多読/extensive reading challenge


Ah, you’re right - I wasn’t reading the loading screen properly, and it does currently say it’s [case name] 後編 (whoops, had the totally wrong latter kanji there for a hot minute). So I guess it differentiates at least between first half and second half. ^^

If I can add that without taking up ugly amounts of space, I will. :ok_hand:


That line break… 異議あり!


Ohhh, new tables look nicer (and wow there are a lot of people :eyes:) I will edit mine soon! And now I have the urge to read a book:DD



十二国記:月の影、影の海 is on my to-read list! How do you like it so far?


I can’t wait for the bookclubs to start so that suddenly half the rows of current book/manga columns are the same :eyes:


I like it! I bounced off the English translation really hard, because as translated, imo it just sounded like kinda basic and childish writing? (There are only three volumes translated.) I don’t know if the Japanese is that more mature than the English is (…when the heroine keeps 悲鳴をあげた-screaming over and over in the 7th chapter, that doesn’t suggest the strongest writing, even if the situation calls for it; but then again the kanji choice is rather interesting in some places, and the language is quite descriptive in other respects). But, even if a Japanese speaker would say it is childish, it gives me a better chance of absorbing vocabulary when the same vocabulary is used over and over, so while it may lack “literary merit,” it’s perfect for me as a second language learner. Overall, it’s better if I don’t notice the construction flaws so I can enjoy the story. :sweat_smile: (In English, I’m really picky.) Also, the anime doesn’t stay in that childish starting place, so I don’t think the book will either. I have a strong suspicion that the writing will grow improve and stronger as Youko grows as a character. The book is different enough from the anime that I feel like I am gaining more understanding of the world and characters from it. There’s plenty of extra internal point-of-view-dependent information that the anime couldn’t convey in detail, like who Youko’s parents are and what her relationship with them was like.

It’s… What I love about this story is that it looks like girl standard wish fulfillment, and heavily draws on those classic shojo isekai tropes at first (re: Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha, Rayearth, etc. - there’s probably others), but it isn’t really. You bite into it thinking the plot is going to be foolish light fluff, but it’s not: it’s actually substantive and bitter with a complex aftertaste.

Tl;dr: I’m enjoying it greatly, and that’s the most important thing, and that’s what keeps me reading.

As a warning, the first chapter is really difficult as it dumps you into the middle of Youko’s recurring nightmare and the description uses somewhat uncommon words and is difficult to get through. You can probably skip it. I also took some time to label the map at the beginning of the book so I wouldn’t be lost when those names are referred to later…the meanings of some of the kanji are kind of obscure though. After that, you continue reading through her schoolday and then the “abduction/rescue” begins, and the description is more evenly spread out and the text is much more straightforward and easy to plow through.


I’m not going to add the book club books/mangas that I read along with the groups =)
Unless playing catch up (I fell behind on Yotsuba and Aria, so instead of reading a chapter a week and with some breaks on top, I read a whole manga a week to catch back up =P I’m caught up on Yotsuba now so any future mangas won’t be counted here, though I might add them as a separate list on my own post :thinking: Aria I still have 3 mangas to read to catch up, possibly a forth by the time I do catch up =P Then I’ll stop counting it in my total on the main list )

I’m currently reading Kiki again too, but the groups ended almost a year ago :rofl:

Thanks to this challenge I finally picked it back up again! I had read 6 chapters of 11, so was basically only half way ^^;
So I’ll count it as a full book even though I had started already =P

But these will probably be the only exceptions (I might read some of the past Intermediate books too, since I own them. But probably not this year =P I have easier books I’d rather read)


Oops missed that sorry… :sweat_smile:



Just a few! And in only 1 day too!!
Not to mention people was waiting in line to do edits, and don’t think it counts edits done within 5 minutes of each other O_o (or does it?)


Guess people must have moved things around a lot since the layout changed and everything. I’m assuming it’s gonna calm down a bit when we’ve gotten used to it. Considering there’s currently less than 30 people in it, even if everyone updated every day, and some people multiple times, I don’t think we’ll reach that high an edit count per day every day. :smiley:

But yeah, it’s crazy~


Yeah, I bet most people will come in and update only once every now and then, so will maybe be a 10 updates + maybe a new addition or so on normal days. But 85 is still an impressive number for such a short time :wink:


On my own post I try do some a bit differently. I wanted to use these:

But when I tried it kept messing up if I had two [][] as it become italics… (it’s supposed to be two )

Not sure why the first one here didn’t mess up… What can I do to prevent it?
And there was also a green version of and a red X’ed version… anyone know how to type them?
I saw them in the poll thread the other day… I will NOT go look for them, lol!!! :rofl:


True. Indicative of quite some interest! :slight_smile:




The number of people is more than I expected too. I saw there was a number of people who expressed interest, but thought we’d be about half at most (but hoped we could grow to something bigger as other jumped on)

So 30 in first day is great! =D
I love this lively list and feel inspired to do more just because of it.
Not sure why, this is somewhat similar to homework… which I notoriously didn’t do already from first grade (I got in a lot of trouble for it, they didn’t know I had fatigue at the time (after a few hours on school I was no longer able to concentrate enough to get anything done due to mental fatigue. I finally got a diagnosis on it at the age of 30, as a chronic from birth condition :wink: So I do all my important Japanese studies in the morning =P )


Is this how you guys see me? As an unsorted person? miiii


Also do you mean these? :thinking: I’ve never seen the ones you mention, maybe you can find it and look at the code of the message?:3


Thank you!!
I tried looking for \ cause I recalled it being shown (but thought it was for the green )

But couldn’t find the key for it… guess I’ll have to keep looking! XD
(Yes, I copied yours to “type” that =P )

/|\ Found it!! \


Yes! Those are the ones, thank you! =D


I just remembered that when you click the it’s not with *, so I looked at mine and found it:DD And the green and red are just emojis:3


I mean, you don’t even have a plan for how many books you want to read this year! :books: