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It’s a little hard to say. If I were designing it strictly for myself and noone else, since I’m using it for review and not to learn new grammar, I would literally put [using なきゃ] or [using なければ], but that’s because I already know it. Obviously the experience would be a little different for someone learning new grammar points using the application. So practically speaking, I think the system is fine as it is, but it would be nice if it were a little bit better about catching some of the other forms using the thing where it doesn’t mark it wrong, but rather pops up with one of those messages that says “Is there another way you could say this?”


will this site ever feature a lifetime?


But it does, doesn’t it? :thinking:


My bad I was wrong somehow missed this… thanks :smile:


I have the same issue with the android app, so you’re not alone there.


Yes, the app seems to be very buggy. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon.


Ha, maybe we’re onto something here. Here’s what I just did:

  • I ran a cram session for N4 troubled grammar.
  • After 30 reviews, I hit the wrap-up button. [BTW it would be awesome if I could pre-define a session size ;-)]
  • I got 23 of 30 correct. On the last review page, I got a score of 77% (which roughly equates 23/30 including rounding), so all is well so far
  • Then I moved on to the summary page, which showed me a score of 21 / 28 and a percentage of 75 % - so two of my reviews were silently swallowed ?!
  • I had not done a cram session in ages, so the chance of interferences from previous sessions seems highly unlikely.
  • Interestingly, on my overall cram stats page, the total session count seems to be correct (if I recall the previous count correctly, that is).

Any ideas?


I have a few questions.

  1. I’ve reviewed いい 4 times (streak is 4 so I assume it means four times) and I have never gotten any of the sentences except the ones with non-past positive. Meaning I have not been tested on any of the conjugations. Meaning I haven’t actually been tested on the important bits (I feel) of いい. How is the sentence for review picked? By random? Or by Order?

  2. If by order, why are there 9 sentences with いい and only one sentence of each of the other conjugations? And it isn’t until sentence 7 that any of the conjugations shows up, which means that I could think I know いい pretty well, before I even hit one conjugation. If it is by random, are there any mechanisms in place to make sure every conjugation will show up relatively early and regularly? For both, why is there only one sentence of each conjugation except the regular one that has 9?

  3. Is there any way to practice only one lesson/part of a lesson (say いい) repeatedly, like cramming but for only one grammar point? If there already is, I couldn’t figure out what since cramming didn’t let me pick anything that specific (as far as I could see).

  4. Why is each grammar point only studied once even though it might have many different conjugations? I can see how it might get to be a lot of reviews if you have five different grammar points with four conjugations each to get 20 reviews for only five grammar points, but at the same time. How can I feel confident that I get enough exposure with the SRS to each conjugation or how it is conjugated?

I’m asking these questions despite the fact that I’m only done with N5 lesson 1 and a bit (or gone through 9 grammar points), because I hope to use Bunpro as my main grammar study/practice platform outside actual writing and such, but if I don’t see each conjugation enough I don’t see how I could. I’d love for Bunpro to be my main grammar practice with other things being secondary, but if it won’t practice each conjugation enough, I don’t see how I could do that, and it would make me sad. :frowning:

If I missed something, I’d be happy. Because as I understand it further lessons will just have more conjugations that I will want to make sure I learn all of.


I think I found something extra :stuck_out_tongue: (in the Self Study section of an item):



@sloa123 Thank you for your response! We will do our best to catch as many alternative answers as we can. Thank you for your patience as we get these sorted out. Cheers!

@LS2005 and @greasyButter Thank you both for your feedback. The issues with the Android app have been reported to the developer and we hope to have a more functional app for you soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Cheers!

@NicoleRauch Thank you for your feedback! It looks like your cram session was still being processed when you clicked on the link to the Summary page and therefore did not display all of the items that you reviewed. We are working on a fix that will not show the summary page until all of your reviews (cram or otherwise) have been processed. Thank you for your input! Cheers!

@MissDagger Thank you for our questions! We decided to include いい very early in the lesson order so that you could start reading and reviewing very basic, but meaningful sentences that were not simply “this is a pen”-type phrases. Since we included いい before learning negative, present-continuous, and past conjugations, we did not include any conjugations at first and only added the additional conjugations recently. We intend on adding additional reviews just for conjugation practice as well as reviews called “fundamental reviews” that will focus solely on the grammar point and all of its functions, alternatives and nuances. These reviews will require that you enter multiple forms/conjugations to get credit for the review. Stay tuned!

