多読/extensive reading challenge


See if you read more エロ漫画 this sort of vocab would be well and truly burnt by now. Not that I’d know anything about that of course. :upside_down_face:


I wasn’t really into the idea of this and didn’t think it would do anything for me, but so far I’ve gone from page 54 to 82 in two days even though I set my goal at 5 pages, so what do I know I guess :open_mouth:


First book done (since the creation of this thread).

One thing I’ve noticed improvement in is the amount of time I can read without getting sleepy and feeling like my brain has been turned to mush. It used to be a few manga pages, then 30 mins or so of visual novels, then 20 light novel pages, then 40. Just now I finished my book by sitting down and reading a nice 80 pages. Now I kind of want to see if I can get to the point where I can read an entire light novel in one day by the end of the year.


I am still very much in this stage! I know it will be a while before that gets better for me, since a lot of that comes from the amount I have to think about things, look stuff up, or just try to stay attentive while not sure what exactly is being said at times.

Hoping to at least see some improvement on that as the weeks months? God I’m so slow go on.^^


I’ve found the exact same thing! Granted I’m not at the comfortably-reading-80-pages stage, but I’ve been able to do around 20 (not understanding quite a bit still, but I get what’s going on, so that’s fine for now), when at the time I started reading, which was unfortunately only last year when the beginner’s book club read non non byori, I even struggled with manga pages.

So yeah, super chuffed that I’m getting so used to it.
And you’re right, I do wanna see whether I can sit through an entire thing by the end of the year as well, sounds like a cool little challenge :wink:


I had a similar experience with the previous book I was reading (君の膵臓をたべたい), so I thought I was ready for a challenge and started the book I am currently reading (supposedly SF). That felt like running head first into a brick wall. There was one day where I could only manage 2 pages.
This thread helps me stay motivated, so that I can push forward at least :slight_smile:


Oh youre reading your name? I bought it last time and plan on reading it once i finish my current book… how are you finding it?

If you’ve already watched the movie, there won’t be much new in it, it’s pretty much the exact same content-wise so far. It’s good content tho, and the way it’s written flows really well as far as i can tell, so it’s a very fun read. What i also like is that there’s more narration (obviously) so im getting more insight into what the characters think. While reading im also picking up on a lot of early clues about the plot that i missed when i watched the movie. So yeah, i can definitely recommend it :slightly_smiling_face:


I went from “I’ll finish it one day” to actually have read a chapter already of Kiki, that I stopped reading almost a full year ago! That one day never came, but this gave me the motivation to finally do it! =D

I have the same goal! Just, with Manga :wink:
I have done it once, but that was an especially light novel (Chi, the new special ones that are easier than the already easy normal ones) and I was stuck at the vets office an entire day… (just a teeth cleaning, but going back home for just a few hours was too much effort so i just brought a manga book instead, and finished it before they where done =P )
I want to be able to read an ordinary Manga in one sitting if possible =)


Same here! I’ve been dragging my feet on reading, though I keep buying more books… Since this thread started I’ve finished my first book and the manga I started way back in December. :smiley:

So thankful for this! :slight_smile:


Finished Bungo Stray Dogs 5! Moving on up to 6!


Just finished chapter 4 of the first Harry Potter book. Don’t remember them being so long, took me almost three weeks. :confused:


Can you share a photo of a random page? Want to see how hard it feels (probably not ready yet, but it helps to know the story already)


You can get a free sample from amazon.co.jp if you want.


Oversized? :rofl:
:open_mouth: It’s the beautiful illustrated version!!! <3


Knowing the story definitely helps, I can understand what’s happening very well, even if this is my first book ever. It’s the same for watching anime without subs, usually it’s too much for me, but knowing story gets me over the hump.

As for the page


Thanks! That helps! =D

I’ll see if I can’t grab the illustrated version, been planing on buying the English ones for a long time (maybe now I don’t have to, I can grab them in Japanese instead! :durtle_love: )

It’s done :sunglasses:
Got the first three (next illustrated comes out this fall)

Oh, and Amazon recomended me this Catopusnake O_o

I didn’t get it (it had like two short lines of text per page only =P )
Was just… How, why? ^^;


The first post says you can talk about the books you are reading, so I figured I’d… do exactly that, because staying stuff about the things I’m reading somehow seems to make me read more.

(Just about ポレポレ日記 though, because I’ve only barely gotten started on 佐伯沙弥香について… which is still is an improvement on when I hadn’t started it yet, I guess!)

Some stuff about ポレポレ日記2

I like how they didn’t drag out the whole “I don’t have enough courage to actually talk to him” thing out the same way that a lot of similar books do by basically making the sister force Yuzu to go talk to Ren. Also, Ren either eats really fast(and the place they ate at must also be really fast at preparing the food) or he and Yuzu just talk super slowly, because they only said like… three sentences each? during the entire time from when he ordered to when he had finished eating… or maybe they just sat in silence almost the entire time, who knows. A more likely explanation is probably just that the author didn’t consider making the timeframe seem realistic all that important, but I still find it somewhat amusing… especially since Yuzu is surprised at less than an hour having passed after what seems like a rather brief exchange


So, I looked, I think, through every “book tracker” on play market and I haven’t found an app that I’m looking for.

Does anyone know if there is an app that’s like a loop habit one, or any other for habits, but I can add the amount of pages I read that day for books? I have no idea how to find something like that, I’m out of ideas :sweat:
Or any habit app with not just a checklist would suffice too!


I haven’t actually watched the movie (I know, it’s blasphemy and I should really do that :sweat_smile:), so for me it’ll be completely new.

So I guess Your Name it is, right after I finish my current read. I’m excited now, especially since you’re saying the writing flows really nicely :grin:


So, today I finished the book I was reading, にゃんにゃん探偵団 . I had started to read it with the bookclub last summer, but it was too hard for me back then, so I dropped out after a while. Now it was actually rather easy to read :slight_smile: I mean, I still didn’t know quite a number of words, but all those なんだ and って and ものだ and stuff did not bother me at all any more.

Now on to the second volume of that series - I was forced to buy it some time ago because bookwalker threatened to invalidate my precious points, and I could not let that happen of course :wink: I plan to read it this week so that can finish it in time for the new bookclubs that start from next week.