多読/extensive reading challenge

Goal: the purpose of this thread is to offer a place to post and keep track of your extensive reading. Give yourself a long term target (number of books you want to read this year), a daily target (how many pages a day or how long do you plan to read per day) and then come back regularly to log your progress. This isn’t a race, just a way to challenge oneself while adding some accountability.

Feel free to celebrate your successes, complain about bad days and everything in between. You can also discuss the book you are currently reading, just remember to put spoilers inside a [spoiler]spoiler tags[/spoiler] or behind a

detail tag

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Inspiration: This thread was made following a suggestion by @AngelTenshi in the intermediate book club thread, and the following discussion(s). @Ncastaneda also made a great introduction to extensive reading

(Please keep the entries in alphabetical order)

Username Yearly goal Daily page goal Current book Current page
Example already read / total 15 War and Pi 3.14159

This is a work in progress the format may change at anytime based on feedback from everyone. In particular, I feel it would be nice to keep a list of the books read through the challenge. (Maybe add a link to one’s bookmeter account?) Speaking of which:

Additional note:


The big (almost empty) table of everything


Username Yearly goal (done/total) Daily (page/time) goal Current book Current page Last updated
Belerith 3 / 5 1話 ふしぎのお話365 166/365 Jul 13
30-40 min さくらえび 190/249 Jul 13
brrricane 2 / 5 20 min オーバーロード 176/382 Jun 19
CapeSmasher 2 / 10 30 pages 悪人 下 174 / 265 May 23
Darcinon 0 / ∞ 時をかける少女 (now reading short stories) ? Feb 19, 2019
Ditto20 7 / 24 15 ゼロの使い魔 103 Jun 19
Dorotheian 1 / 3 5 pages 十二国記:月の影、影の海 (下) 27/267 May 29
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 10/297 June 23
Elenakiyomi 1 / 10 15 min ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 16% Feb 20
greasyButter 8 / - 1-2 hrs Re:Zero - May 7
heisamaniac 0 / - - 時をかける少女 10 Mar 8
infinitia 0 / - 10 君の名は。 102/176 Feb 24
jprspereira ain’t tellin’ / idk idk idk idk Mar 31
kitsunensei 1 / 3 3 pages 結婚しても愛してる、僕たちの十年 ?/121 June 16
krystalgch 0 / 5 20 星の王子さま 19
Kyayna 2 / 5 (for now) 20+min 君の名は 0/292 Mar 14
lopicake 16 / 30 60min 本好きの下剋上 2 50% July 17
氷菓 60%
mechturk 2 / 12 10 BanG Dream! バンドリ 1 Mar 3
Myria 5 / 6 10 狼と香辛料 I 54% June 30
Naphthalene 11 / 12 20 新世界より(中) 108 July 15
Nathalire 1 / 20 60 min 世界から猫が消えたなら 20% June 6
Ncastaneda 5 / 12 5-10 pages はじめて書道 16 June 5
ペンギン・ハイウェイ 59 June 5
nehahahaXD 0 / 12 - 秋の牢獄 33/217 Feb 28
NickNickovich 8 / 25 15 容疑者X献身 178/394 Jul 14
NicoleRauch 6 / 5 ? min 10分で読める伝記 1年生 Ch1/10 May 19
1 page 神の子供達はみな踊る 115/237 July 12
slowly 1Q84 15/357 May 5
NotAtAll 0 / 1 2 pages ハリーポッターと賢者の石 169/462 Mar 14
QuackingSboe 2 / ? 5 PSYCHO-PASS(上) 100 Feb 24
sigolino 20 / 30 30 神の子どもたちはみな踊る 22/237 Jun 30
Re: ゼロ 15/362 Jun 30
sloa123 1 / 4 1 hour オーバーロード (1) 72/389 Feb 22
Sylph 2 / 4 - ??? - Jun 4
Toyger 2 / 5 30 min Kiki P201/265 Mar 12
Vanilla 5 / 15 ~25 俺修羅 11 47/296 Mar 28
Vizi 0 / 5 30 min 時をかける少女 0/158 June 2
daifukudreams 3 / 10 - グレッグのダメ日記 64/221 Jul 2


Username Yearly goal (done/total) Daily (page/time) goal Current manga Current page Last updated
Belerith 14 / 10 1 ch 0/0 Jun 23
Ditto20 17/- - 放浪息子10 - Jun 11
FlamySerpent 35 / - - Reading here and there - July 14
greasyButter 17 / - 2 Chapters 幸色のワンルーム, 青のフラッグ - May 7
heisamaniac 7 / 12 1 Chapter 亜人 2 - Mar 6
jprspereira ain’t tellin’ / idk idk idk idk Mar 31
Kyayna 3 / 10 (for now) 1 Chapter ran out of manga T^T Vol.1 0/0 Mar 14
lopicake 28 / ー 乙男 Vol 14 Mar 7
nehahahaXD 0 / 10 - 一週間フレンズ1 18 Feb 22
NicoleRauch 8 / 6 ドラえもん Vol.1 82/190 July 2
Sylph 5 / 24 1 Chapter 放浪息子 Vol.4 28/200 Apr 4
Toyger 8 / 52 1 Chapter Fruits Basket Another P35/191 Mar 12
StarLi 8 / 12 2 pages カードキャプター桜 Vol 3 8 June 11
Vizi 2 / 10 30 min 少女週末旅行 2 83/154 June 2


Username Yearly goal (done/total) Daily (page/time) goal Current media Current page Last updated
Dorotheian NA 10分 灰鷹のサイケデリカ - May 1
Omun 0 / - 30分 逆転検事 2 Case 3 / 5 - 中編1 July 4
NickNickovich 0 / 2 30分 STEINS;GATE Chapter 1 / 時間跳躍のパラノイア Mar 16
stars-and-onsen 95 / 1825 5記事 いろいろな新聞 n/a July 16


May as well give this a try, I already wanted to try reading a bit more anyway. The yearly goal may seem a bit high, but I’ll probably read a decent amount of easier books(I do intend to make SAO one of the books I read this year though, so I won’t just be reading really easy books).

Also, the reason I’m reading two different books at the same time is that I like to have one easier book I don’t have to look anything up in that I just can read a bit of on the bus or something if I feel like it and one harder book I can learn more from, but occasionally may have to look stuff up from to actually understand what’s going on.


This thread inspired me to once more skim through the collection of short stories recommended by Youtuber Dogen called 憂鬱たち written by 金原 ひとみ.

Already after reading the first page I encountered 2 kanji that I’ve never seen in my life. At least this time around I am finally able to sort of grasp the story that is being told so I’ll give it a shot :raised_hands:


Ah, I didn’t think of people reading multiple books in parallel.
Well, if you are okay with the formatting as it is, you don’t need to change anything, but just in case, how about splitting it on two lines?

Username Yearly goal Daily page goal Current book Current page
Ditto 20 3/24 10(for now, will be increased later) やがて君になる佐伯沙弥香について 7
the second ポレポレ日記 book 49

:thinking: Might look confusing though


Looks fine to me :ok_hand:

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I’ll make it look like that for now and change it if people do end up getting confused :slight_smile: It looks okay to me though, so I don’t think it’s likely to confuse anyone too much(I don’t think any confusion worse than someone thinking I’m two people is likely to arise either way though).

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This looks nicer, I think!
Also, is it okay if I join too? :sweat_smile: I’m not reading complicated stuff now (previous beginner club’s books, like Yotsuba), so I feel a bit embarrassed to post it:D I want to read Kiki, but I have the version without furigana, so I’ll have to wait a couple of months to catch up on kanji:D


the temptation to crash the thread with my English reading targets is kind of overwhelming


It’s 100% okay. Graded readers, simple books, anything goes. Furigana welcome

That is not okay :angrykoichi:
(But do add your Japanese ones :sweat_smile:)


Question: is this only for reading books or does manga count as well?

Yay! Thank you for making the thread!

I don’t always read physical books so I don’t always know how many pages to shoot for. I try for time goals mainly. Can we do an either/or page or time goal, instead of just page goal?


I’m interested in joining, but I’m playing through a Japanese visual novel, and I mostly have a daily goal of 30 minutes minimum. I also wouldn’t be able to add a page number of course. :thinking: Would you rather I didn’t add to the list for cohesion?

It might be my one reading goal for (most of) the year, when I look at how many hours it took to play through in English. With my slow Japanese reading speed, pondering sentences, and looking things up, I think I can comfortably triple or even quadruple that time frame. >_>


Heehee, I know, I wouldn’t really :blush: awesome thread :ok_hand:

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I really don’t know. I think it’s up to you, for instance if your goal is focused on manga. Maybe add a tag like yearly target

B 1/10 M 5/30

(For Book and Manga, obviously)

Sounds good :ok_hand:

Yup, go ahead.


Maybe we should focus on monthly goals first? It gives everyone a short term goal and more incentive to participate if the goal is in sight. Also we can pat each other on the back at the end of every month and celebrate the small victories.


Same! I want to read Kiki in a few months (but I don’t own the book yet, maybe I’ll borrow it from a library.)

Great thread/idea, btw! When I feel ready to tackle Japanese books, I’ll come back here :smiley:


I bought the full set when it was on sale, so I have to read it all now:DD But a little bit later :eyes:


I was thinking about something like that, but I don’t see an easy way to add it to the table :thinking: Mostly, in my case, 12/12 months = 1 book per month, so it’s easy to see the connection… I don’t know for everyone else.

One thing I was considering was to add a tag to the title like [Month 3] or something like that, and then get people to report on their progress regularly? (There’s already a monthly progress thread, though)