少女終末旅行: Chapter 8 Discussion [end of volume 1]

So I actually don’t know whether your translation is correct, but there is nothing that would make me think that it’s not :wink:

Also, looking at your translation and the one in the book, and knowing that the book translations are often quite loose, I’d say they share the exact same sentiment. So all is well, don’t you think?


Ah, err, sorry I think I missed your post.
I don’t remember the context exactly (and sold back the book already :sweat_smile:) but I think that when the guy wants to die because his map fell. So 行く in this context would be to die (I.e. go to the other world or some such) but except for that, yeah, I agree with your translation. (Note that I’m not sure about my own reading here)
Note that 訳 means reason.
So You’re gonna kill yourself for that reason?


Since it seems nobody is so sure about their reading, I will post my guess too:
I simply took it as わけにはいかない
But instead of simply stating it (there‘s no way I could let that happen / let you go), she puts it in a question, which for me keeps the meaning, just has a sort of rhetoric question tone: „Are you really thinking I would simply let that happen?!“ / „How could I ever let you go?!
And that’s how you get to „you’ve got to be kidding me!“
(if i remember correctly he says before that they should just let him go, so it fits context wise).


this one was solved, but thank you for the explanation.

…take a look at post 30…Nicole seemed to think that I was correct in the translation and the English version has some liberty taken?

— I’m beat…bed time…I’ll try to get to more of this tomorrow night if I can.

Well, actually your translation doesn’t really match the meaning of わけ, so if you’re happy with it’s fine, but I just thought I’d add to the conversation.
I actually think @Myria’s reading is correct though.


Yep, わけ is rarely translated literally (in my experience) and is mostly part of some grammatical construction, so I would hesitate simply reading it as „conclusion“.


I said that I could not find anything that speaks against it :wink:
I was kinda aware of the special meaning that わけ often has but I could not find an appropriate dictionary entry. But Myria’s explanation is very very plausible, and I probably shouldn’t have posted about it in the first place :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone…

Last night I was mostly dead but not all dead…so I just couldn’t press onwards…and tonight I’m just half dead…so I can somewhat think and figure this out…

This answered the question…found it on bunpro item 266…wonderful N3 grammar that I hadn’t seen so of course I go to parse it and ichimoe didn’t clue me in either…(and it usually does!)


In any case…that would read for me…

そんな That sort of thing
わけにはいかない Cannot have

and thus … We can’t have that or ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’.

Thanks everyone for helping me understand. I guess it’s good that I keep looking at the English…it’s a big clue when I’m way off :blush:


Well, that’s because it‘s not really a standard version of わけにはいかない, otherwise you would have probably found an explanation by googling.


Finally Finished Chap 8 just now!!! Woo hoo! First ever Japanese book read cover to cover! Thanks for all the help everyone!


Cool! That’s a pretty awesome feeling. :heart:

Yeah…now I’m torn…do I try to read the next book for this club or go into Vol 2 of this series…both feel hard … I have them both and if I was better at this or a high level like some of you WK folks…I’d just do both at the same time! But there’s no way I can do that and keep up with everything else.


I had the same thoughts.
I’ve decided to continue on with the club for now, and then either nominate vol 2 for a future book to cover or wait till a book I don’t really care to read, and read vol 2 instead (and possible start a ‘spin off’ thread for others).

I also had the next bookclub book purchased anyway (it’s interesting so far).

I guess that’s the issue when starting a book that’s part of a series. I’m also reading the Intermediate book club’s title and I want more of that too.


I was reading all the other chapters along with the club, and then other things got in the way, and I only got to reading the final chapter a week ago. I really loved the post-apocalyptic feel of the manga, however, reading this was hugely difficult for me. Beyond my level, I feel. I had to use the vocab spreadsheet all the time, and the one chapter which I read before it was filled in, I had to look up words all the time (especially difficult as no furigana). I think the grammar was quite beyond me as well, and their casual way of speaking was interesting, but maybe made it harder for me to parse. I think I basically read through and got the gist of things, rather than trying to really understand the meaning of each sentence. So now I’m unsure whether to get Vol.2 in Japanese and try and follow along with the bookclub again, or give in and get an English version or watch the anime. Or perhaps I should re-read Vol.1 and go back and ask more questions on things I’m not sure about before pressing on to Vol.2.


That sounds like a pretty good idea, actually. Re-reading stuff helps you notice what you really had trouble with and consolidate what you got, but was still shaky. Plus, it’s a great feeling to notice how much easier it got/how much you have progressed.


I finally finished volume 1. I realized I was never going to make time to read it at home, so I ended up bringing it to work and reading it during lunch.

The volume was a bit too slow for my taste, but it wasn’t bad.


Finally, caught up to this! Now to catch up with 銭天堂 and Wandering Son, haha. :sweat_smile: Amazing what can be accomplished when you actual have free time and focus!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the notes and for making the book clubs possible. Even though school slowed me down for a while, it’s so so good to be able to go back to these threads and work through what I’ve missed in the meantime. And the reading is a great litmus test to see any stagnation from all the missed time - although, really, it’s a confidence boost that I’m still able to work through this without too much stress, even if I don’t understand everything. So thanks again for just being the super awesome-est!!

Now onward and upward!


And just adding my thanks too! Thank you to everyone who worked on the wordlist and asked and answered questions in the thread! Thank you! This manga is above my level, but with your help I’ve reached the last page and it feels great! Now I’m off to watch the anime some more, and then, for my next book, I’ll take a look at what’s going on in the ABBC! Thank you all again so much! This has been brilliant!


As I mentioned on an earlier thread I read this after enjoying シメジシミュレーション by the same author recently. I didn’t enjoy this as much as that one but still enjoyed the style and the humour. This page looked like it was straight out of the しめじ book!


It’s such a pleasure reading a book that has already been completed by a book club. Thanks to all who worked on he vocab sheet, and to those who asked and answered questions. Whenever I found a trickier sentence there was always a post in the book club explaining it. I’m pleased to see the book club carried on, will try and continue this series when I can find time.


Nice! :smiley: : Hope you enjoy this series as well!

Personally I felt similarly after volume 1, but then the series really got better with each volume. By the end I loved it and everyone in it.

And then reading shimeji after this one it felt quite over the top actually, haha. I’m still looking forward to volume two!