本好きの下剋上: Volume 4+ discussion thread

Volume 15

Hence my complaint. I suspect this was one of the bonus chapters added just for the volume (not online) and I doubt more thought went into it than “I need something to write”. I really wish there wasn’t two bonus chapters every book since much of the time they are repeating scenes from earlier in the book and therefore boring, killing my desire to keep reading, and then occasionally ones like this pop up that reveal way too much.

Part of me just wants to stop reading the bonus chapters. I honestly don’t think I’d be missing much, I’d probably enjoy the series more, and I’d reduce the risk of reading spoilers due to bad choices by the author. Of course on the other hand, some of the bonus chapters are still nice, like the ルッツ one from book 15 (though I still think it would be fine if I skipped it).

@Naphthalene Can you think of any reason I should read all the bonus chapters? I’d still read all the prologues and epilogues and of course whatever extra chapters there are at the end of arc 4. Or is there an easy way to see on narou which bonus chapters were originally on there and just read those (while not accidentally seeing way too much on there of course)?

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I can’t really think of one, no, especially since I read most of arc 5 without them (since I read the online version) and I did just fine. The last published volume had more than usual too (because I assume the author wants to get the next part published in one go, so padding was necessary) and that felt frustrating (although I liked them in the end).

There is! The author, in the afterwords, usually starts by saying which parts got modified and which parts are new. Since it’s the afterwords, there are spoilers with respect to the content, but if you check after reading the main part, you should be fine.

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Nothing like that for volumes 14 or 15 at least, so I do wonder how reliable this method would be. I just read through both あとがき and both mention the bonus chapters, but not whether they are new. And there was no mention of changes compared to the original version either. Would a bonus chapter simply not be mentioned if it was originally published online?

Are you sure any of them, other than the ones between arcs, were originally published online? Book 12, being the end of arc 3, specifically says:

book 12 / arc 3 spoiler


Which as a side note, I actually liked that ダームエル viewpoint, which is an example of why I’m torn over skipping these or not. And I do have to wonder if the part later where that was referenced, was it originally explained in most detail there but cut since you’re supposed to have already read about it from his viewpoint? Do I risk making things confusing in parts later by skipping them?

But… I just checked volume 15, and it said both bonus stories were written for this book, though?

[bla bla bla spoiler]を書いてみました

Yes, so everything else than those two were online.

I just checked the actual list, and there are only ~40 short stories online, but I know that some of them were put in the short stories books, so I don’t think there are that many to begin with.

So I should assume 書いてみました means it’s new? I mean, that makes some sense. I just didn’t know if that was the only/best interpretation.

I didn’t even realize there were dedicated short story collections…

So when you say you don’t think there are that many, you mean not many short stories originally put online that are in the main volumes? Because if that’s the case I’ll probably just assume they’re all new and skip them all from now on. I’m honestly surprised I held out this long since so many of them aren’t fun, but this one just annoyed me so much and I’m worried more like this (or worse) will show up later.

(I’m also scared to look up the 外伝 volumes since I don’t know when they take place. I’m afraid of seeing even more spoilers!)

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I almost bought them when there was a discount for the new anime season… but then I remember I basically hate those, so it makes no sense spending money for something I would otherwise not want to read (which is free!).

That’s pretty much the case. You are losing most of the added value of the published books, though :sweat_smile: Even modifications to the plot have been fairly minor and could be ignored if you switch to the online version. You can still see the color illustration for free in the book previews too.

The first one takes place during volume 13-14. I thought I saw or heard about a second one, but I can’t find it right now.

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Well, you had mentioned before a notable drop in quality when you switched to the online version, so presumably the editing of the published volumes is better (assuming I’m not misremembering). Besides, for me the biggest value add is being able to read on my kindle (and I already own through volume 22 anyway).

I mean, I’ve even been buying お兄ちゃんはおしまい even though the main chapters are all free online and the bonus chapters are only 1-2 pages each. But I hate reading on the computer and I like supporting the author, so I don’t mind. Same thing goes for 本好き.

