多読/extensive reading challenge


I mean… I chose a number for manga because I know I can read 100 volumes and because it’s an attractive number for me xD Go big or go home, kinda of thing.

Books… I’ll figure it out later. Tbh, making 1 year goals is too long-term for me. My goals usually go for periods of 6 months max. It gives me that playing for the short-term vibe, when it really isn’t.


Hm… they are bigger so didn’t work out… But thanks for the , thats a great save! So I don’t have to use instead! :wink:

I’m planing to do this daily: (on my own post and hidden under a drop down)

- Didn’t Read
- Read Manga or Book quota
- Read Manga AND Book quota

Starting Monday Friday 18th:

Will only count reading done outside of book clubs. So might have some on days where I prioritized book club reading instead :wink:


I also made a bookmeter account but I’m not sure I did it right:DD I added the books I read already, so maybe I’ll stick to that site, not sure :eyes: I’ve never used anything like that before


I know what you mean. My goal is actually the number of books I want to read before the JLPT. I’ll see how I feel about Japanese after I take it, hahaha.


HA! Exactly! I won’t be taking the JLPT because I can’t bother, but I’m using JLPT’s date as a deadline for everything Japanese :grin:

Which level are you going for? :v:


Oooh, I want to join, though I am quite slow. I’ve been reading the first Harry Potter book (in japanese of course) at a steady 2 pages/day rate so far this year and I am at page 125 or so. My goal is just to finish this one by the end of the year.

I will edit myself into the table if I don’t forget later today when I am back from work.

E: I am in. Now, just need to remember to update it frequently.


I do too! It’s a good deadline goal since it’s roughly 6 months apart, at least in Japan.

N2! I’ve been studying a lot and am fairly confident in passing but I don’t want another N3 repeat where I just barely squeezed by.


Oh, are you planning to edit this post with your streak? Sounds pretty neat. Maybe we could add a link for that somewhere around the table (but then it becomes cluttered, and more work to update stuff)

Anyway, starting the 19th:

(I will use for when I read but didn’t make the quota)


Nah, not here, I only explained it here after getting the help I needed =)
It will be in my first post (post 24) along with a list of what I’ve read and my own schedule =)
I’ve made a whole edited “topic” like post :rofl:
But will put more in drop down menus if it gets too big =P

I started on Monday to keep a full week. I’ll probably put some kind of divider to show where the week ended or put the next week on a new line (but then it will get long, so probably a few weeks on each line)


Oohhh that post looks nice!! But I think I’ll stick to the updates on the first post and maybe bookmeter for now. Ah, I also have checklists in 勉強しましょう ~ let’s learn together! thread, so my need in checking is fulfilled for now:DD


I was glancing through this thread and saw your description and was like “wait this sounds familiar…”

I actually read three or so books in that series in English roughly a million years ago. Flashbacks. I’d agree that it’s more substantitve than what you’d expect from an isekai these days. If I remember correctly, it also has some decent worldbuilding and talks about the language stuff a lot.


Do you have other, older isekai recommendations? I started watching anime in the early 2010s, and I’ve watched a few 2000’s and 90’s anime that are still widely recommended, but I’m sure there are forgotten gems that I haven’t heard about (or series I bounced off of without the right encouragement).


Not reeeeaaally. Isekai has never really been my jam, but I really dislike the power fantasy of modern isekai and would rather go back to some of the older ones, even if they’re light and fluffy like some of the ones you mentioned. I liked Escaflowne when I was a kid but I don’t know if I could actually say it was any good
Apparently 今、そこにいる僕 is good?


@sigolino how are you liking spice and wolf? I was considering giving it a read after 俺修羅, but I wasn’t sure if there would be a lot of specialized trade vocab that I would have to learn. I dont mind learning some, but if theres a buncha business and economy terminology that would be a bit of a turn off.


It’s crazy how, until I get about 15-20% into a book, I’m just like “All the vocabulary is so different, there’s like 10 new words a page! Ugh I have to keep track of more Kanji/Katakana names? Omg this is too haaaaaaaard”.

And then after that I’m like “Gotta read the next chapter, gotta read the next chapter.”

Also this is my feelings right now about 精霊の守り人:

Except replace Arlo with チャグム
:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: What a sweetie. Though I’m sure some bad things are gonna happen…


There is some, but I don’t think it’s overwhelming, as in, you won’t have to learn a new one every few pages or anything like that.

Also, there’s the protagonist’s monologue as well, which takes care of explaining what is going on pretty well. I don’t always understand it too well, but that’s more because I’m a complete newb in how even basic economics works. For a nerd like you, that should be fine.

I really like it, mainly for the two main characters. They carry the story forward really well and their interactions are often more complex than the economics too, so you can always have some fun trying to figure out what the heck ホロ is thinking :joy:

The stories themselves are pretty tight too. There’s good foreshadowing (so nothing comes out of nowhere) and the settings are really well-thought-out, so stuff makes sense. Also, the situations they find themselves in are interesting even if you don’t love economics, like me (I actually kind of hate it, so I didn’t expect to enjoy this series so much).

Also, 狼耳. Great stuff.

Anyway, trying at least the first volume doesn’t hurt too much. I definitely recommend it.


I suppose you are reading the manga? I saw there’s a light novel too, do you know anything about story differences / difficulty?


Only just added myself :sweat_smile:

I’ve only had a skim over this, but this is how I use the table: I add all the books I’ve read in the ‘yearly goal’ section, even if they’re not tadoku style, but I’ll only use books I do read tadoku style in the ‘current book’ column. Is that how it’s intended?

Also I made a bookometer account cuz a lot of people seem to have it and therefore decided it must be useful. Now I gotta figure out how it works xD

Also also, thanks @Naphthalene for making this thread, I’m super excited! Even if I don’t end up meeting my daily goal, it’s gonna keep me motivated to meet my yearly one :muscle:


I’m pretty sure @sigolino is reading the light novel. The light novel is the original version, and surely it’s more difficult.


Omg ikr?! So much this. I watched the anime and I was like wth did just happen :rofl: