☕ 夜カフェ ☕ (Offshoot Book Club) Home Thread (Starting Book 4 from March 4)

Thank you all for your input and for voting in such short notice! :pray: Since 14 of the 19 (potential) members have already voted and it’s been 24 hours since posting the poll, I’ve decided to go with the current results.

It looks like we’ve reached a majority vote in favor of taking a break. As for how soon this shall be implemented, according to the second poll, the current majority prefers breaking on Week 4. I agree as it would feel like a break a quarter into the story with the next break scheduled after the halfway point (Week 7).

For those who were in favor of taking an immediate break, please don’t let us proceeding for another week discourage you! If you look at the page numbers, chapter 1 looks a bit overwhelming at 20 pages, but please know that a good chunk of the first half is just Hanabi recalling the events of the previous book, so it should be easy to understand and go pretty quickly. After that, there’s a lot of dialogue exchange which can also be quick to read. By Week 2 and Week 3, the page count drops considerably (9 pages and 7 pages respectively) so you’ll catch up in no time!

For those who were hoping to proceed at a faster pace, thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: I think it’s much more fun when more people can read along and talk about the story together, but I know life gets in the way and it’s hard to keep up the pace. Plus, there’s 10 more books in the series to go after this, so I’d like to help more people catch up so many of us can read the rest of the series together if they’re still interested!

I’ll update the first post with the new schedule and post the Week 3 discussion thread momentarily. If there’s anything you would like to discuss further, any questions about anything, etc. feel free to share them! Even if you haven’t started reading the book yet, you’re still a member of the reading club if you so choose so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. :wink:

Edit: The first post has been updated with the new schedule. Here’s a link to Week 3 Discussion! If you aren’t already aware, you can get notifications for any threads you want to follow by clicking the icon with a little bell that has an exclamation mark inside on the bottom right of the page.


Just a reminder that Week 4 is our first break week. We’ll continue where we left out next week with chapter 4.

If you’re behind, don’t sweat it! You can still catch up! We’re rooting for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I may take this time to go over some of the previous text and refocus on the unknown grammar specifically. But I am happy to say that I definitely feel like I’ve made a lot of progress since starting the first volume :smiley: The difficulty level of this series is certainly quite good imo.


Hope you guys enjoyed the break! Chapter 4 thread is up!


A few hours later than intended but a little caught up with my company’s conference :sweat_smile:

But definitely give a shout out if you’re struggling with anything!


It’s the last week before our second week break! It’s the start of Silver Week in Japan, so it’s a nice catch up week for me. But hope you guys are doing alright!


A reminder that this week is another break week. If you’re using it to catch up with this club or other reading clubs, you can do it! If you’re taking a much needed break, then you go for it! You deserve it!


Welcome to October and welcome back to Yoru Cafe! How’re you guys doing? :smiley: I’m still a couple chapters behind, but since PokeSpe is no longer a priority, I should be able to catch up soon. Here’s the next thread for chapter 7!


Yeah it was good to have a week off, basically caught up all 3 book clubs I’m following. I’ll try to focus more on the unclear grammar points or expressions this week so I may ask a few questions , よろしくお願いします!


That’s great to hear! :smile: Thanks for your input and for always asking questions. Always appreciate the activity considering our readership is small. :slight_smile:


* sigh *

Not only did I not “focus more on the unclear grammar points or expressions”, I did no reading whatsoever. I had some surprise guests from overseas who stayed with us this week. Now I’m behind on all 3 bookclubs I’m participating in. In all honesty I’m feeling incredibly sour about the whole thing, far more than I should be. Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a little better, and work on catching up


Hey these things happen and you can’t help them so you feel frustrated from not having control over the situation. No need to beat yourself up over it. :slight_smile:

There will always be an opportunity to read and do what you want to do. This club will always be here when you have a chance to ask questions and I’m sure your other clubs are the same!


Almost forgot! Here’s the discussion link for chapter 8.


Are you on chapter 7? I’m reading through that now, not quite finished, but grammatically it was pretty ok.

I might add some notes in the next couple of days where I’ve seen a couple of N3 grammar points that I’ve just learned. Probably not essential to understanding but does add nuance.


This week starts chapter 9, volume 2!


Chapter 10 thread up! Hope you’re all doing well!


Unfortunately still behind (chapter 8) but I have a fair amount of free time the next few days so hopefully I’ll catch up to all the book clubs

On another note, what are everyone’s thoughts on continuing with the next volume? I personally would love to do so, I’ve become quite attached to our friends at the night cafe :smiley:


I’ve purchased the whole series so I’m committed to finishing the series! But I should warn you that if you choose to do this, you may be spoiled from the art on the cover, so be careful!

If we continue to have some kind of readership for the rest of the series, I’m more than happy to make threads. I’ll post some polls later in about the second to last week asking of everyone’s interest level if you’re undecided now.

I know some people are concerned about the constant bullying theme, so I understand if some people pull out. Will be sad to see you go though! :disappointed:


I just figured out that this is a two part problem for me:

  1. This is just my fear/guess how the story will go, I have absolutely no idea if I’m right, so that is why this is a not a spoiler. I just fear this is what will happen: I have a sneaking suspicion that the bullies will be allowed to get away with their behavior because something was terrible in their lives. Boohoo… While those who was bullied will suddenly “become friends” with their former bullies. Because it is on the victims to forgive and forget because it is all over now, right?

  2. I find that with the weekly schedule, I have time to dwell on all the terrible stuff that happens and tends to be solved only a few chapters later. Meaning, that by the time a bad situation is finally solved, I will have been thinking about it for several weeks if not a month (or more!). And that makes the negative situations in the book so much more grave. So I think I’ll probably read volume 3 (that is the last volume I own currently) at my own pace. To see if that makes me less negative about the drama this book series seems to favor. (But I’m also getting right tired of the bullying. The two main drama seems to be absent parents and bullying. That isn’t all the things that are a problem for kids that age…)


Welcome to Week 13! We’re down to the penultimate chapter! ☕ 夜カフェ 2 ☕ Offshoot Book Club Chapter 11 Discussion Thread

It’s funny how fast the second novel went despite the two breaks. :sweat_smile: Don’t worry if you still haven’t caught up! The last week is the あとがき with not much to read (and is really just optional).

Actually, I wonder if we even need a separate thread for it or if it’s okay to just post at the end of the chapter 12 thread? I don’t mind either way, but I wonder if anyone even comments about them in other book clubs? I’ll tell you what, let’s make it a poll because you love those!

Do we need a new thread discussion for Week 15’s あとがき and Hanabi’s Recipe?
  • Yes, I like consistency
  • No, just stick it at the end of the last chapter’s thread
  • No preference but I like polls

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