Also, you’re not really convincing me that these are added value. :joy:

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I would say a noticeable drop (as in, I noticed a drop) rather than a notable drop (because it wasn’t that bad at all, it’s just that you can see it is slightly less polished). The editing is indeed better in the published volumes, but that’s a stiff price to pay for just that (and the illustrations). That being said, it doesn’t matter if you bought the volumes already :joy:

So, that’s a bit different. The stories at the end of the book are related to the plot I just read and they often give new insights for things that just happened (so they do enrich the plot a bit, even though one can do without). The short stories collection is from volumes in the past, telling something so minor that it didn’t even get mentioned in the main story. So I already know that whatever happens has no relevance whatsoever. I wouldn’t mind if it was related to a character I like, but the preview showed me the first one in the 外伝 book was about (character you know already) ソランジュ the librarian from the 貴族学院

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Volume 15 grammar questions


What is the にして doing here? I found two grammar points on Bunpro for this, but I’m still not sure what it means.


Is 聞いたところ like “according to” or something? Also, which definition of ところ fits this usage (even if it’s a bit of a set phrase in this case)? Would it be this definition?


This exact sentence feels less causal that the definition implies, but it seems like the best fit as far as I can tell. If I’m wrong let me know.

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Volume 15 answers?

寡聞 (as far as I know) always comes with にして(知らない/わからない/etc)
I’m not sure why 寡聞 is something that you would be にするing. The first link I found just gives the meaning plus homonyms, and those use the more reasonable で as connector.

Well, something like “having heard (what they had to say)”. It is the definition you listed.

I’m not sure about what you mean by less causal. They asked about the situation and now they have an answer. Because they asked. That seems pretty causal to me :sweat_smile:

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Seems like one meaning of にして is just で, so maybe 寡聞にして is just an old or very formal phrase. Now that I think on it more, I wonder if it’s related to にしては. Like “as someone who is ill-informed”. No mention of them being related in my grammar dictionary, though Goo does say they are related.

I didn’t really think about it that way. :sweat_smile: I guess because of the そう at the end, it didn’t feel causal. Their opinion still existed even if it wasn’t asked for. The consequence of asking is getting a response, not the opinion itself, which threw me off.

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Finished volume 16. Pretty boring volume to be honest.

Volume 16 comments

I got so used to all the excitement of the 貴族院 that going back to “normal stuff” felt kind of lacking. Besides that, the last couple chapters melted my brain. So much politics, including names and locations I couldn’t remember which made it hard to follow.

I’m particularly confused by the marriage situation for ランプレヒト. There was a lot of 二人の花嫁 thrown around, and I couldn’t tell if that meant ランプレヒト was marrying two people or if that “two” includes him. The epilogue from the アーレンスバッハ perspective also made it sound like there were two marriages going on, but then used different names from what I expected, adding to my confusion.

Anyway, I also have a couple questions about specific sentences.


Is this a typo? Is is there some weird exception with なんて that allows the だ after a verb?


What is the meaning of 買ってでていて here? Someone (not sure who?) values ヴィルマ’s 連絡役 (not sure how to translate that either), so she’s out? That would explain why マイン is talking to モニカ, but I suspect I’m missing something or possibly even getting this completely wrong.


I did find 集密書架 on kotobank and google images, and it means what I’d expect from the context, but I’m very surprised because 集密 doesn’t appear to be a word on its own. Yet 密集 is a word on its own, which seems like it would mean more or less the same thing? I tried checking a dictionary to see what things it can be used for, which was unhelpful. Then I checked google images, which I regret immensely. :see_no_evil:

Also, very oddly, there was a typo on the furigana for 赤褐色. It’s shown up dozens of times up to now (it’s ベンノ’s eye color), always as せっかっしょく, but this time it was written as せきかっしょく. (Also oddly, my IME recognizes the wrong spelling, but not the correct spelling.)

