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So not knowing a pool that is featured in porn movies is somehow unheard of if you’re a boy? Or did I misunderstand?

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Remembering dead patients every time at the moment of penetration would probably put me off sex forever, but okay.
Also, talk about the most romantic marriage proposal ever: “I’m bored easily, so I don’t care about marriage, but I want to have a child.” :gift_heart:
She was just the average caring housewife until now, but -of course- there’s more to her than what we were seeing.


Forgot to reply to this earlier - I don’t think that’s necessarily the case in Japan, and certainly wouldn’t be accepted by many parents. :sweat_smile:


I imagine it’s like knowing what ‘the couch’ looks like? Which tbh I don’t know how famous that even is, but it’s certainly known among American boys/men. I can imagine a small group of men going to said famous pool, 5 out of 6 of them knowing it, and thus the 6th one is regarded as strange :person_shrugging:


The women in this series are all kind of nuts and I’m here for it, 野次馬 style :joy:

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I feel for poor Natsuki. Nothing like the forced festive atmosphere of Christmas/New Year’s holidays to drive you nuts.

I’ve met several Saoris in my life. They become your “friend” completely uninvited, unload their “secrets” (what secrets? she’s practically broadcasting them to the whole world) on you without being asked, then suddenly get horribly upset about something usually of their own imagining, and “break up” with you in a spectacularly dramatic way. Truly annoying, and very hard to avoid. Even without having anything particular to hide, I wouldn’t share anything with Saori either. Imagine blaming someone for being pregnant! I get all the negative feelings that can come from infertility, and seeing others effortlessly succeed in what you’ve been struggling with, but openly and vocally blaming them? Seriously?

And there’s always many Wakimotos around too. I had one very obviously gay classmate in high school, who managed to avoid any trouble (I think I’ve said it was a rather toxic environment with next to zero tolerance for even the most minor things) by constantly stirring up trouble for others, even other gay boys like himself. I wonder if Wakimoto has something to hide too, or whether she just enjoys watching the world burn.

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Look at that little stalker! :eyes:
And she was talking about support and forming connections a minute ago. Surely she could just talk to him?

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So Hiroki is still oblivious about what kind of subscribers his son may have. He’s really made next to no effort to connect with his son, or at least understand what he’s involved in. Maybe he should worry about that rather than losing his wife to Ukon (although I also wondered if Ukon maybe has seen Yumi cry, I’ll admit).

Since it seems it’s a day for chance encounters, I wonder if Ukon planning to go to the same temple Yaeko et al were is somehow significant.

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I’ve been trying to burn through my backlog of unfinished TV shows and movies so haven’t been reading as much, so only up to 49% for me:

I also have definitely known a Saori or two. I recently mentioned a recent one to a Japanese tutor and she referred to them as a かまってちゃん which is now one of my favorite Japanese words :joy:
And likewise I have met my share of Wakimotos, and have learned to avoid them. I feel like they’re more common in teen years and most people grow out of that. I think Kiryuu also said something like, is this is what it’s like to be a young?

Also her thinking about suicide and then being utterly distracted from the thought just by seeing her one known fellow water-fetishist makes me think that they do in fact get married. Which will just make Saori even more mad :joy:


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I cringe so hard each time I read Yaeko’s entries. She flinches away from how men look at her, perhaps she should examine how she is looking at/treating Daiya?!

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It seems like Hiroki feels like he’s losing his family as a whole because he’s so out of touch, but he doesn’t know (or want to know?) how to remedy that. Ukon being concerned about the comments is interesting though, as it seems he knows what’s up, at least to some degree, and wants to protect the kids. Honestly the whole group strikes me as incompetant adults, though.

I’m going to try to read the next 2 sections today if I can, but will see if I have that much time :sweat_smile:

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Well, I did not in fact read those sections 4 days ago. I did read 桐生’s section just now, though, up to 58%

I’m even more convinced they’re going to get married. This chapter was a bit exhausting to read (new words, constantly bouncing focus of attention) but I still loved the atmosphere it set up and just the general vibe of the two of them realizing more and more how similar they are.

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I had read this section days ago, but I didn’t have much to say about it, other than that this seems to be a popular suicide method :eyes: I wish they would try to speak to each other for once. As Natsuki said herself, the only thing they (know they) have in common is their attraction to water, but then it seems to be defining their whole lives, so it’s not negligible. It might not be a bad idea to get married actually, but at least try and get to know each other first. I guess they did make a start at least.

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Read the next section, so up to 62%

I was right! But also this was so far the most boring chapter to me. It felt like a lot of rehashing of the same stuff. Also it doesn’t seem like they particularly even like each other as friends, they just find each other convenient as they don’t have to pretend :neutral_face:

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Read the section too (60% for me), and I agree it was somewhat boring. And I really don’t get them. They still don’t really share stuff, they still don’t communicate properly. They could be friends at least, they are the one person who truly understands the difficulties the other has to go through, and yet they call it a contract marriage? A marriage is not based on sexual desire. I mean, it’s usually an important element, but it’s so much more than that, and they could have all the rest of it, but they’re not even trying.

