文プロ(Bunpro) : Update 5/24 - New N1 Grammar - Japanese Grammar SRS Study Site

I had a similar issue on Firefox but I have several blockers installed (because auto-playing video ads must die!) and they do occasionally mess up innocent webpages so I figured it was just me. Would be willing to deactivate all that stuff temporarily if you need more FF testers.

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I think this should probably be correct, no?


The site looks great. One question (and I may well be doing it wrong but). Is there a quick key to check the boxes? I did this on a desktop computer (mac) and had to move to check each box. On a form for example I would usually be able to just use spacebar to check the box. Just a small point but would make it quicker for me to quickly check off boxes for grammar I already know and don’t need to learn. I’m guessing on a smartphone this would be less of an issue. Thanks and keep up the good work.

That one is a request for the casual form: がある if I remember correctly.

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It doesn’t mention anything about casual form in the question, though. If that’s actually what it wants then that’s okay, but it should specify that.


I added it to the resource thread under Online Textbooks, with links to both the site and this thread.

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Hello I’d like to try this out but I’ve got a small problem because the email with activation link seems to have been lost somewhere :thinking:. Could you add an option of re-sending the activation link ? I think that aside from me there will be others in the future, so it’s a nice thing to add :grin:.

Did you check the junk? I found mine there.


Yep, both junk and spam folder

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Hey! Been using it for about a day now. Loving it and I think it’s going to be really helpful. Gonna repeat what a couple people have said though and there needs to be some variety in review question sentences for a particular example. I’m starting to memorize the sentences instead of the grammar point.


My first years of learning English were spent on a private school. They would make us do tons of different exercises for grammar like filling the gaps of a text and multiple choices. Don’t get me wrong, the multiple choices didn’t have random answers. All the answers were well thought to make the students think. I miss something like that for Japanese. Not sure if such thing is available for Japanese, but I think it could be an idea to think for this website in the long term.


@Crea Thank you for checking us out! We hope that you enjoy your experience.

@Ulpio I hope that you find our site helpful! Let us know if there is anything that we can do to make it more so.

@gunzil and @riccyjay Favicon is here! @gunzil Thank you for pointing out that いい does not have any examples of conjugations. We will get right on it. Thank you for checking out the site!

@TheOneReesy Thank you stopping by. We hope to have N4 done very soon with N3~N1 not too far behind.

@VegasVed Thank you for your feedback! We agree that using the WK API to remove furigana that you already know will be helpful to a lot of people. We will see what we can do!

@daneavery Thank you for checking us out! We hope that you enjoy your experience.

@KatuGT Welcome! We hope that you find Bunpro a useful resource.

@leneux Thank you for giving us a try! We hope that you continue to enjoy your experience. As we develop the site further we hope to add more additional content including more example sentences. We will keep you posted. Thanks again! Cheers.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for this website. It looks like a lot of work has been put into this. Is the website staying free or are there plans to monetize this project? Just curious.

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@Ryouki Thank you for giving Bunpro a shot! We are working on getting some custom user options up and running under settings to have English toggled on/off by default as well as how to manage furigana. We will let you know when this option becomes available. Thank you for pointing out that there is no indication that the がある study question was looking for the casual form. That will be fixed immediately. With your continued support and feedback we create a better user experience. Thank you for your feedback!

@SpicyDragon and @savee13, @Visceral hit the nail on the head with their explanation. あなた, although not used extensively, does have a place in the Japanese language (referring to strangers by あなた can be considered rude so be careful). As @Visceral said it is used here as more of a placeholder and perhaps we should include that in our explanations. Japanese will typically address people by their names rather than using “you”. あなた is typically used by superiors (parents, bosses, older classmates, etc.) or by a wife to a husband to express “dear”. You will find あなた being used as “you” across multiple grammar resource websites and textbooks. Thank you all for your feedback!

@Houndstooth Thank you for joining us! We hope that you enjoy your experience. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better.


@Vanillakernel Thank you for taking the time to give us great feedback! You are completely right about the tutorial presenting a great deal of information all at once and how easy it is to miss some details. We have been experimenting with different tooltips (thank you for the link!) to see what works best and will hopefully have the site updated with a walkthrough for new users. We are also working hard on making mobile more intuitive. Both the “Please log in” bug and the English translation disappearing after entering an incorrect answer have been fixed. Let us know if you come across anymore bugs! Thanks again for giving us such invaluable feedback. Cheers!

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@ejtworek Thank you for trying us out! We have been playing around with a way to indicate where you currently are within a lesson. Hopefully we will have something up soon. To “complete” (add a grammar point to your review queue) click the “More” tab next to “Example Sentences”, and read through the provided material. Once you have a strong grasp of the material check both check boxes under “More”. This will automatically add the grammar point to your review queue where you can study it under “Reviews” or click the “Study” button at the end of a lesson. Once you have reviewed a grammar point you will receive a check on that grammar point under the JLPT and Lesson tiles on the Lesson page. Let us know if you have anymore questions or feedback! Cheers.

@Banichi Thank you for using Bunpro! We are working on getting the furigana on/off toggle button working. Will keep you posted.

@Anaxite Great suggestion! We will look into it. Cheers!

@Noelyuk Thank you for checking us out! We hope to have a plethora of keyboard shortcuts heading your way, including a quick check and other navigational tools. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your suggestion and feedback!

@Kumirei Thank you! We are planning on adding our own resource page on the site that puts all the grammar resources we use under one tab.

@Ericmrevis Thank you for checking out the site and for taking the time to provide us with feedback. We are working on implementing multiple study questions that will appear at random in your queue.

@jprspereira Thank you for continuing to contribute to the community and provide feedback! We had toyed with the idea of having a multiple choice option but we decided on manual input quizzes because that is the only way to truly test whether you fully understand the grammar point or not. With multiple choice, no matter how thought out and tricky you make the incorrect answers, there is still a chance that a person will guess the correct one without completely understanding why that answer was the correct one. As I mentioned to @Ericmrevis and @ShadowthePast we are working on implementing multiple study questions that will appear at random in your queue so that you can experience the grammar point in different contexts. Thank you again for using the site and for your feedback! Cheers.


@Nulltemp Thank you so much for trying us out! We haven’t discussed monetization in great detail. I think that it will all depend on how much traffic the site gets, how much demand there is for the site by users and how much it will cost to maintain the site/keep the site running under heavy traffic. For the time being we want to create a site that runs smoothly, a site that you will want to continue to use, and a site that your studies will benefit from. Thanks again! Cheers.

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found this while looking up ませんか
examples いっしょに文法ぶんぽう���勉���(べんきょう)しませんか。
Won’t you study grammar with me?

@Alert105 Good catch! Thank you for pointing this out to us. We hope that you are enjoying the site. Cheers!

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Congrats for the site. Looks awesome and just signed up.

Why don‘t you guys set up a Patreon page to support your site and your development? You should reall continue this. Exactly what the Japanese learning market was lacking.

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