文プロ(Bunpro): We're hiring! - July 15th, 2024 - Japanese Grammar and Vocab SRS

文プロ(Bunpro) is a website that is designed to simplify Japanese study. From very basic beginnings, we have slowly but surely evolved into a full-fledged resource that offers learners an experience tailored to give real, tangible results.

Through the following methods, we break grammar down into chunks that build off of each other in a way that builds your confidence at the same time as building your understanding. All without you needing to ever deviate from the learning path you have chosen.

  • Grammar points introduced are accompanied by multiple example sentences that reinforce what you have previously learned.

  • Each grammar point also includes links to other great free online resources to further your studies, and cement what you have learned.

  • Review the grammar you have learned using our built-in SRS system that chooses new and unique sentences to challenge you, and create fun, new experiences each review session.

  • Our SRS system is based on manual input. This tests not only whether you recognize the grammar, but can actually produce it yourself. ( You can also choose a flashcard style mode to focus on recognition and reading as well)

  • All Example Sentences on Bunpro are original and created in house by our team that includes several Japanese native speakers. Each and every sentence is reviewed for naturalness.

  • Example sentences are written in a way that builds upon previously studied grammar, so as you progress through each subsequent level on Bunpro you will be getting more and more exposure to the grammar points that you have learned in the past and are never left confused by unknown harder grammar being used.

Here’s an illustration of how this process works.

文プロ (Bunpro) offers a place to start your grammar studies and track your study progress as you cover all of the grammar points in your textbook, or on the JLPT. No matter where or how you are studying Japanese, it is likely that we already have a path designed to meet your personal needs, or the needs of your classroom. Learn more at bunpro.jp!

Currently all JLPT N-levels are complete (900+ grammar), each with their own explanations for every single grammar point, written in a way that will propel your understanding of Japanese naturally, without facing plateaus. If you are not aiming for the JLPT, you can also study along with Genki, Minna no Nihongo, Tobira, An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese textbooks, or even with Tae Kim. In addition to this, we also offer dialects such as Kansai-ben, and are continuing to add new content daily

We also greatly welcome any feedback that you may have to help make Bunpro more useful every day. We have been lucky enough to do this so far through the development of one of the most helpful communities of users in the Japanese language learning sphere, and greatly encourage anyone to join in on the discussions on our forums.

Bunpro Community

Let’s take a closer look at the Bunpro approach!

Lessons organized by JLPT level. Each subsequent lesson builds on previously learned material. Follow our path, or choose one of your own!

Read a description to solidify your understanding. We also give you lots on information about the structure, and the ability to include your own notes, for those of us that like to compile things that they have read!

See multiple example sentences.

Add it to your reviews and then test yourself with manual input, forcing you to recall and reproduce your answers for better retention.

You may also choose from a wide variety of hint types that will accommodate your level, your needs, and how much of a challenge you want! :muscle: :sunglasses:

Once you have completed your first quiz, the grammar point will automatically be added to your review queue! After that, just let the SRS system handle the rest. It will decide the best time for you to see that particular pattern again!

In addition to this grammar approach, we now have a library of over 25,000 vocabulary words, decks available for vocabulary study, many example sentences of varying difficulty written by native speakers for each word, and have new examples being written every day!

Each sentence focuses on using the vocabulary in natural ways, so that you will confidently know what context any word will be used in real life… Oh, we have hints for vocab now as well! :wink:

As can be seen in this picture, all the popular text books are there as well! We did the hard work of putting everything in the order that it appears in the textbook so that you can spend more time focusing on your studies!


iOS & Android Beta
We have are actively developing both our Android and iOS apps in house.

The Bunpro iOS app is currently being beta tested via TestFlight.

The Bunpro Android app is available on the Play Store.

:face_with_monocle: Well, that about wraps it up I guess… :face_with_monocle:

Oh of course, how could we forget about themes! With our wide range of themes to choose from, you can find a way to make Bunpro reflect your personality. :wink:

Find what you like, make it yours, or change whenever you want to keep things fresh! You’re even able to change themes right in the middle of your review session without distrupting your progress!

