文プロ(Bunpro) : (March 18, 2019 Update: New Grammar!) Japanese Grammar SRS Study Site


@RoseWagsBlue Actually I’m not much further into WK Vocab than you are and have Bunpro already fully integrated into my N5 studying :wink: In the settings you can add your WK API and as such Bunpro will hide furigana on the Vocab that you have already learned. At least in N5 so far there are not so complicated sentences that you couldn’t figure out what each word means :slight_smile:

Hidden because long, and besides, I’m shy.

You know, Rose, I wasn’t one of BunPro members who saw BunPro when it was first released in public, but I saw BunPro in around March 2018 or so, I googled about it and read lots of reviews including the one from Tofugu blog and watched few vlog reviews if any about BunPro I don’t really remember. But one thing for sure, I trust these people, I could feel that from the site look and User eXperience long ago and not to mention how patient OP replied to anyone. And now, I still can hardly believe how much BunPro has evolved from that old BunPro to current WOW BunPro.


In truth, I simply haven’t integrated the grammar into my study time yet. :slight_smile:
I have made it through most of the N5 stuff a couple of times, then reset. But this winter, I intend to get serious about it, because I am running into reading where I really need more grammar knowledge!


@Exanimus Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulty on Android. Are you using the Android app? If so, can you tell us which version you are using? If not, what browser are you using on your device. We hope that we can get this sorted out for you as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Cheers!

@gojarappe Thank you for your kind words and feedback! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience. Cheers!

@Mahi Thank you so much for your kind words! It is wonderful to hear that Bunpro helped you prepare for the JLPT. We are sure that you did great! Thank you also for letting others know about us. It really means a lot! We have had the ability to listen to the audio in reviews for quite some time, but it was not until recently that we got the remainder of N4 audio straightened out and uploaded to the site so that you could listen to it. We apologize for the delay! Did you know that you can set the audio to automatically play after you have entered a correct answer? Just go to your settings and turn Audio Autoplay on. Cheers!
P.S. - Really like your avatar!

@RoseWagsBlue Thank you for your kind words! We hope that we can continue to live up to your expectations. @Andulien Thank you for your reply! Cheers!

@Oshin :sob: Thank you so much! This really means so much to us. It is comments like yours that fill us with a great deal of joy and that drive us to be the best we can. Cheers!


App version 1.1


@pushindawood First of all. Please accept a !!HOMUNGOUS THANK YOU!! for coming up with an SRS grammar site/app.

On the ohter hand I have a couple questions:

1- What is the difference between the free version and the subscription version?

2- Does it have an SRS reminder system like wanikani? Or do I have to go to my reviews manually, anytime I feel like reviewing?

I just started using the site a day ago, so please forgive my ignorance about it.



They have a FAQ that answers this. https://community.bunpro.jp/t/bunpro-faq-frequently-asked-questions/876


@Otho01 Welcome! Thank you for your kind words and your inquiry!

The full version of the site is available to subscribers and includes:

  • All of Bunpro’s example sentences.
  • Bunpro’s manual-input SRS system to review those sentences.
  • Related Grammar
  • The ability to add your own notes and study questions.
  • All future updates and additions.

The free side of Bunpro is still an excellent grammar resource. You will still be able to view each grammar point’s meaning and structure, a limited number of example sentences and all of the reference links and textbook page numbers.

Each grammar point has a total of 12 SRS intervals (the amount of times you see a grammar point appear in your review queue) before a grammar point is considered “mastered” (“burned" on Wanikani). The SRS algorithm is 4hrs, 8hrs, 24hrs, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months for finished. This means that if your SRS is “3" and you get your answer correct, you will see a new sentence for that grammar point in two days time.

Want to learn more?

Bunpro greatly improves your ability to reproduce Japanese grammar by urging you to recall and type in each answer. With review questions that change as you progress and are written in a way that build upon previously studied grammar, you are presented with a new and unique context in every study session. This means that, as you advance with your studies, you get more and more exposure to the grammar that you have learned. Bunpro uses an intuitive spaced repetition system (SRS) that adjusts each review session to maximize the speed at which you learn. Bunpro even recognizes when your answer was close or similar to the correct answer and guides you in the right direction. By taking the opportunity to explain alternate answers rather than simply marking you incorrect, Bunpro helps you grasp subtle nuances and encourages you to keep learning.


Bunpro quizzes you in unique contexts with a SRS system that promotes the reproduction of Japanese grammar.

What’s in it for me?

・Grammar pages that explore multiple nuances, breakdowns, related grammar and supplemental resources to expand your grammar knowledge at your own pace .

・Example sentences that use previously studied grammar to further build upon the grammar that you have learned .

・Spaced repetition reviews that greatly improve your ability to reproduce what you have learned through manual input.

・Study questions that change as you progress to quiz you in new and unique contexts every time , so you no longer simply memorize sentences.

・Intelligent reviews that catch close or alternative answers to keep you motivated in your studies.

・Related grammar structures that allow you to compare and contrast similar grammar, nuances, and example sentences side-by-side so that you can finally understand the differences between similar grammar points .

・ Page numbers from a variety of textbooks so that you can follow along no matter your method of study .

So what?

When it comes to studying Japanese, there is an almost infinite amount of information out there. From grammar sites like Imabi and Tae Kim to great textbook resources like Genki Tobira, and Minna no Nihongo. However, there is no unified path to study. Every resource has its own grammar study order and often times you will find yourself studying N3 or N4 grammar before you are done with N5. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, you often end up finding a lack of continuity across multiple grammar resources.

With Bunpro, our aim is to give you a concise roadmap of what you need to learn here and now, consolidate multiple resources into one place, and reinforce what you learn as you progress to get the most out of your Japanese studies.

文プロ (Bunpro) is a play on words combining 文法 (ぶんぽう), which is Japanese for “grammar”, and プロ , meaning “pro” or “professional”.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Cheers!


Update! - December 13, 2018

Introducing Paths

Now you can study what you learn in your textbook right alongside Bunpro, page by page, chapter by chapter, grammar point by grammar point.

Click the star to the right of the screen to make a textbook your primary study resource. The textbook that you add will replace the current Study button so that you are always just a click away from your favorite resource!

Add an entire chapter or choose individual grammar points from each chapter to study and add to your reviews.

Right now we have the second editions of Genki I and II, the second edition of みんなの日本語 I, and Tobira available. We hope to have more textbooks added in the coming weeks/months, so if you don’t see your textbook on the list yet, don’t fret! :smile: We would love to hear what you think about Paths!

Search Update

Search now returns both Japanese and English to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you for your continued support, kind words and feedback. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! Cheers!


You guys…

You’ve come a long way, haven’t you? :’)


Dude, you’re killing it! :smiley:


Edit: FIXED Looks like there is a bug with the Study Full Chapter button and clicking on the individual grammar tiles to see more information about the grammar. We are working on a fix and you can still use the Select for Study feature to add the grammar points to your reviews. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience! Cheers!

@jprspereira and @Otho01 Thank you both so much! You guys rule. Cheers!


完全マスターお願いします! :blush:
(Specifically N4 and N3 books are what I care about.)




@jprspereira When are we going to get our hands on your textbook?



Calm down JP.

It’s coming. I have other stuff to focus on first, but it’s a serious project :sunglasses: I just wanna do it right :grin::v:


Great update. みんなの日本語II would be really useful for me right now, until then, filling in the gaps between what I’ve tested so far and the contents of book 1 is really useful.




I like the search update! Maybe you can even make a bit better use of the available space?



This is gold :durtle_noice: :durtle_love: