君の膵臓をたべたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) Book Discussion


Yeah they did read No.6, but that was before I joined, so I never got to read it with the group :persevere: Although I do think the threads are still somewhere (hopefully), so that might help with some questions (should I ever read the book) (let’s be honest, I’ve seen the anime, I’m so reading that book at some point)

Ooooh, good luck! Just check this thread whenever you’re stuck and I’m sure it’ll give you some motivation to keep on going! Also maybe consider joining the one of the book clubs too, it’s really good fun and super helpful reading with so many people at the same time. Also it gives you schedule to stick to so you don’t burn out or just put it down (in theory :wink: )

I suppose I could just look it up, but I really can’t be bothered :joy: right now, the joy of even reading in Japanese in the first place is enough for me. I think I’d like to read books that I’m really really really into when I’m a bit better at picking up nuances so I can truly enjoy it like I do other books. But do let me know if you find something, I’m super curious! :smiley:




So kinda like a どうかなああああ。。。。

Me to myself while trying to learn Japanese


This is why learning isolated words and not studying phrases or grammar is dangerous, guys…


どういたしまして ! ೭੧(❛▿❛)੭೨


No(t yet)!

I’m catching up on 時をかける少女 (hopefully by this weekend or so), and then I want to start this c:


Me when I realize I committed to all the book clubs and still want to read other things on top of it




Haha me too. I am reading…2 books now, a third is getting added in soon, and knowing me, I will just keep piling things up…until they fall over. Good old entropy…




Ah yes, it’s an endless cycle :durtle_the_explorer:

Let’s get those books!



Is this the right version? There are a bunch of them


I don’t think there’s a wrong version, but that’s the one I have! (In paperback.)

Also is everyones’ opinions on the main characters so far?

Main character

Really a bit of an ass but I get where he’s coming from. He reminds me of me in high school (but I was a lot less crabby!) Especially about separating myself from people.

To this day I’m still surprised when I get friend requests from people I barely talked to in school because I’m shocked that they even remember me, let alone want to connect with me on social media. Haha!


I like her a lot. I think how she copes with dark humor is very relatable. I also think she balances the main character out well. I don’t know how I’ll feel when she eventually dies. :frowning:


That’s the version without furigana.

The is also furigana version (if someone would be interested).

And as I came by here, I just wanted to tell you guys, I think that 2nd Chapter may never end. :sweat_smile:

Seriously, how long is it :dizzy_face:


Finally done with 2nd Chapter. Wow, that was a long day one, lol.

Thoughts on chapter 2

Wow, that was a long day for them, lol. They managed to did quite a lot.
I had to google out what ホルモン(焼き) was, because otherwise it didn’t make any sense to me (how do you eat hormones :thinking: :laughing:).
Rope buying scene is just amazing. :joy:
I’m liking Sakura more and more.

And unrelated to this chapter thought - that whole situation give me 四月は君の嘘 vibe. We have very energetic and always smiling girl who drags a little dense and closed guy around.

I couldn’t agree more :smiley: This line is golden. :joy:


I feel like I’m missing out, but I also super don’t want to read about terminal illness especially not in what has become an entire genre of “girl dies so boy can learn something”



Cool! I bought the ebook and started reading it yesterday :+1:


Nice haul!
Good luck for N2! :muscle:


Does the EbooksJapan app have a built in dicitonary?


No, at least it doesn’t on Android, but it does let you highlight text and then gives you the option to open the web browser to search it in Goo (a monolingual dictionary) or Google or Yahoo.


Eep, I just realised how much cheaper the Shin Kanzen Master books are on Amazon.jp than on the Canadian one and am regretting not including them with my order since I paid for shipping through Tenso anywayㅠㅠ

Oh well, I’m not planning on taking the N1 until December at least so I still have some timewhich I should really use to get rid of my 1400 reviews that I’ve been avoiding and get my butt to Level 60 already :upside_down_face:. Getting them next time for sure!


If you thought that was wrong, wait till you get to chapter 4. It’s like 70 pages. :joy: But they’re worth it!

@QuackingShoe I totally get where you’re coming from because I hate that trope as well…

Whoops, mine definitely does have furigana on select words but not much. I wonder why they make separate versions like that. Is furigana annoying to Japanese people?


I know for myself it makes me lazy. I feel like I read furigana even for kanji I know, if they are there. I imagine long term this could make it hard to read certain kanji without furigana. So I wonder, maybe as a native there might be the same risk? Or maybe it just feels childish?

EDIT: Though it is definitely awesome for the more obscure words or readings for looking them up.


Well it’s kind of just noise if you’re a fluent adult. So I’d guess the furigana version is usually published later and targeted towards younger people.


:fearful::fearful: yeahhhh definitely going to have to go 多読-style on this book or else I’m never getting through it…

As @seanblue said, it’s pretty much just extra noise.

I’m not Japanese but I did learn to read Arabic and Urdu around the age of 5 and the way those scripts work are that most of the letters that make up a word are consonants (with the exception of 3 which represent long vowels), and then there are several marks which can go under or above them to indicate which short vowel sound goes with each consonant that is not followed by a long vowel, or if you just finish on that sound with no vowel after.

With Arabic, I’m lost without the marks because I can only speak a small amount which I’ve mostly forgotten so I can only read things written for foreigners or children lol.

With Urdu, however, I can read kind of without the extra marks around everything because I speak and understand the language at the level of a child in primary school. From that perspective, the extra marks just clutter the page, and if you’re reading font that’s small or not very spaced out it becomes an annoying large mess. I’d imagine that’s similar to how Japanese people view furigana.


Thanks, I’m actually super excited to start, but I’m swamped with work right now, so it’ll probably be another week until I can get properly started on studying xD

… and until I can properly start reading this too… those are a lot of pages. Damn. I wanted to start yesterday, figured I could at least get through the prologue, but I really struggled to concentrate and even though I looked a few words up, still wasn’t quite sure what was going on and it was giving me a headache so I put it down… Here’s to trying again as soon as I get a couple hours free time…

I really wanted the one without the Furigana, but Amazon wouldn’t ship to my house (like, it was literally the only book, all the others were fine) :disappointed_relieved: :sob: