年中 and 近々and ぢ

This has been in my head for awhile but I only just got 年中 to come back up. It’s just that in the explanation it says no one ever uses ぢ but you definitely do use it in 近々. Kind of a minor thing but just stuck in my craw for a bit.

They’re talking about in this word, not in the whole language. The origin is ねんぢゅう, but spelling reform resulted in changing ぢ to じ in many cases.


Oh alright, well thanks very much.

I mean, I guess they could make the wording clearer, but they have a handful of words with ぢ in them, so I think they just didn’t imagine someone reading it with a different interpretation than they intended.

You could email them about it and see what they say. They don’t typically monitor this forum for suggestions and corrections (though if something did need to get hashed out, generally, it’s still worth discussing here). The email is hello@wanikani.com

Will do, thanks!

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