時をかける少女: Week 11 Discussion (Chapters 18 and 19)


Those aren’t the same thing :laughing:


I didn’t even catch that typo. :laughing:


Ugh I literally just picked up the book to read this week’s stuff and I’ve been slacking so much on my reading (in general) the last few weeks that my brain doesn’t want to read Japanese anymore.
Must…change… gears!


Whew. Gear changed. Finished. Now I see what everyone was talking about. Precocious indeed.
Also can anyone get me some sleepy-time magnetic tape with Japanese on it?


I wouldn’t use them, they reduce your ability to think critically (at least according to the SF novel Noô by Stefan Wul)

Chapter 19 image


…they most certainly are not :joy::joy::woman_facepalming: (brain malfunctioning, I should get an update)

That being said, I stick to my words, I find him super precious. (he’s also super precocious though, so you know, at least now we know xD)


Since I finished this week’s reading early (yay!) I went back through and filled out the vocab spreadsheet for chapter 18. They’re pretty much all words I was going to look up anyway (to add to my Anki deck), so I figured the minimal effort to add them to the spreadsheet as an intermediate step might be worth it for someone.


I just managed to catch up and I will start reading chapter 18 now :tada:

Let’s see how much I can manage to read before I fall behind schedule again in a few hours…


Alright, that was not too bad :slight_smile: I also thought those two chapters were rather ok grammar-wise, probably (for me) because of the relative lack of direct speech which I’m still struggling with. And luckily in the past few WK levels I have learned a number of the kanji that came up in those difficult words, so I could somehow already understand quite a bit of them.

Story discussion

For the story, I was quite amazed how appropriate the predictions were, the growing specialization of people and the increasing length of education are things we actually experience today already.
(Luckily, we don’t use as much magnetic tape any more :joy:)

And then, Kazuo switches into romance mode. I was so baffled :slight_smile: Well, it is a book for teenagers…

I have one grammar question as well. This sentence is probably on the last page of chapter 19:


You did not take the medicine/drug but you smelled it, therefore… in this very restricted range? (or does this mean “in this very short timespan”, referring to the time of exposure?) … you reached the point of being able to do time jumps and teleportation. ?

And what does しまった (at the end of the sentence) mean? I’m guessing something like “you fully reached the point”?

Thanks for any help and insights!


Note that ごく限られた modifies 範囲内 which (with での) modifies 時間跳躍と身体移動, so it means “time leaping and teleportation within a very limited range”
Since we’re comparing her apparent ability to leap a few days and blocks to his ability to go back hundreds of years

The しまう is unintentional


Thank you! I got the first modification, but for the second one I had a buffer overflow, I guess :wink:

Ah, great, thanks for setting this straight! For some reason I often translate it as “unfortunately”, but “unintentional” makes much more sense.


Some questions from chapter 18! :bowing_man:

But first… I’m sorry, but that chapter was legitimately hilarious. He’s eleven :joy: and is like “yeah, you seem pretty stunted to me” :rofl: it manages to give you the double whammy of “he’s creepily too young for her” and “he’s creepily too old for her” in one single package :ok_hand:

A dense chapter as promised, but grammatically not too bad. Was unbelievably satisfying ignoring I think over a hundred words on FloFlo as I worked through it.

Page 103

… ぜんぜん役にたたないような、いわば常識以前のことしか教えることができないのだ。

What does 役に mean, and which verb is that たたない from?

Page 103

… 中卒程度の人間は、どこの職場でも必要ないわけで、サラリーマンになろうとすれば、… the sentences are so long omg

I understood the overall meaning of this sentence, but I don’t get what the whole 必要 bit is adding.

Page 104


I feel like this has been discussed before so sorry for asking again, but what’s going on with 研究に研究を… here?


Which is a level 8 vocab, btw >_>



Thank you… completely did not remember that guy, so guess he’s not getting burnt whenever he pops up…


It was.


It says that middle school graduates were not needed (必要ない) at any work place (どこの職場でも), and for that reason (わけで), … (they had to study more if they wanted to become salary men)


Ah, I did not get that 必要ない was directly referring to the middle school graduates. Thank you!


Done! I might actually catch up before the end of the book at this rate.

Chapter 18 was the most interesting chapter yet

I feel like more happened in this chapter than the rest of the book combined, and yet neither character moved more than a few feet. Sci-fi is definitely my jam, and the 1960s idea of futuristic technology is always interesting to see.

Incidentally I didn’t find it as hard to parse as I feared from all the build up. Plus one for cold, hard facts. None of the speachy switching tracks mid sentence here! :star_struck:

And as it turned out binge watching 斉木楠雄のΨ難 twice in a row that one time was good for something!

Chapter 19 wasn’t quite as compelling for me but at least there were some answers.