文プロ(Bunpro) : (March 18, 2019 Update: New Grammar!) Japanese Grammar SRS Study Site


Study is the planned studying, It will do whatever the next 3 lessons are. Lessons is just kind of the index page. You can freely browse every level and every lesson and manually add/remove/mark as “known” any lesson you want, say if there’s things you already know or want a refresher on


@athomasm Welcome! Adding to what @Jinxyface said, the Study feature was put in place for those who prefer to have more structure with a set number of lessons to follow. However, we originally created Bunpro for those self-studiers out there who prefer to choose when, what, and how much to study so that is why we have the Lessons page.

The Study page batches a number of grammar points together, so that you can go through all of them at once and be quizzed at the end. The batch and JLPT level can be set in settings and the quiz at the end automatically adds those grammar points to your review queue. Right now you can study an unlimited number of batches, but we recommend that you take your time and familiarize yourself with the content and really feel comfortable before moving on. The Readings that you click on in Study will automatically be ticked in Lessons (so that you can keep track of what you have read).

On the Lessons page, each grammar point has information on your SRS progress, as well as a fourth option to add your own sentences (Self Study) to show up along Bunpro reviews in your queue.

@Jinxyface thank you for your excellent explanations!

We hope that this answers your questions! Cheers!


Thanks @Jinxyface and @pushindawood. That helps a lot.


I see other avdvantage in using Study: sometimes some reviews include stuff from two gramatical points and if you have follow the Study order, you will have both already studied when this happens.

Update - October 18, 2018

N3 Related Grammar

N3 is now populated with over 600 related grammar points so that you can compare and contrast similar grammar structures, nuances, and example sentences side-by-side, all in the same window.


So… How’s the Anki mode thing going? :stuck_out_tongue:


@nandeyanen Thank you for your comment! While experimenting with different methods for reviewing on Bunpro is something that we want to do in the future, our primary goal is getting as much quality content to everyone as soon as possible. Right now this means getting as much N2 complete as we can for people taking the December JLPT, while also polishing and expanding upon earlier levels so everyone can get as much out of their studies as possible. We hope to have something available for you before too long. Thank you for your patience! Cheers!


Will we ever be able to change the grouping of lessons to match a textbook? I’m going through Tobira as my primary resource but it’s really hard to seek out the Tobira grammar points by chapter to add them. (And it would be nice if there were an option to lock off new lessons until you’ve sufficiently mastered the current ones, like Wanikani. I really appreciate that about Wanikani, as it prevents me from feeling overwhelmed and gives a sense of progression when you can move on.)


Hey, I’m also using Tobira concurrently with BP. (In fact, I only have one more chapter left!)

I’m not sure what you mean by it being hard to seek it out. There’s a grammar list at the back of the book that has every grammar point. You can just search them individually on BP.

For me, I just printed the list out and figured out which grammar points were also on BP and highlighted them accordingly before even starting. Then my routine would be that I would go through the chapter in Tobira and take notes. Then whatever grammar point was also on BP I would do the lessons for. After that I would do the grammar exercises.


@Alphonse Here are pictures of my list if helps. They’re slightly outdated because it was before they added the rest of the N2 grammar though. But it should help with the earlier lessons.

Pink: On BP (Green means its in the N2 section)
Yellow: On BP (These were grammar points I had already done the lessons for)
Orange: Not on BP (at least before the N2 update.)


No, the other way around! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I already have a list of all the grammar by chapter. I meant it’s hard to find the grammar points for a given Tobira chapter when looking on Bunpro because Bunpro grammar is all divided up into ten sections and not always phrased the same as Tobira. I just thought it would be nice if there were a button to do all grammar points from Genki I chapter 5 at once, or Tobira chapter 3, etc. I know there are a bunch of textbooks but I figured this is something that could be crowdsourced. I wouldn’t mind helping with something like that, for instance, if it meant no one else would have to do all the searching for every. single. grammar point.

And slightly off topic, but having gone through all of Wanikani and finishing Tobira, how do you feel your reading ability is now? I’m doing the core 10k by Wanikani level at the same time and I’m wondering if all this vocabulary and finishing Tobira will be sufficient to make reading easy enough that I won’t have to look up, say, 50 words per page of a novel.


I use So-Matome and I search the grammar point and add it to my review in BunPro. This is probably easiest with the ios app to add individual grammar points. Also, I read through all the BP example sentences before adding it in. It’s probably good practice for everyone to do this rather than a single button download.

You are right, there are so many textbooks with various editions out there that someone will be left out. There are so many other requests and areas to develop. I get alot of crashes on the ios app and there many example sentences with missing audio. To my knowledge, even basics like adding synonyms or accepting misspellings has yet to be scripted or developed (I would be happy to pay extra for these items). Plus they have a whole N1 section yet to write. I support this site 100% and I think they will get there eventually. However I always have a giant review pile that I never have the time to knock down daily and the user experience on progress is not obvious.


Seems amazing! Once I finish WK, I’ll definitely buy that Lifetime on Bunpro! Excited to get some grammar done :sweat_smile::joy:


Have you not really done any grammar?


I do, don’t worry. I even went to classes to language school. But I think that my knowledge of kanji and vocabulary doesn’t equal to my grammar. I know the basics till N3, but I’d like to know beyond that, :blush:


Hi everyone,

Usually I never write any comments, but I have to make an exception for Bunpro!
I have been using this website for months and the speed of development is INSANE!
Never have I seen been made good on a promise to come with this many updates, but Bunpro does!
Started out when there were only N5 and N4 available and since then countless content and quality of life changes have been released.

Furthermore, this is my MAIN source of grammar learning and it’s working extremely well.

So, invest in this website and do yourself a favour!

That’s all,

Thank you Bunpro!


If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for fun to practice Japanese?
Just seeing if you wanted to join the book club. :eyes:


I am in the book club! :sweat_smile: The beginner one, though. Reading the Natsume chapter 2 right now! :grin: But if you recommend other one, I’d like to join!
And I do like to read manga, while I was in Japan for 2 weeks I bought A LOT of it. So I read that or I just write e-mails with my Japanese friend. I can practice my writing there, but I still feel it’s kinda shaky. Or I use https://www.japanese.io - I can find a lot of articles there and just read it, it’s easy to use and it saves all your vocab. :hugs:


We’re reading 時をかける少女 next. I didn’t see you on the member list which is why I mentioned it!


Okay, I haven’t signed up for that one, but I am now! :grin: