君の膵臓をたべたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) Book Discussion


There seems to be quite a few people reading Chapter 1-4. In any case, don’t hesistate to post any remarks or questions even from early chapters! Even though I finished I still enjoy talking about the book and I’m sure other will say the same. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. I’m still reading. :smile:
After the initial momentum wore off (and my plan to read 1 chapter a day turned out impossible, giving how long some of them are) I slowed down a little. But I’m still planning to finish it “quickly” (for me :joy:), because I have to know all that juicy spoilers people are talking about here. :face_with_monocle:


I know, with everyone talking about it so positively, I really wanna know now!!! I’m hoping to have more time off next week so I’ll try to read more then. Fingers crossed I guess xD


Finally finished chapter 4, that one was a beast (hope that was the longest chapter and they will be shorter from now on :laughing:).
I’m liking it more and more (and it feels like a nice change of pace for book to have an engaging plot after the overall blandness of 時をかける少女 :rofl:).

Chapter 4

Oh man, what a wild abduction trip that was.
Especially that 事実か挑戦か game. I was gasping so hard at the time of that last question. How do you even respond to something like that. :speak_no_evil:


I’m sorry, I suddenly got really busy so I haven’t continued reading yet, but soon I will!! I’ll be back soon lol in the meantime it’s nice to see that most people are enjoying the book so much!! I look forward to reading more


It actually took me forever to realize that’s what they were playing. I knew the words individually but it wasn’t until she was explaining the rules to him that put the two together and I was like :bulb:!!!

And then was like Oh this gonna get gud…:smiling_imp:


Also, it involves alcohol.


Well, I finally got around to starting today. I’m gonna try to shoot for a chapter every day or two, but I guess we’ll have to see how that pans out.

Chapter 1

Overall, a pretty solid start. I like both of the main characters and their way of interacting. I’m expecting some pretty good scenes from these two in the future.

On a side note, I was a little surprised how easy this is to read for me. I just started reading non-manga books a couple weeks ago, and I’ve gone from reading one page every thirty minutes, to about 10 per hour. Good to see some progress :smiley:



But I literally started reading 秋の牢獄 yesterday :sweat: so probably gna finish that before starting on this.


I see someone’s been looking forward to One Week Friends.

Chapter 2 stuff

Dang. I know that some people might not like the personality of someone like Mr.「秘密をしてるクラスメイト」, but I’m loving this guy. He’s just so dang nihilistic in the way he approaches human relationships XD. I suspect we’ll be seeing a little character development out of him in the future.

That being said, have any of you guys read/seen “Tuesdays with Morrie”? She seems a lot like Morrie, where on the outside she’s trying to appear upbeat and take things in stride, but I would expect she’s actually experiencing a lot of fear and internal turmoil at the moment.

Overall, I’m liking it. I’m excited to see what these two weirdos are gonna get up to next.


Went through both chapter 3 & 4 today because I hate myself because I didn’t want to try to tackle chapter 4 on Monday.

Chapters 3 and 4

I don’t know if anyone else gets this feeling, but I find this author’s writing style very interesting. He/she is very good at using withheld information to either add extra information or extra intrigue to the story. Of course the obvious example is the main character’s name, but also in cases such as not naming the prefecture they were visiting, or the exchange between Sakura and the hotel employees where everything was explained through only what the main character could perceive. It lets the reader use their imagination and/or logical deduction skills to try to fill in the gaps.

Anyways, about the chapters. A lot happened in these two chapters, but more than what happened I’m interested in where we’re going. In particular, what is Sakura hoping to get out of this relationship she’s building? For the moment, she’s using him as someone to vent to/let off some steam with, but if she gets too close to him, she has to know that she is going to end up devastating him when she dies. So I’m curious where the line is going to be drawn.

Also, it’s a bit sad to see that the main character’s going to start getting bullied over this. :confused:


Haha yea the premise seemed cute and interesting when it was nominated for one of the book clubs and I found the whole set for cheap on amazon so :grin:

And my main motivation for getting to the pancreas book right now is I really want to click on all the summary and spoiler tags in this thread.:laughing:

Yeah I definitely agree with you about withholding information!

I kept trying to guess what prefecture they were in but everything was so vague it was almost funny. “Oh now we’re in the main train station that it just jam packed with people this is totally unlike the inaka town that we’re from.” “Oh now we’re going to visit one of the really famous sites for this prefecture.” “Oh let’s try the famous dish from this prefecture and don’t forget the omiyage!”
They also mention a beach trip, but knowing Japan, that doesn’t rule out any place except Hokkaido probably haha. I guess we could also rule out Okinawa since I doubt it even has Shinkansens. We can also rule out Shikoku for the same reason. So we got the rest of 本州…

Speaking of the Hotel

I was wondering what the point of that scene with Sakura and receptionist was supposed to be about. Is it to show how nice she is with other people? Also I was honestly thinking that she had conned them somehow. “Oh yeah, I definitely put in a reservation for this hotel. What you don’t have it? Hmmm…”
Or is it supposed to show into the main character’s personality since he did literally nothing to help her with the whole situation?

Chapter 4 stuff

Yeah, if I had to guess, I think they probably went somewhere in the western Kansai region as it fits a lot of the details that they mentioned, but it could realistically be anywhere in most of the Honshuu. It just has to be connected to one of the Shinkansen lines.

About the hotel scene, obviously I can’t speak for the author, but I think you can chalk it up to an artistic choice. There are a lot of instances where the author will include scenes that don’t neccesarily contribute to advancing the plot, but rather are mostly geared to showing the differences between the two characters, or adding some realism through banal description of what is occuring from the main character’s perspective. Basically, it’s there to put you into the mind of the main character a bit, allowing you to better understand things from his perspective, such as on this kidnapping trip.

It is an interesting thought that she might have pulled some trickery with the hotel staff, as they did end up getting put into a pretty good room. Maybe a free upgrade due to a “reservation that the hotel somehow missed”. But that’s what I mean. It’s left up to interpretation, which makes it more entertaining to read.


I started learning the vocab for this on Kitsun in hopes of possibly reading this when I’m not doing three other simultaneous book clubs (also this one looks more complex).


@lopicake @sloa123

Chapter 4

That scene is really important to the plot, since it justifies why they are both in the same room.

Chapter 4

Whoa man, get out of here with your logic XD But yeah, I guess that point did get missed in our larger discussion.

Chapter 5

Well that was a bit of a ride eh? Gotta say, the main character really is unbelievably dense sometimes. Like, I get that he isn’t really interested in human relationships, but his complete lack of ability to read situations put him in a pretty bad pinch twice this chapter. That being said, it’s good to see that most of the dirty laundry has been aired out now. Here’s to hoping that [彼女は、入院していた。] is merely due to the common cold. :smiley: definitely not in denial

By the way, anyone else feel this chapter was more difficult to read than the previous chapters? Normally I have no problem following along, but the amount of exposition this time around really upped the difficulty a bit.

Chapter 5

Yeah, I found that chapter a little bit more difficult. I think mostly becuase of that crazy amount of action. That bit in Sakura’s room in particular, because we went pretty fast from playing video games to practically assaluting each other, so I was a bit confused, lol.

My thoughts while reading that chapter, basicaly:
-Okay. What is SHE doing? :sweat_smile:
-Whoa, what is HE doing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
-Oh, he got punched in the face, lol :rofl:

On an unspoilery note. You’re going fast :laughing: