卵 vs 玉子 for eggs

I can’t claim to be representative of everyone, but I’m from the Midwest and I’ve actually never heard the midday meal referred to as dinner before… Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are eaten in the morning, midday, and evening, respectively. Supper sounds British to me; I really never hear Americans use that word.

My parents (originally from Minnesota, though I didn’t grow up there) and grandparents always refer to the evening meal as supper. The midday meal was still “lunch” though, and “dinner” was just some “fancy” way to say supper. They were from pretty rural farming communities (especially my dad’s family), which might make a difference in usage. Personally, I started calling the evening meal “dinner” only after I moved to Arizona for college and absolutely no one else used the word “supper”.

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Okay I had a suspicion that “supper” might be used more in rural communities, but didn’t want to make a claim because I’ve never lived in the countryside. Anyhow, that word seems less weird to me than the usage of “dinner” to mean a midday meal.

And here’s a 卵 kanji to make it seem like we’re still on topic here hehe

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Just so you’re aware dinner being used for lunch and tea for dinner isn’t just a Scottish thing it’s a north Welsh and north English thing too. I was born in Milnrow, North-West England, and grew up in a small rural village in North Wales near Abergele. And tea and dinner were the prevalent terms used for meals. A good indicator as to which term’s are used where is if the local schools use the term school dinner instead of school lunch.

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