夜カフェ ☕ Home Thread (Beginner Book Club)

IIRC paging @ChristopherFritz as he reads with Kobo and might know about this (it might even be for this very reason, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself by relying on my bad memory…).


(apologies for double post)

Seriously thank you both (@Hantsuki and @MrGeneric) again so much, I cannot overstate how amazing this is.

I had gone through the process of downloading the Japanese sample from the Kindle store and extracted the text into a Google doc to begin extracting into a Google sheet myself, this saves me so much time!

I briefly went through the vocab sheets chapters 1-3 and only found 2 cases where the kana column contained kanji presumably from an IME being automatically sneaky, I checked their kana against the original doc and Jisho before fixing so hopefully I didn’t mess them up (疎かにする and 快く, both chapter 1).

@MrGeneric I went through and blindly populated chapters 4, 5, and 6 from the provided notes to try save you some typing (I used the command line to convert to a format so I could just paste it in) - I hope this helps but if instead I’ve just created more work then please feel free to remove the lines I added.

I’ve gone through and fixed a few lines and I’m going through and marking some others as needing attention - but I almost surely missed more, and I haven’t done the same rigorous cross-checking of definitions and IME output as you sorry.

EDIT: my favourite word that I’ve glanced so far is 添える[そえる] to garnish; to accompany (as a card does a gift) - this just has such a cozy feeling!


That helps for sure! Well done! I’ve got work today, and my SO may have some plans for the evening, but should I find myself with some time, I’ll go through and do the cross-checking I did with previous chapters tonight. Otherwise, tomorrow!

Also, well done on catching those mistakes in the first chapter. I was going to go back and double-check that chapter at some point after finishing up, since I was sure there would be some I had missed, but you saved me the time. :grin: I wasn’t as thorough with the first sheet since I wasn’t on alert yet, and after I was, I wanted to get the document up sooner over later. :sweat_smile:


Thank you; I didn’t think to check the English Kobo help, and can’t read rakuten. I will risk 605円 to find out for sure.


If I can get the book I will be very happy to join.


Anything you (or anyone else) can spare would be much appreciated, I can try find some time to check a few more but I’m slow as I have to be careful with how much typing I do as my wrists are unhappy.

Oh I really hope my comment didn’t come across as criticism, honestly with that amount of text there was bound to be mistakes, if anything I’m surprised I only spotted 2 (I swear my IME is out to get me at times).

I knew you’d likely have found them later, I just wanted to try chip in in the small ways I can, and mentioned them not to criticize but because I’m not very confident >.>

The amount of time and effort this vocab sheet has saved me is absolutely huge, the book club hasn’t even started yet and I’m already getting super wholesome community vibes =D


Due to DRM, you’ll be locked into their reader software, but the software is available for Windows and Android (and probably for iOS). They do not have a web browser reader. (Note: The DRM is
Adobe Digital Editions, so maybe you can use a non-Kobo reader that supports ADE? I’m not familiar with this.)

The files are EPUB, so if you were to remove the DRM in some way, then you would be able to view it in any e-book reader that supports EPUB.

For me, being able to remove the DRM in some way was most important, since 1) I want to be able to have a back-up that can’t be taken away by the publisher, 2) I want to be able to access my purchases without an Internet connection, 3) I want to be able to view them on any device including my Linux computer, and most recently 4) I want to be able to load them into Migaku Reader.

That last point is an extra important one for me.

Over the weekend, Migaku Browser Extension (which contains the Reader) moved from paid alpha to paid beta. This brings it one step closer to its eventual free release!


Thank you. I just tried purchasing from rakuten but I think it was telling me that they don’t accept international credit cards. Is this the case?

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I’m not too familiar with what cards are and are not supported. Here is my own personal experience with buying things from Japanese online stores:

  • Nintendo 3DS eshop: My debit card is accepted.
  • Nintendo Switch eshop: My debit card is rejected.
  • Kobo.com with a 「楽天ID」login: My debit card is accepted, but I needed to put a fake Japanese address in before Kobo would allow me to purchase.

My debit card uses the MasterCard network, but I don’t know any further details. My credit union charges a very small fee for international purchases.


I have had success with kobo.com and removing the DRM!


Nope! It definitely didn’t come across as criticism! I know I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes! I’m glad that they are getting caught before they cause any confusion for anybody! :grin: I definitely appreciate you chipping in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No worries! I can definitely understand that! With the time you’ve saved me getting the text put into the sheet, the amount of time to cross-reference definitions and kanji usage will be much easier to find!


lies hehehe


Aww; I appreciate the vote of confidence. :wink:

Quick question: does anybody have their paperback copy already? If so, can you confirm which page the first chapter begins on for the physical copy?

Similarly: anybody who has a non-Kindle version, can you confirm if Pg. 6 is the page the first chapter begins for you? @ioric, I see you had success with kobo, so think you could do that for me, please?

If we can confirm the same page numbers, I can start getting those added, also, as I go through and do the kanji and definition checks. If worst comes to worst, I can just add the pages for the Kindle version, and we can add the other pages later, should they differ!

I won’t get to actually doing any of this until later, but I figure if I ask now, I might be able to get it done in one swoop!


Some people are so slow… How can our teasing master not already have the physical copy… :rofl: (I’m teasing if anyone can’t tell) (bought it before it was a club pic… Looked interesting :laughing:)


Yes, assuming the front cover doesn’t count.

For clarity, it goes:

  1. Cover
  2. Page with some information text that begins 本作品は,
  3. Page with the publisher’s logo
  4. First half of contents
  5. Second half of contents
  6. Dramatis personae
  7. Beginning of actual text

@shuly, @ioric, thank you both very much! That’ll make this easier! :grin:

P.S., I hope I’m not being overbearing or anything! I just like to be organized while working on something like this. If it’s too much, somebody please let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed if this was mentioned already, but I’ve seen percentages used rather than pages for Kindle on vocabulary lists.


I think my only personal hangup with percentages is that they can sometimes go across multiple pages (admittedly, I haven’t checked if it’s doing that here!)

I have no qualms using that as the marker if that’s what folks would prefer though!

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my kindle pages here actually are also super weird… like I have normal font size but sometimes two pages are shown with the same page number and stuff…


I had a similar issue on the PC version of Kindle when I was using it yesterday, but I found that if I moved it from my portrait monitor over to the landscape monitor, that resolved that issue. The pages resized themselves correctly to adjust for having more width available, and so any repeated pages no longer repeated.

I haven’t yet opened it on my tablet; I’m just getting off of work now, so once I’m home, I’ll look and see if that issue presents itself on the tablet, as well.

Edit: Yeah, there’s definitely some of those weird double-listed pages on the tablet for Kindle. Given that it goes away with a larger screen, I think it’s just resizing problems.