文プロ(Bunpro) : (March 18, 2019 Update: New Grammar!) Japanese Grammar SRS Study Site


Another one to look out for! Thank you so much!


@chofas We apologize for the delayed response and for the trouble that you are experiencing with the Android app. We will talk with the developer and see if we cannot get these issues straightened out. We believe that the problem may have to do with the api being slow and plan to have a new version up and running that will speed things up and hopefully improve functionality and performance. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Update! - November 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are thankful for all of your kind words, support and feedback. We hope that we can continue to live up to your expectations!

New N2!

N2 Lesson 10 is now available! While we still have some sentences to add and there will inevitably be some grammar points that we will include in the future, the core of JLPT N2 is finally here! With just over a week until the December JLPT, we realize that this does not give you ample time to study all of the newly added grammar points, but we hope that you can brush up on some points that you might be having trouble with and maybe even get a few cram sessions in.

N2 Lesson 1 now has 12 sentences and 12 review questions!

Happy studying and good luck to everyone taking the December JLPT! Cheers


You know that I dreamt of last night? :bridge_at_night:

Bunpro added the pages for the 新完全マスター series :eyes:

This totally didn’t happen, but I’m not bothered. If it becomes reality though, it will be so much better than dreaming about it.


@jprspereira Dreams do come true, you know. :durtle_vin:


@pushindawood - I just noticed that you now have a sliding line across the page as you do your reviews, showing progress through the batch. Just as WK does. There must be a technical term for this but I have no idea what it is! Anyway, can I just say thank you for adding it (I assume it is new, or had I just not seen it before?) - it is a really useful feature!


@marcusp We were just going with “Review Progress Bar”. However, I am sure that there is a better term for it. Anyway, we are glad that you like it! We recently decided to implement it and see what kind of response we got. Thank you for letting us know what you think. Cheers!


Just curious, is there a methodology on how the Bunpro team chooses to order the grammar items inside of a JLPT level?


I keep wanting to try this site, but I can’t seem to work it into my routine as easily as WK


That’s why I only do one at a time. I’d stop adding anything on Wanikani for a month or two. During then I focus on learning all the grammar points in a JLPT section. Then it’s just doing the few reviews on bunpro while you shift your focus to Wanikani again


That’s an interesting idea and I might try it! Thanks


@jprspereira Thank you for your inquiry. First we compiled a list of grammar points from various resources and compared notes on what JLPT level each item should fall under. Once we had our lists, we kind of took a page from WaniKani and ordered the grammar points by how likely you would come across them in the wild over how difficult they were. Once we had a good idea of where the grammar points would appear (toward the beginning of a JLPT level, in the middle, or toward the end), we set about putting them in an order where we could best build each grammar point off of one another. We did this by including material that you had already learned in sentences that appear in each subsequent lesson. Let us know if you would like to know more. Cheers!

@durtle Thank you for your insight and replying to @paulinjapan! @paulinjapan Thanks for stopping by! Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help you get started. Cheers!


Oh, you really do this on purpose! I always thought that maybe it’s an accident…

TBH this approach strongly contradicts Bunpro’s other approach of “learn anything in whichever order” (which I am following) because when you decide to include previous grammar points in the answer of a subsequent grammar point then I cannot really learn the latter one before the former one… What do you think?


While that is true when you are New to the Japanese grammar. There are many people using bunpro that have already previous grammar experience. So they might want to skip part of it as they already know, or use it in company with one of their books or other resources they use to learn with. That way it can be used as a learning path or as an aid :smiley:
At least that what I think :wink:


I love what BunPro has become. I even noticed the detail of the ‘gude’ on the lessons page - well done.

There are a couple of things remaining that I found confusing at first (although I have them figured out now).

It seems like the semantic grouping of the top menu is… kind of whacky. It’s a mix of actions you do (I would call those pages ‘learn’, ‘review’, ‘cram’) and resources you can look at (‘lessons’, ‘grammar’). It wasn’t intuitively obvious to me, the brand new person, what i wanted to click. I think I would change the order to ‘home’, ‘learn’, ‘review’, ‘cram’, ‘resources’. Then I’d move ‘grammar’ and ‘lessons’ under resources, also add a bibliography page that just linked all the references in the lessons in one page (Imabi, etc.), and put the stats thing in here.

Speaking of the stats page, ugh. I have a lot of wishes for that, but it’s probably low priority and probably should be. :slight_smile:

Great site, thanks for working so hard on it. It shows.

Edit: Like, for instance, BunPro said I was at 80-something percent accuracy. I’m not sure what that means - I think it’s 80-something percent of the grammar points are in “got correct last time” status, not that I’ve passed 80-something percent of the times I’ve been asked. In any case, I just did a review session that I got 100% on, and somehow after that my accuracy went down to 79.29%. There’s something screwy with that number.

Edit again: I just did another 100%-correct review session and now I’m 71.67% correct.


@NicoleRauch If you want to get the most out of Bunpro in both retention and language exposure, then starting from the first grammar point in Lessons/Study and moving up in sequential order is the most effective approach. However, as @Andulien mentioned, there are quite a few people who prefer to pick and choose exactly what they want to study or simply wish to use Bunpro in tandem with the resource of their choice. From the very beginning we wanted to make all of our available content accessible to everyone. Cheers!

@ctmf Thank you for your kind words and feedback! We agree that a few things could be worded more clearly and/or reordered. We will see what we can do to make the site more intuitive.

The percentage shown in stats for each N level corresponds to your total accuracy since we started taking data for stats (April, 24). We are not able to reproduce the issue with stats showing incorrect percentages. Is it possible that you did a partial review session at some point in the past day or two where you missed a review but never “finished” it with wrap up or going through to the end, checked your stats, then started a new session? In the new session you might have reviewed the previously missed grammar, got it correct, and thought that meant 100% for the session, but because it was missed previously, it was marked wrong and caused your percent to go down. Let us know if this may not be the case. Cheers!


Hey, I just wanted to thank you for putting this together. This is the single best application I’ve seen for studying Japanese grammar, and I can’t imagine that amount of work all of this must have taken.

That being said, I did have one small pain point with this, and that was with the various ways of saying “must [do]”. There are many ways to create this grammatical structure (なくては, なきゃ, なければ, ないと), but when you are doing reviews, it can be very difficult to differentiate which one the application is asking for. I think adding a bit more clarity would be excellent.

Regardless, love your work. Keep it up :slight_smile:


No, it’s this one on the page I see after I finish a review sesson.

  • It can’t be all reviews, ever, because I’ve missed some in my lifetime, so 100.0% is no longer possible for that.
  • It doesn’t seem to be related to how I just did in the session (although in this case I did get 100%)
  • It was 100% of one review, so I don’t know what those grammar point boxes are supposed to represent.

This is the number that was going down earlier while I was getting 100% review sessions. I’m just confused about what this whole page is trying to tell me.


@sloa123 Thank you for your feedback and kind words! When dealing with grammar points that share very similar meanings, it can be difficult to give you enough information to point you in the right direction without giving away the whole answer.

For these words in particular we have tried our best to include enough information in the little orange hints that you see above the input field (these often correspond with the orange text that appears in the Meaning section) to lead you to the correct answer. For example, when Bunpro is looking for なきゃ or なくちゃ, the orange hint will display [casual colloquial] [ない + いく]. This means that it is asking you to conjugate the verb to the negative and add the appropriate conjugation for いく at the end so that the sentence is grammatically correct (する→しなくちゃいけない or しなきゃいけない would be your answer(s)).

If you see [て + なる] displayed under the sentence then you know that you need to conjugate to the て-form and conjugate なる to make the sentence grammatically correct (する→しなくてならない or しなくてなりません or しなくてならないです). We try to catch answers that are similar (e.g. しなくてはいけない) and, instead of marking you incorrect, try to redirect you so that you can figure out the correct answer.

We are constantly trying to improve your experience with Bunpro, so if you have any ideas on how we can make it more clear on what Bunpro is asking for, we would love to hear them! Cheers!

@ctmf We apologize for the confusion! We thought that you were referring to the stats that appear in your Stats page. The page that you have displayed is your Summary page. This page displays the percentage of items that you got correct in the last 24 hours. This page is similar to WaniKani’s summary page. Again, just to make sure, there was no way that you might have missed a grammar point in a previous review session, that you got correct in a more recent review session that might be causing the dip in percentage? Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


I always wonder why you use this hint for なきゃ and なくちゃ, because I learned that these are colloquial shortcuts for なければ, so I would find it much more natural to use the hint [casual colloquial] [ば + いく] which is similar to the one you use when you want the long form なければいけません.