Right now we do not have the ability to cram specific items within JLPT levels, but it is something that we can look into adding in the future. Thank you again for all of your feedback. Cheers!

@jprspereira We knew we left him somewhere! He has been returned to his proper place. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers!

Number of replies alowed

When I hover my mouse to BunPro logo on https://www.bunpro.jp/users/dont-click-my-username-profile the logo will change to blue and I expect that’s the normal BunPro behaviour. But when I hover my mouse to BunPro logo after my review session, from my review summary, instead of being changed to blue, the logo was gone.

I can’t give you screenshot because I’m at BunPro home already and I can’t just go to my review because it’s 0 review right now.

And also, when I’m on https://community.bunpro.jp, if I click Home, it didn’t go to my BunPro home, but it went to BunPro login. It’s annoying because I’ve logged in at BunPro already for more than 5 times a day. Can’t I just go to my BunPro home, instead of going to Login page?


All this sounds great! I can’t wait. Any kind of time estimate for when these features will show up? Even if just “spring 2019” or something vague like that (if you don’t have more specific).


@Oshin Thank you for your feedback! We have fix ready for the next update. We will also have a slightly redesigned profile page that we will link to the Bunpro community forums as the new Home. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Cheers!

@MissDagger We are hoping to make these features available to everyone early next year. Stay tuned! Cheers!


Hey, guys! I bumped into this term “小麦粉”, which would mean “wheat flour” and not just “flour” in Wanikani but don’t know where to find the responsible to fix it. What do you think? And where could I find the guy?


You mean you found a review sentence in Bunpro that you would like to get fixed? If you encounter it during a review: As soon as you have entered the answer, there will be a link at the bottom right that says “Submit Error” (or the like). That is the fastest way.
Also, if you look at the sentences on the grammar point’s examples page, I think each of them has such a link as well. If all else fails, there is a “Contact” link in various locations which links to here: https://bunpro.jp/contact

If you like you can as well post more details here or in Bunpro’s Community Forum. The responsible people are reading both :slight_smile:


This sounds awesome, very much looking forward to this. :ok_hand:


Maybe you could add “Gated Reviews” to grammar points like いい?

As in, negative-form reviews for いい become available if you either A) have unlocked the “negative form” point and have cleared it to a certain low-tier SRS level, or B) have added… let’s say 20+ grammar points that are beyond the “negative” point, in case it was deemed it “too easy” to be worth reviewing and was intentionally skipped. いい → よくない is not at all intuitive, but very important to understand!

This might be a lot of effort to go though and hammer kinks out of, but I think “gated reviews” might be super useful to apply elsewhere if you establish it once :slight_smile:

Edit #1:
I thought about this while thinking about how many “gated reviews” should be added to a single point.

Adding an additional 12 sentences seems excessive, so maybe you’d want to slightly weight a few gated reviews instead, since they may not have been in the mix from the beginning. In fact, maybe the strength of the weighting should depend on how far into SRS the grammar point is when the gated reviews are unlocked; zero weighting if they’re available to the user from the get-go.

What is the current algorithm for selecting review sentences though? Is it entirely random? If so, I believe it would be better to prevent previously-seen review sentences from resurfacing until the user has seen all of them. After all 12 have been seen, shuffle the oldest 6 to become the next 6 to review, and shuffle the most recent 6 into the very back of the queue.

Edit #2:
In fact, if a grammar point’s reviews are selected such that you never get repeats until you’ve seen all 12, gated reviews may not need any weighting at all in most cases :slight_smile:

If someone has already seen all “standard reviews” when the “gated reviews” are added though, you may have to reshuffle that grammar point’s reviews, otherwise the new ~3-5 gated reviews will probably all surface back-to-back with each other… would be better to intersperse them, but still make sure they get seen before the user “completes” the grammar point.


Regrettably have grammar as a weak point going into the N2 exam tomorrow… Even Bunpro can’t save me now.


For those taking the JLPT today,

Relax! You’ve got this!

Good luck! がんばってください!


I just did my reviews, and one of them opened like this:

How did that happen?

(My point is, in case it is not obvious: the review opened with the correct answer pre-filled…)