文プロ(Bunpro): Major Update - Grammar/Vocab Page 3.0 - Oct 17th - Japanese SRS Study Site

Well, you can flip the order of the phrases, but I put the reason in the non-から phrase… Because sometimes I’m a dope. XD


Thank you so much for your feedback! These kind of comments help us make a better user experience for everyone, so hammer away! We are using Ruby on Rails. We will see if we can’t make the swiping a little more natural and not as sensitive. Thanks again!


Thank you so much! Let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience. We hope you enjoy it.


Thank you so much. We look forward to any and all feedback and your continued support! We will see how much demand there actually is for the site and factor in how much it will take to maintain it before we go down that road. Thank you for expressing your interest in supporting us. It really means a lot.


The way the page is displayed is tied to what grammar points the user has studied and would throw an error if there was no user. As the site is still in development, we implemented it that way as a workaround rather than code for all instances. Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to check out the site. We will look into adding something to indicate there is more to view on the page and make the feedback tab more easily accessible. Cheers!


This looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to try it!!!


This is a great tool, and if you are able to get N4 up in the next few weeks, I’ll be using it daily.

The platform is great, features are surprisingly robust, but there are some user expectations that are unclear without reading through the instructions, which most people don’t usually do unless they are presented inline with lessons. I recommend taking some time to think through the FTUE (first time user experience) and smooth out the presentation of information using tooltips or a tutorial or something.

Secondly, the mobile experience is a little twitchy and not helped by non-flat design choices. WaniKani is a good example of flat design ( its aesthetics are a big reason why I love it), with components living on planes and translucency no where to be found. This is not simply aesthetic, it is practical. For smaller screens and higher detail, we need simpler layouts and color schemes. I would like to see less layers and fewer gradients, but that’s just my preference.

Finally, I’m not sold on showing all the lessons for each level. I think it can be argued that someone may want to come in and look at something before they have studied it, but that can be resolved in ways similar to which WaniKani solves it, allowing for views of previous and future vocab, radicals, and kanji. Not that I think you should copy EVERYTHING they do.

However, I want to emphasize that you are building something that, if it fulfills its promise, will be both invaluable and worth paying for; a nice irony.

Keep up the good work.


Working fine in Firefox but had issues with IE11 and Edge.

Looking good so far! :slight_smile:


I’ve signed up. I don’t think I have anything else to add that hasn’t already been said here.

I love it anyway and I could definitely spend as much time on bunpro as I do here. Especially once the mobile side has been smoothed out. I had the same trouble swiping too. (Android, Firefox)

The left and right arrows in the lesson were kinda confusing for me. I kept clicking them expecting to move from the meaning tab to the example tab instead of the next lesson. Even now, I have to resist the temptation to click the arrows when I should click the word ‘meaning’, ‘examples’ or ‘more’.


Thank you for taking the time to give us some detailed feedback.

We hope to have N4 up by the end of this week and we will keep you updated as we continue to make changes to the site.

Do you feel that the tutorial provided at the bottom of the landing page or at the bottom of this post was insufficient enough to get a first time user familiar with the site? How can we improve it?

We are working on ironing out all the kinks on mobile. This is the first time we have designed a website, so we will do the best we can. We were greatly inspired by what WK has done aesthetically and we tried to pay homage to it without going too overboard. We have been toying with a number of color schemes and the current design will most likely not be the one we end up going with.

We believe that a different approach was needed for grammar (compared to Kanji, vocab, radicals). We like to think of grammar points as puzzle pieces, so having them all laid out for people to pick and choose what to study and combine it with the Kanji/vocab that they were already learning was the path we chose. After adding a grammar point to your review queue it becomes highlighted under lessons so that you have a visual cue of what you have studied and what still needs to be studied. However, there is always room for improvement on how grammar is presented. We appreciate and truly consider any and all suggestions that you have for us.

Thank you so much! Cheers.


We will look into it. Thank you for your feedback and checking out the site!


Thank you for your feedback. We are working on making it a more enjoyable experience for you!


I’m still planning on signing up… Probably Sunday afternoon. : D

I love testing… So expect more feedback from me.


literally marry me. No seriously, I hope you have a great life, because you have saved me about 2 years’ worth of studying because of me being unable to study on my own as well as keep up with school. I love you so much

gives virtual hug


virtual hugs back

We are glad to help! Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.


I have yet to look at it, but reading the comments, it sounds good. I already passed the N3 but I would have failed because of grammar if the kanji hadn’t rescued me XD So it’s my weak point. :3


I have signed up. Since N4 is not online yet I may as well start from the ground up and finish all N5 before you get the rest ready. So far looks pretty decent, usually I do not really read the instructions but they were not many and very easy to read for me.

Was just looking at つもりだ examples and was wondering why i have to scroll down to see all the examples as there is a lot of room on bottom doing nothing this would be a bigger problem for me personally if i continue. ps im using a computer so people using phones might be more irked





Ok. Feedback time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the app. I will probably do most of the grammar this weekend. But here are some things that would spruce things up.

These are arranged in the most annoying (to me) to the least annoying issues, thus far.

(I tested on my PC-1080p (Chrome) OnePlus3 Phone-5.5" (Android 7.1.2) Pixel C Tablet-10" (Android 8.0))

  1. Swipe Gestures

Many times I was trying to scroll up and down and accidentally moved to the next grammar point. I don’t see a lot of use being able to switch between grammar points in general. If there had to be a swipe feature I think it may be better utilized to move between Meaning, Example, and More. I don’t think anyone would mind at all going back to the lesson page

  1. Scroll Boxes

When the text overflows the box you have to scroll in it to see more info. Since you have to scroll anyways on the smart phone because it always goes farther than the screen it makes less sense to me to cram it into a small 400px tall view than me being able to read the full information on my whole screen.

  1. Lessons Page

This renders great on my pc. On my phone it’s a little bulky, but usable:


On my tablet it does not arrange correctly:

Tablet 1

Tablet 2

  1. English Button

This is a nifty feature. It seems to be required to be turned on every time you start a review set. Perhaps set an option to make it stay turned on or off in settings.

  1. Profile Page

Feels like an odd place to put in the account section under a dropdown menu to see what your stats are. Perhaps make the 文プロ link in the top left redirect to there when you log in. I have no need to go to the home page and see how it works once I’ve signed up.

  1. Grammar > Search

This does not seem to be set up yet. But when I try to load it and I hit a 404 page it makes the dropdown menus “Grammar” and “Account” unable to load. Even clicking on the other links does not fix this. This may be do to how things are being loaded on the web page. A page refresh via the browser is required to make them work again.

  1. Final Thoughts

I will continue to test this and give you guys feedback. There’s a couple other things that I might change but those are mainly just me being picky. I’ll be patient and see how things develop.

Thank you very much for this awesome solution and let me know if you have any questions.