君の膵臓をたべたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) Book Discussion

Chapter 5

Yeah, that whole bedroom scene was definitely a lot of “Wait… what? YO, WAIT WHAT?!”

I’ve actually been pretty surprised at the pace I’ve been able to keep, considering just a couple of weeks ago my reading speed was only about 2-3 pages an hour. Now it’s at about 10-12 per hour. It’s good to see improvement happening >:3


@Freann @sloa123

Chapter 5

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was confused too! Especially when he was running out and then all of a sudden there was a guy who was angry for some reason. I think you’re right that it was because the way that chapter started and ended was totally different.


Onwards, to

Chapter 6

I believe this is what the kids these days refer to as “melancholic”. I must admit to being a little interested in what her friend thinks is going on, considering Sakura seems intent on not telling her anything (assuming I’m understanding everything correctly). I mean, long term hospitalization is kind of a big deal. I’d think she’d be clued in on the fact that more’s going on than Sakura’s letting on.

I’m also kind of curious why she seems to dislike the main character so much. Like, I get that he’s asocial so she hasn’t really interacted with him at all, but the only red flag she seems to be going off of is the trip, which she was told about directly by Sakura herself, which should indicate to her that there was no malintent. I mean, I’m left to assume it’s either jealousy about Sakura spending more time with him or worry because of previous experience with Mr.しつこい奴.

Chapter 7

… This author is a terrible person. They are straight up a terrible person. I mean, at least let her die of natural causes man. T_T


Chapter 7

:open_mouth: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

I’m still shocked. I get extremely worried when I saw him sending her that 君の膵臓を食べたい message, because I realized it was his last message to her (according to the 1st chapter), but I’ve never seen that comming. Took me awhile to process all of this.




Wow everyone is so fast and I’m here like :sob::sob:


I might have cheated a little and just decided to finish the book.

Chapter 10

Gotta say, I really like the way this ending was done. I feel like a lot of stories like this try to have a heart-wrenching conclusion that just leaves you feeling down, but this one manages to end on a somewhat happy note. It’s good to see that our friend Haruki was able to follow through trying to follow in Sakura’s footsteps and become friends with Kyouko.

I also really liked this author’s style of writing. It really had that feeling that the narration was coming from the main character. There’s a lot of subtle things like more obscure kanji being used due to him reading a lot of novels (訊く instead of 聞く), or when Kyouko’s name went from キョウコ to 恭子, or the way that his one classmate is only referred to as ガムをすすめるクラスメイト. For me, more so than necessarily the contents of the story itself, I think this was the book’s strong point.

Overall a pretty worthwhile read. Would recommend.

On an unrelated note, that’s actually the first Japanese novel I’ve ever completed, so it’s a bit of a milestone for me :smiley:

@kyayna I believe in you. You can do it.


I definitely haven’t done the same thing.

After chapter 7 it just sucks you in and you can’t stop.

Chapter 10

Overall I really liked the ending. It wasn’t depressing and instead leaves you with that fuzzy feeling inside. I’m glad they end up getting along, it feels like Sakura’s will is living on.

I loved how when we found out how Kyouko’s name is written in Kanji, from that moment we saw 恭子 instead of キョウコ.
Revealing mc name was kinda nice. I like how it’s 春樹 - spring tree - and he got himself involved with 桜良 and cherry trees bloom in spring.

It very moving when he was checking up her phone if she saw his last message.

Yay, my 3rd Japanese book officially finished.
10/10 would recommend.

I would like to thank @sloa123 - seeing you go so fast made me step up my reading game to not stay behind. :laughing:
And also to @lopicake for setting this thread up. Seeing all that people reading together (even though at different pace) motivates me to stay on track (and also that juicy spoiler tags I couldn’t read yet :eyes: - that made me really want to read more).


Oh stop it! :relaxed:


Congratulations @sloa123 and @Freann! Sloa, that’s awesome that this is your first book! What an achievement! Mine was 時をかける少女 :joy: This was my 4th book.

