’m sure that person, whoever they are, would definitely encourage you to move forward as fast as you can :wink:


So I just read this :open_mouth:

Some of the conversation with 古泉 was tough on the Japanese but it was too crazy to stop to analyze everything. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess first of all, full disclosure. As I mentioned before I watched the anime too long ago and barely remembered anything but I did remember very vaguely something about ハルヒ being some kind of super-entity. This still caught me by surprise.
I mean, it was a lot to take at once. So, basically, everything @Naphthalene said. I liked how it fit with all the previous things about what happened 3 years ago. And it does explain that ハルヒ just does whatever she wants without any concern for anyone else, since they are basically her dolls to play with. That doesn’t excuse キョン at all though. Unless his superpower is to be a pervert. Speaking of which, now I’m even more curious about him. Is he really just a normal guy like they implied, or will this go deeper? I don’t remember anything else from watching the anime so I’m officially reading this blind (exciting!).
I don’t envy キョン though. Imagine having to take care of a spoiled kid but if it gets mad it could just like idunno destroy the universe or something. And everyone keeps talking about how he was chosen by her so I guess that makes it his responsibility?

Whew I just blurted that out in my excitement. Hopefully I made some sense.

Nooo author don’t do this to me now that I’m actually excited about this.


Ended up being a very short mild scene so that’s cool.