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is bunpro like WK in terms of scripts?

Because for WK I use like 16 and without them I would never get to where I am today, they are really helpful for reviews etc.

Is there a list for bunpro as well?

@evandcs there is: List of Scripts - Bunpro - Bunpro Community
that being said, i haven’t found Bunpro to need a lot of scripts, i only use 3 i think. (while i’m using ~13-20 on WK)


New Grammar:

N5 (Released last week - August 6th)
る - Verbs[た] - る - Verbs Past Tense
う - Verbs[た・ました] - う - Verbs Past Tense
る - Verbs[なかった] - る - Verbs Negative Past Tense
うVerbs [なかった・ませんでした] - うVerbs (Negative Past Tense)

N1 (Released today - August 13th)
には及ばない② - to be no match (for), to not compare (with), to fall short (of), to not reach, cannot win with, to be out of reach (for), to not be on par (with)
とは言うものの - although, but, although I say, although it is said, having said that
が早いか - as soon as, no sooner than, instant, no sooner had
に難くない - not hard to, not difficult to, easy to, is obvious that
ならいざ知らず - don’t know about it, maybe it would/might be possible for


I use 6 scripts for WK but for Bunpro I don’t feel the need. Often, the site prompts you when you do some honest or minor mistake (i.e., like giving a correct answer but not from the grammar point that is being asked) and also there is an undo button.


Just some feedback on the “learn” UI. The dashboard update and theme looks great. I find the learn UI to be a bit oblique and suffer from consistent alignment on the page. I’m not much of a designer/front-end developer, but I can appreciate when a page “breathes”

Here’s a screenshot of 10 minutes worth of small edits in Chrome that I think makes the page more legible. I might turn this into a script that runs on the page if others are interested.


Appreciate the feedback! We are actually already in the process of overhauling it and have version 1 mockups we are polishing. If you are interested, I would be happy to show them to you in advance if you are willing to give some feedback on them (or anyone else who is interested :smiley: )!


I’d be interested to try them out - I’m using both Opera (on Mac OS High Sierra) and Safari (on Mac OS Mojave). (got the same screen name on bunpro)

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Appreciate the feedback! We are actually already in the process of overhauling it and have version 1 mockups we are polishing. If you are interested, I would be happy to show them to you in advance if you are willing to give some feedback on them (or anyone else who is interested :smiley: )!

Sure, I’d be up for that. If you have a figma/sketch link, you could post here or email me at my wanikani username + at + gmail + .com

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N1 Lesson 9

を禁じ得ない -cannot help feeling, cannot but, cannot hold back
にかこつけて - in the name of, using the excuse of, to use as a pretext of, under the guise/pretense of
ようによっては - depending on the way, depending on how
べくもない - no (doubt/hope), there is no way, it is impossible, not a hope in hell

This is the final batch for Lesson 9. We will release a weekly batch of N1 Lesson 10.
The final batch of what we consider the “core” of N1 will be released on September 3rd.

We will still add more to N1 and we will also start adding in what we are calling Utility Grammar, stuff above N1 (aka NZero :stuck_out_tongue: ), slang grammar, Kansai-ben and other dialects.

Plus all the other content we have planned :smiley:


N1 Lesson 10

せずにはすまない - won’t get away without, won’t get off without, have to, have no choice but to, can’t not
に堪えない - cannot bear to, cannot stand to, too much to, cannot go on doing, cannot tolerate
始末だ - ends up, finally, in the end, (unfortunately) as a result, this is what happened, to come about, to wind up
ものなら・もんなら - if you were to do, if you try to, if … happens, should there be


Would you consider N5-N2 to be essentially done?


Yep! And N1 is 90% done.

We still have lots we want to do to improve and expand upon (like adding more examples, adjusting existing grammar and filling in lesser know grammar)


New N3 Reading

In total there are 30 new reading passages (3 per level) that are a good mix of conversations and longer articles.

Utilizing N3 grammar and vocab let us write a lot of interesting and more involved passages with a few challenging ones in lessons 8, 9 and 10.

Reading Passages Link

As always we would love to hear any feedback you have on this, or other new content we are constantly adding to Bunpro!


Here is an example of one of the Reading Passages in both modes:




Kanji Answers

Bunpro now shows kanji not only on the accepted answer, but also on all alternate grammar that can be cycled for the current grammar point.

We also had a ton of smaller changes and bug fixes. If you are curious on the details you can read about it in full here!


N1 Lesson 10 Batch 2/3

にひきかえ - In stark contrast, In comparison, On the other hand, While, In sharp contrast
それまでだ - if… then It is all in vain, it’s done, it is useless, no point, it is a waste, that’s it, it is all gone
といおうか - how to put it, how shall I put it, how should I put it, or perhaps, or maybe, call it … or
ずにはおかない - will definitely, will certainly, bound to, not fail to

Sorry for the delay on the last bit of N1. N3 readings were done earlier than expected last week and we chose to release those instead. The last batch of N1 L10 will be released this coming weekend.

We still have extra miscellaneous grammar that we think should go into N1 as well as lower levels, so we will keep releasing more grammar each week.


Colorblind Assistance Option

There is now a setting in your “Styling” settings to make review answer red-green colorblind friendly.

Off (Default):


In the future we will move this and font-size to an “Accessibility” tab in settings. If there are other accessibility settings or changes to make using Bunpro easier for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Reading Passage Features

Reading Passages now have checkboxes that allow you to track which ones you have read.
They also allow you to toggle the Notes portion of the passage to see the annotations we have added without toggling the English translation.


The Reading Passage Feature is definitely a nice - addition. I have a quick question though, would it be possible to have something change on the main “Reading Practice” screen if all texts are marked as read?

Quick mock-up of what I mean :

Current situation


Suggestion :


Either way, thank you all for a lot of improvements of late ^^

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Whoa, when were passages added? I haven’t used Bunpro for a while now.


They’ve started adding them… I think around the start of Summer if memory serves me well, N3 has been added a few weeks ago and I believe N2 was going to be released relatively soon too.