@Kyayna 頑張れ!

Chapter 10

Wow I didn’t even make that connection but I love it now that I know! I always wonder how Japanese authors choose their characters names. Not only do they have to think of the way it sounds, they also have to choose the kanji, and the kanji combinations. It’s like endless possibilities. * o *


@lopicake Yeah, it definitely feels like I got over one of the hills that I’ve been looking to conquer for a while.

Chapter 10

I don’t have the book with me right now to find a page number, but do you remember how Sakura once asked Huraki why cherry blossoms bloom in spring and Haruki didn’t really have an answer? I think that question has a lot more significance now that we know his name, and also gets fairly well answered in her last testament (I think that’s what those are called).

@Freann お疲れ様です。 It’s good to hear I was able to help motivate you. Maybe next time there’s one of these threads, we’ll have to race to see who can finish first XD


Meanwhile I’m stuck with copious amount of notes on the first 2 pages of the book. ):

I did watch the movie and it was good… でも、ちょっと悲しいすぎたら…


What are you having trouble with? Vocab? Grammar?

Ah I still haven’t watched the movie. I was planning on watching it right after, but it would have been too much emotion back-to-back haha.


The biggest problem is the vocab. Grammar is somewhat of an issue, but I think vocab is a bigger one. Once I get most of the vocab, I can guess the meaning of the sentence. It takes a long time to type in the kanji in jisho.org too, so that takes even more time. I should start the kitsun vocab, but I wanted to try for some challenge (it is a big challenge ): ).

My first page after a few close reading:

The film is pretty nice, that’s why I wanted to try reading the light novel, but I might be a bit out of my depth… At this rate, it’ll take me a year to read through the entire book, or more…


You have a question mark on とり行われた

That’s this verb


Thank you! I was trying to search for toriiku. On hind sight, it should be obvious from the conjugation.


I already started the book before the Kitsun deck came out so I never used it. But if it’s like FloFlo and divides it by frequency it might really be a big help. You don’t have to pre-study everything, but if you pre-learn the words that appear a lot then the other words you have to look up won’t be so much and it won’t feel like you’re highlighting the entire book.
But still that’s pretty amazing effort!


Judging by the amount of words that you have written out as having looked up, I might actually suggest taking a faster pace without looking things up as much. The amount of words you seem to understand seems about the same as me, and I was able to go fairly quickly.

I can understand the feeling of wanting to understand every single sentence as you go along, but if you’re anything like me, that’s going to lead to burn-out well before you finish. Instead, you might find more success in taking an approach where you read, say, a paragraph, and then check with yourself to see if you understood the general contents of that paragraph. If you didn’t understand, go back and check just the critical words, and then keep going. It’s true that there will be lots of small points that you miss, but it’s a bit of a compromise between level of understanding, and actually being able to finish the book. (For reference, I did this except I would read the following two pages in the case of a paragraph I didn’t understand, so that I could attempt to parse out the meaning from context.)

Either way, best of luck. It’s definitely a good read :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips @sloa123. I usually do go through the text (~a page or two) once quickly and then go back and try to dissect it. It seems to work pretty well for other books I’ve read.

FWIW, my goal this time isn’t to finish the text, at least not quickly, but to get exposure to something above my level and hopefully get a feel of improvement over time (possibly months). I do hear you on burn-out tho. ⊙﹏⊙ I have other easier mangas I’m currently reading that should make it less likely -cross fingers-.

(Also, I suspect I know much less than you. I feel like I have to look up every other vocab… ): )

I couldn’t find a frequency toggle so far. Did about ~20 lessons and they aren’t really super helpful. I think it’s cause the first 20 lessons are literally the title page and the abstract… (╯°Д°)╯ ┻━┻

I also don’t want to burn out on SRS, already have ~200 WK reviews and more in Anki. ): So I might take it really, really slowly with this book. Re-reading the first two pages already felt like a natural SRS.