涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱: Week 1 Discussion

Is there anything you two agree on? :rofl:


放浪息子 is a great manga?

Also, I don’t dislike guns, but those descriptions were overkill.


I’ve only read about half of this week’s reading, but the writing style is pretty different from the last few books I’ve read so far, which feels like a nice change of pace… even if the sentences get a bit long sometimes, which I guess at least is good practice(they’re not really longer than the longest few sentences in the Sayaka light novels were though, there is just a whole lot more long sentences).

Also, talking about handball before any introductions even get done really shows how much the teacher cares about it, I guess :sweat_smile:

The narration is so far making me like the book a lot more than the three or four episodes of the anime I had time to watch before it became (legally) unavailable :slight_smile:

And for some reason the durtle emote in the first post temporarily became gigantic when I was posting this


Was this written ironically? This sentence is as long as the sentences from Haruhi. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 最大公約数的 on page 7 threw me for a loop, but I eventually figured it’s a way of saying “A and B as much as possible without conflicting”. Where A and B refer in this case to his thoughts いるワケねー and いて欲しい.

On the one hand I find it a really cool term, but as a Maths student, I gotta say that the lack of unique prime factoring of abstract concepts somewhat breaks the analogy, especially if you start considering what the least common multiple would refer to.


No, I was just subconsciously influenced by the book :sweat_smile:


It’s starting already! :scream: I don’t think I’m ready…


I mean, why are the sentences this long? Is the author on a dare or something :joy: (I love it though)

Reminds me of the ReZero author when he said he started the whole novel on a dare after he claimed that silver haired heroines are the best. Come to think of it, Kino also had some consistently peculiar things. Are all Light Novel authors on hidden dares? :roll_eyes:


I think these things just stand out more in a language we’re not good at.
Also! I think Japanese sentences can smoothly be longer than English sentences. The way Japanese can so easily stack descriptions makes longer sentences less awkward than English ones. There’s also outside style guides… English style guides will frequently tell you to write shorter, punchier sentences. Japanese doesn’t seem to be like that.
Honestly, I enjoy it. I like how waiting until the very end of the sentence to know what the sentence is actually about makes your brain flip around.
Jay Rubin in Making Sense of Japanese, in a section called Warning: This Language Works Backwards, has a bit where he exaggerates Kabuki using this property for suspense.
He writes:
“As to the question… of whether or not this severed head… is the head of my liege lord, the mighty general Kajimura Saburou Mitsumaru… known throughout the land for his brilliant military exploits… beloved by the people of his domain for his benevolence towards even the lowliest farmer… I can say, here and now, without a single doubt clouding my mind… that although the throngs gathered here before us may wish the truth to be otherwise… and the happiness of his entire family hangs in the balance… this my master’s head… is… NOT!”
I confess that the first time I tried to read Haruhi I immediately thought about this example.


Other than the already mentioned things, I also think it’s just more common for sentences to end up being longer in some languages. At the very least, it definitely feels like the sentences are longer on average in the German and Japanese books I’ve read compared to English ones.


Definitely this. I also find the long sentences fit the dry humor amazingly well. Even though I’m rereading sentences, they still manage to get a laugh out of me.

Can already tell I’m going to enjoy this book a lot. ^o^


Well, I’m in for a major headache, then, aren’t I?

Time to crack open Genki beside me and have a permanent Jisho page or two open! And HouHou with the list. XD

Going to see how far I can get in one hour…


Feel free to ask questions~~~


Definitely agree. Even checking the English version of this book, you can tell that you can in no way keep the same sentence size preserved in English. But even so, feels like Haruhi is just a bit above average here. I doubt that it’ll be much of a problem though (beyond the initial scare), they’re properly punctuated and actually quite clear, for now.

Oh I read this one. From what I remember there wasn’t much practical usage out of it but I liked it just for how much eye openers there were, I love those.

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Fixed it for you.

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Maybe they came out of dares in writing circles or forums… or events like NaNoWriMo… where you write as much as possible in one month… Hmm… :thinking:

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I’m lurking in the shadows, reading along (the Chinese version). :smiley:


I see sentences of this length (and longer) all the time in Chinese novels. But maybe the verb conjugations etc. make it seem even longer in Japanese?

I think, again, that it is simply that English doesn’t encourage long sentences. Both in how the language itself is structured, and in how the people who we let make decisions about what “good” writing is tell us how to write.

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Hey, here’s a question…

You know at the beginning with those pictures… On the one we’ve been talking about already… There’s a kana I don’t recognize - it’s just a squiggle, three times at least on the second line. What the heck is it supposed to be?

I’d take a picture but discourse never lets me.

That’s と. とっとと