By the way, I was sure it was Natsuki who spoke in the prologue, but now it seems it may have been Yoshimichi? Interesting that we suddenly see his point of view (not that it offered anything new), and next chapter seems to be also a new person (from his environment) again. (never mind I’m an idiot who forgets names)

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I read 大也’s entry (up to 66% for me)

While it felt a bit repetitive, it did offer a bit more information (I’m assuming our ~24 yr arrested in the intro is the other online persona) and seeing his perspective on Yaeko was interesting, if a bit depressing. Yaeko’s pining for him was honestly kind of creepy though

Since I’m back at work I’m trying to read one chapter a day to keep this book going at a decent clip, but since a few of the sections are short that should also give breathing room if needed. Would that work for you @omk3 ? I actually have no idea where in the book you’re currently at :sweat_smile:


I still haven’t read past 60%. I tend to prioritize book clubs at the start of the week, and then I was supposed to be focusing on this one, but last week I didn’t really feel like it. Seeing you read ahead is usually good incentive for me to prioritize this too over the several other books I’m juggling. (I may have a concentration problem lately, I started yet another one :see_no_evil: )
What I mean is, read at whatever pace feels right for you, and I’ll probably try to keep up :slight_smile:


I read the next section, up to 70-71% depending on which ereader I look at :sweat_smile:

I love that the whole weird aside about being turned on by someone crying was actually a setup for Hiroki finally understanding that people can have sexual interests which aren’t obvious to outsiders. Also his wife just twisting that knife to drive her point home :sparkling_heart:

If I keep to 1 section a day it will be 8 days to finish :scream: But I may just do the final 3 sections on Sunday as I should have more time.


Naturally I made my plan and then spent so much time chatting on discord in the morning that I didn’t finish the section.

Just wrapped up ~76%

Is it just me or did this chapter feel unnecessarily long and repetitive? I feel like this author has lovely writing, but he repeats too much. Sometimes less is more. We’ve laid the groundwork for them meeting the other two, though, wonder why Natstuki wasn’t there? Or will she be, but not arrested?


Ok so I finally went and finished the next section, Daiya’s, up to ~79%

The first part was such a slog. I tried starting this section before actually and just couldn’t keep my brain focused. That said, the last ~1/3 of the chapter is great and the final lines had me cackling. So it was worth it I suppose. I said in a Discord convo a day or so ago that this book is great, but it would probably benefit from being shorter and cutting out a lot of the repetition and I stand by that. The writing is good, but it’s just too thorough. We don’t need everything spelled out for us, when it’s more satisfying to draw those conclusions ourselves from time to time.


I may need to be unblocked after this one depending on this Discourse’s rules as it will be my 4th post in a row :sweat_smile:

I read Hiroki’s section, ending ~80%.

It was a very short section but I kind of loved it. Somehow despite being our most ‘normal’ character I love reading his sections. He’s just so angry and unwilling to see views that deviate from his mental model of the world, yet people keep smacking him with alternate views, it’s great :joy: Also I’ve noticed the author really likes the device of ‘external sound interrupts and plays into current scene’. It’s a device I like generally, but I think when someone does it this frequently in the same book it does get a bit tired.

The next section is a long one…47 minutes in the audiobook. Oof. But only 5 sections left overall.


Nah, you can’t be blocked, it’s your thread :slight_smile:
And I’ll continue reading at some point, I promise!


Still haven’t continued reading this and brain fog due to covid doesn’t help but Bookwalker is running a promotion on the book because of the movie, and I found it hilarious that the second book in the promotion list had this cover:


I finally read the next chapter (Yoshimichi again) 2019年5月1日から、51日

This was somehow one of the most boring AND one of the most entertaining chapters. It was needlessly repetitive for points already covered, yet absolutely hilarious to me during the scenes where the pair simulated having sex. I was dying when they discovered that, gasp, hugging feels nice even when not sexual :exploding_head:

We’re heading towards the finale! I’ll try to wrap the book this weekend if I can, ~90 min left in the audiobook and thankfully only 8 of it is Yaeko :joy:


I read Daiya’s chapter:

This went way too long, but the various characters moving the background, the bright summer day, and Daiya suddenly considering himself in Yaeko’s eyes were all great visuals. Yaeko needs to leave him alone though, good lord. She has no reason whatsoever to like his personality, and yet she’s determined to ‘save’ him because she has the hots for him and doesn’t even seem to realize that her obsessive desire to be near him is just an extension of this lust.

Anyways he’s about to get arrested for suspected pedophilia despite only being turned on by water, excited to read the next chapter!


I finished it! I still don’t like Yaeko. :joy:

The dad’s chapters continued to be my favorite. I loved his world being shaken and shaken until it shattered. Such a delight. I also loved Natsuki’s interview. The coworker interview was mildly entertaining but could have been left out.