呪術廻戦 0 (Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

Just go for it! You never know until you try!

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Yea, everyone is always welcome to join the read aloud just to listen @NeecyWizzle :smiley:

Ahhhh I would if I could but one of the conditions my parents have is that I can’t use Discord XD Wishing you the best of luck though, it sounds epic!


Hi everyone, the read aloud signup for week 2 is up. It’s a ‘big’ chapter for おっこつ !

I also have a couple of grammar questions for this week’s reading:
p. 39
“まき: 無駄にでけえな !” – What does she say here and to who? 無駄 is futile, useless. でけえな can be でけない or できない or a long な。Does she say “Don’t be useless!” to おっこつ? Or “You’re doing something futile!” to the creature? Sentences ending with な or negative just trick me up…

p. 42
まき: 二人共、いつ死んでもおかしくねえ。 mmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have a hard time making sense of this. Is she saying “It’s not strange they both can die at any time” referring to the 2 kids? Like it won’t be a surprise?
Separate vocab question: can 共 means us, or always you/they?


p.39 I interpreted it as “Don’t be useless!” to Okko as her eyes seem to be rotated towards him and he’s just falling and not really helping.

p.42 I think it’s what you said: something like it won’t be a surprise if they die soon because they’re already affected by the curse.

I probably won’t make it this week: having lunch and coffee/cake at my grandma’s.

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So, I tried deciphering the chicken scratch/charater info at the end of the chapter and was moderately successful (I think). Though some kanji are still missing and no guarantee on those I found. Maybe someone else got an idea on those.

EDIT: I found a script that let me add furigana. :slight_smile:
憂た is (Okkotsu) Yuuta; somehow it’s changing the kanji when I try to add the furigana.

有本(ありもと) 里香(りか)- 享年(きょうねん)11

  • 5歳の時、母親が原因?の急?
  • 小技入学(こわざにゅうがく)の2日前、父に登?に連れられ共に行方(ゆくえ)不明となる。一週間後山頂(さんちょう)近くの??小屋(こや)里香(りか)だけが?護される。
  • その後??入院した?院で??で入院していた憂たと出会い。同じ小学校に復学(ふくがく)
  • 父親はそのまま失踪(しっそう)、生?不明。
  • 自分の害?自?的で時折?因的に大人でさえ??るなな言動(げんどう)がみらえた。
  • 里香(りか)そろ?取った父方(ちちかた)祖母(そぼ)は自分の息子(むすこ)とその事は里香(りか)によって?害されたと強く(おも)()んでいた
  • 憂たに(わた)した指輪(ゆびわ)祖母(そぼ)のタンスから?に持ち出した母の結婚指輪(けっこんゆびわ)。(なのでジンプル)
  • 生前、憂た?妹とは友好関係(ゆうこうかんけい)そ?いていたが死後(しご)怨霊(おんりょう)となってかるは攻撃的(こうげきてき)になり憂たが家族から(はな)れるキッカケ(()()け)になった。
  • 嫌いなものは憂た以外の人間。(特に?生と?上男?)
  • 大嫌いなものは祖母(そぼ)の作った茄子(なす)煮浸(にびた)
  • 憂たが大好き。

Wowww :astonished:… this is awesome @JuiceS ,thank you!
I had opted to give up on translating this part, but now I’m gonna try again. Thanks again!

Hi everyone, the read aloud signup for Ch 2.1 is up.
More sorcery practice (?!) with :rice_ball: and :sushi: in action.

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Hi everyone, the sign up for Ch 2.2 is up.
There’s a lot of actions here, and… not to be missed,… the introduction of a new ‘sinister’ character :supervillain: PLUS the end of chapter おまけ :smiley:
See you at the read-aloud!

From the chicken scratch おまけ -


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In any case, I am getting interested in this series. Relatively newly started book club. Haven’t read before. Also, recently, I am getting more interested in Shonen and Seinen things. (Used to be more of Romcom.)

If anything, I would also want to read about medical series, or pandemic.

A question is, what is 戦? I recognize it as 廻る and 戦い. Perhaps, 回戦?

We still have two more read alouds coming sunday and the week after of chapter 3+4. Unfortunately this is only one volume and so far we haven’t made any plans if we want to start reading the main series (we started on this series by watching the anime together).

Try はたらく細胞(さいぼう) (Cells at work); it’s 6 volumens and the last chapter, i think, even includes the corona pandemic (I have only watched the anime up till ep. 10 so far). Though it doesn’t have furigana.
It’s about anthropomorphic cells in a human’s body (it’s a bit like the french kids’ series “Il était une fois… la Vie” from the 80s/90s), with the MC being a red blood cell going about her work throughout the human body which gets frequently invaded by various diseases or encounters problems like heat-stroke.
There’s also a spin-off called はたらく細胞(さいぼう) Black which has the same premise but in a body that’s not healthy due stuff like smoking and being overweight.


I have heard of it, but not the Black one.

Being overweight is a dangerous thing in itself, unless you are still healthy. Not only more diseases, but also more disease severity, bad pharmacodynamics, and more difficult to do surgery. It is also the case that such people affected by COVID-19 usually don’t realize they are at risk for severe disease.

I enabled the poll in the OP, just in case. (There was previously the POLL code, but it was broken.)

Vocab/Understanding question:

On page 107, 夏油 is responding as follows いえいえ、困った時はお互い様です。Looking up the vocab for お互い様 shows two main meanings. we are in the same boat and the same to you/the feeling is mutual For some reason I feel it should be the second one but at the same time I can’t make it work. If its the first meaning then I get: In troubled times, we are all in the same boat. but it doesn’t make much sense given the context. Which makes me think it is the second definition but would it then be At troubled times, the feeling is mutual but again it doesn’t feel correct. Any ideas?

Maybe something like “In stressful times, we should support each other” which would probably be more freely translated and, i guess, a bit of a combination of the two meanings you found. ichi.moe actually got the whole phrase as an entry: 困った時はお互い様: “next time it will be me who needs your help; when times are tough, we should help each other; we are all in this together” so maybe it’s some kind of idiom.

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Yep, I also think it’s some kind of quote (or proverb?) In Jisho, the phrase has its own entry :thought_balloon:

I honestly think 様です as some kind of polite grammar at first…

I got curious, and searched the whole phrase, which eventually lead me to the original vocab お互い様, but outside Goo explained it more clearly.

  • 「お互い様」の意味は?
    • おあいこ・引き分け
    • 助け合う・協力

Apparently, not Jisho nor Goo (デジタル大辞泉) include the second meaning.

Hi everyone, the sign up for Ch 3 is up.
Safe to say this chapter has a LOT of characters and LOTS of actions!
The story arc is building fast and furiously :boom: :boom: :boom:


It’s Ch 4, the FINAL! chapter and the sign up sheet is up.

The culmination of this prequel saga where the beginning is ending. So many answers to the missing info in the main manga/throughout season 1 anime.
I’m looking forward to season 2 anime, and hope you do too! :star:

Hope to see you in the Read Aloud this weekend!


I got a question about something Getou is using. For example on p.178: 知っているかい? Is that some variation of ~ない or something different?

かい is a (informal) question marker that makes the question a yes-no question.
It’s pretty similar to か overal but a bit is expected to only be used in questions where you can answer with Yes or No.