We are very grateful to the Wanikani team for providing a space for everyone to comment and provide feedback on Bunpro. Thank you to everyone who has done so in the past. We hope to see you over at the Bunpro Community!

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Please note that many of these reviews are very out of date, and we have made some absolutely monolithic changes and improvements to the site since then. Maybe read a few reviews and then check out the updates for yourself. We think that in itself will speak volumes. :wink:


If I had to describe paradise, this would be it.


Planning on adding N4 any time soon? :slight_smile: I’ll test your website right away ^^ Thank you so much for this.


Haha! Thank you!


Yes. N4 is mostly done and we will be releasing very soon. We just want to make sure that we have everything in order before we do so. Thank you so much for checking it out!


Thank you so much for making something like this! I haven’t tested it out yet, but it’s looking promising and far less of a lullaby than grammar books tend to be.


Great!! :smiley: Then, I guess that it’s safe to suppose that the N4 is coming in time for my JLPT N4 in December :heart_eyes: Thanks for the quick answer.


Thank you for taking the time to give it a look. Half of the time spent on studying grammar is spent scouring textbooks or websites for the explanation you are looking for. When we were designing the site we wanted to create something that gave you everything you needed to study all in one place. Now you can spend more time learning and less time searching. Cheers!


Most definitely, with some time to spare! Thanks again for taking the time to check us out.


Saw it on reddit this morning so used it a bit, like it so far and pretty much perfect for where I’m at in my learning. My biggest concern is that I might grow to memorize the sentences and use that to answer questions instead of “knowing” the grammar. I’m hoping that instead of it being the same sentence each time, it can be a random choice from a selection of sentences for the same thing. (Might be a little silly for sentences like 本がある or whatever, but I digress.)

Thanks for the hard work.


Thank you for your reply. We also realized that this could be an issue and are working on implementing multiple review sentences that would appear at random in your queue. This way you would not continue to get the same study questions over and over. This will also allow you to review the grammar point within different contexts. Thanks again for your feedback!


Someone make an override script for me.

(Checking out now, looks great.)


Cool! I’m signed up and using it. Out of curiosity, what language and/or framework are you developing this with?

One thing I noticed is that, at least on my iPhone (Chrome and safari), the sensitivity for swiping back and forth between lesson items is very high, so I always accidentally swipe to the previous/next item when trying to scroll down. There’s also no visual indication that you can swipe, which makes it a little unintuitive.

(Please excuse my natural self trying to find everything wrong with a website :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I can see myself spending a lot of time with this and learning a lot more grammar than I’ve been learning so far. Thanks!


Is there any reason you can’t look at the lessons section (to at least see what is covered) before signing up?

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Awesome stuff! Have signed up :smiley:


Happening to me as well.


There is a bunch of things that I have thought up. I will try to give you a detailed post later on. But, this looks fantastic!

Thank you.

(I’m more than willing to help support monetarily on this. I do not know if you plan on making this a paid service in the future, but I will continue to give feedback.) :+1:


Looks good. I like your honesty about timings as you click through the higher levels!


Awesome! I’ll give it a try later this weekend!

SRS might be just what I need to cement a couple of the outlying grammar points that I keep forgetting… (Like getting which phrase から goes in backwards a while back - whoops!)

I’m nearly finished with Genki I, so I feel like it will be a good test for me.


Think of these 2 things:
から goes in the middle of the sentence.
Using から sounds like using “Because of this…” in English (reason comes first)
"(Because of ) reason (から), something happened.



Really quick, looking at the main splash page on Mobile (Android 6, Chrome, Sony Xperia Aqua M4), the example(s) look like you can swipe right and left (but you can’t - it’s just an image?) And I had no indication there was more page down below until I over swiped (ending in a bit of an arc upwards, I guess). ((EDIT: Something like a thin scrollbar like Discourse has, even, just to visually let me know there’s more page down there.))

Also the feedback tab is so tiny - not sure if tapping it multiple times or swiping it sideways eventually got it open. A few more pixels out from the edge of the screen should help. (5???) ^^