Volume 16

There are two wives, married to two different men. One is ランプレヒト.


It might not be, it depends on the meaning (and thus the context). If you put だ here, it means that the person speaking is surprised/disappointed that someone would think/say the thing before. If it’s just なんて, it means they themselves are disappointed/surprised about the thing in front. I can’t really say which one it is without checking :sweat_smile:
(More explanations: 「~なんて」と「~だなんて」の使い方はどう違いますか? - 日... - Yahoo!知恵袋)

It’s 買ってでる so nominate oneself to do something.
So (loose translation:) the one who volunteered to be the connection is the one who happens to visit the orphanage the most frequently, that is モニカ.

… I guess I won’t do that. I knew about 集密書架 since we are using them at work. I never thought about looking up the individual parts, but like you I would have assumed 集密 to mean something on its own.

According to my dictionary, they are both valid readings. I don’t know why you would use one rather than the other.

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Volume 16

I did consider that possibility, but even after double checking I couldn’t find who the second person would be… guess I’ll find out soon enough (looks like the wedding will happen early volume 17).

That does make some sense… I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it after a verb (I’ll be looking out for it going forward), but I definitely get that “how can you think/say that” feeling with the だなんて, which matches up with the “だなんて about other people’s thoughts/statements” thing.

Ah, okay. My quick lookup didn’t find it with it written as 買ってでる instead of 買って出る.

No idea when I’ll get to volume 17. I will probably finish 薬屋のひとりごと and read 1-2 other books first, though I could change my mind.

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Volume 10

I could probably tag this as volume 9 or 8, but it has been a while since I read those - I can’t remember when stuff happened. So I’m tagging this as the volume I’m currently reading.

Ever since マイン became a member of nobility, her number of family members has grown. Excluding the “real” non-isekai world, she has 1) her 下町 family, 2) her 貴族 family, 3) her adoptive 貴族 family (領主). Maybe it will change further as the story progresses, but no comments/spoilers on that, please. :grin:

As for her 貴族 family, since her “real” mom (カルステッド’s 3rd wife?) is dead, エルヴィーラ seems to be filling the role as マイン’s step-mother (kind of. So many layers I can’t remember them all, whether that is 建前 or what it was supposed to be again). Which means マイン has four mothers! エーファ、ローゼマリー、エルヴィーラ、フロレンツィア。Five if we include her pre-isekai mom.

Me: :exploding_head:

Volume 13

マイン’s library/reading time is in danger.

This was hilarious :joy: 最大の敵=フェルディナンドかも


Finished volume 31 yesterday and I was a bit disappointed.
Once again, they kept the main part short (it finished around 55% or so) and padded with whatever happened to other characters nobody cares about. Worst, one character I actually liked is shown to be a bit of an asshole (with reasons, I guess, but I’m still not happy about it).

Technically, I can’t see how they would manage more than 3 volumes of content, so I guess that 2023 is the last year? At the same time, if they just keep milking stuff like that, it might go a bit further… Apparently 本好き got first place again in the このライトノベルがすごい!2023 ranking, so they may try to milk it even further…
I just hope that it means the publisher will auto accept the author’s spin off series… (Quality was lower, but it’s before editing, so there’s hope).

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Well, looks like the author herself is still not sure if publishing those bonus chapters that expose some of the nastiness was a good idea or not!

That’s not even my problem, though. I just hated that メスティオノーラ was actually mean. My image from the web novel (and ローゼマイン’s part, which basically the same) was that she just had no choice in editing ローゼマイン‘s personality, but her teasing フェルディナンド (“do you hope she will remember you = you’re not that important, or that she will have forgotten you?”) was just mean. Also, she clearly manipulated ローゼマイン. Not happy :frowning_face:

Volume 18 spoilers

マイン wielding a water gun that shoots magic arrows is hilarious. Now I just keep imagining her going “pew pew”. :joy:

(I only just read that part, so still a lot left to go in this volume)

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