ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

Tomorrow marks the first week of the last quarter of the year, so here’s the overall textbook study wishful thinking plan:

I wrote before of finding it irritating that I was on different lesson/section numbers in my 2 texts, so I had synced them up; it turns out I would rather be irritated by that than swamped every 5 weeks with 2 let’s-review-the-previous-5-chapters sections landing on the same weekend over and over, so I’ll be unsyncing them over the next 4 weeks (one text has 45 sections, the other 50, so having them synced didn’t really make that much sense).

I’ve had some other writing to do (which I really don’t want to be doing, but have to) that has been interfering with my evening translation study, but I want to be eating homemade mochi as comfort food to help me through that horrible writing, so the remaining pages have been forwarded, with great determination :persevere:, to the beginning of next week:

This has been my standing since yesterday’s evening review:

I’ve got 3 kanji due to be guru’d this evening, so I should be levelling up in about 4 hours’ time :slightly_smiling_face:


I did it!

I’m happy that I’ve managed to keep to my recent trend of levelling up in about a fortnight.

Screenshot 2020-09-27 190249

I had put my hypothetical level-up time in as 13 days in the projections section of the old stats site, but I realised yesterday that I had miscalculated, so with very little finesse I put the figures into a spreadsheet and dredged up my weak and little-used knowledge of formulae and crunched the numbers (tagging @beckswithspecks here for a little Unnecessary Math(s)TM appreciation):

InkedScreenshot 2020-09-27 191102_LI InkedScreenshot 2020-09-27 191137_LI



Screenshot 2020-10-01 120219

And, after 3 back-to-back medical appointments this morning, I got the OK to take off the cam boot and walk on my foot for the first time since learning I’d broken my ankle, so it’s been an eventful morning all around. :grin:


Congrats on getting that ankle mended! :partying_face: That must have been frustrating. But, getting better is surely a sign from the Crabigator that things are looking up for you! ^>^ :durtle_noice:



A momentous event in my WK journey this morning; after completing my lessons, I have finally broken the 50% mark on learned items!


I’ve really fallen behind on this, but here’s the next page of translation:


Hey I just start my log yesterday
I love your onenote verymuch, could you guide me how to make one? Or just give the templace file to download, thanks


I have no idea how I would download or upload the template, sorry.

If you have MS OneNote on your computer, it is very easy to create a table; there is a table button under the ‘Insert’ tab:

This is a straight copy/paste of my template - I have managed to copy and paste it back into OneNote on a blank sheet, but some of the original formatting has been lost (colours, font type/size, and borders). I hope it helps.
時 /学習ツール 月曜日 火曜日 水曜日 木曜日 金曜日 土曜日 日曜日
鰐蟹 課業 課業 課業 課業 課業 課業 課業
復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習
ヘンシャル 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源 部首や漢字の語源
BishBashBosh “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed” “apprentice + failed”
記憶術 あーど なーん
来週のスケジュールを準備する 学習ログ
鰐蟹 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習
基本漢字 II テキスト 第30課 ユニット 1 & 2.1 .1 第30課 ユニット 2.1.2 & 2.2 第30課 ユニット 2.1.3 & 2.3 第30課 ユニット 3 第30課 してできますか 復習
新日本語の基礎 II 第30課 - 言葉、文型, ノート 第30課 - 例文、会話 第30課 - 練習A 第30課 - 練習B 第30課 - 練習 C 復習 第30課 - 問題 復習
BishBashBosh “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus” “+ 4 ancient gurus”
鰐蟹 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習
わんわん探偵団2 ページ ページ ページ ページ ページ ページをスキャンする
多読 (Ask) 1-12 聞く、読む 1-12 聞く、聞き読み上げる
鰐蟹 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習 復習
BishBashBosh “all ancients” “all ancients” “all ancients” “all ancients” “all ancients” “all ancients” “all ancients”

I’ve got a bit of extra work today to finish off this week’s textbook work, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now that I have done the first page of the actual mochi-making instructions I think I’ve got a rhythm going, so hope to do a page each evening and should finish on Wednesday (there’re still many more pages, but this will complete the first section and allow me to make basic mochi).

Next week’s plan:


I should have been in bed an hour ago, but here is p7, finished :sweat_smile:


Evidently, I’ve been slacking in the evenings since my last post… Here’s the next page:

P.S. A shout out to @ChristopherFritz for mentioning DeepL Translator at some point; it has been invaluable in doing this work. :smiley: :dango:


This one’s going to be brutal :persevere:


You may have mentioned this already, but how are you transcribing these? Are you looking up kanji and typing it? Or are you using an OCR program, or a program that contains such a feature, to convert the image to text?

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I tried using Acrobat’s OCR, but it wouldn’t recognise it as anything other than images.

I learned most of the small collection of new kanji in the first few pages (the radical look-up function in Jisho got a workout :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and since it is an instruction manual not a novel, those kanji get repeated a lot, so I am now able to type an awful lot of it straight into DeepL just to double-check I understand it. (I now recognise and know the readings for ()し (steaming)、蒸気(じょうき) (steam)、and 裏側(うらがわ) (reverse side)!). Otherwise I’ve been stunned to realise how far I’ve come: kanji-wise, from getting nearly halfway through WK - I learned 故障(こしょう) in WK last week and it is right there in tonight’s work; grammar-wise, largely from my reading with all you lovely folks in the わんわん bookclub :dog:.

At this point, and on this very dense page in particular, most of my time is spent in rewording/reducing the translations and then formatting the textboxes to fit into the allotted space and to blend with the backgrounds.

I will prepping rice to soak overnight as soon as I wrap up here, and will then be making mochi tomorrow, finally!


That makes sense that you’re seeing the same kanji/vocabulary over and over.

The reason I ask is because if the lookup part were taking too long, Copyfish could help out. But I can imagine all that goes into everything else that comes after getting a transcript together. It’s certainly a big project, but once you finish it, you’ll feel you’ve made so much progress…or at least that you’re better acquainted with an appliance =D

Copyfish example.


Oh wow! And you did that with a jpeg of a scan off the forums! Cool. I may well use that later on for the recipe pages (lots more new vocab there, I expect).


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It’s been an eventful morning!

I levelled up to 30 shortly after 10:00;

And I then made my first batch of ugly, ugly mochi - these two blighters were made from what was left in the bottom of my mochi-cutting gizmo, and I had them with some green tea for elevenses.

There are more photos of the process over in the もち thread

I started into lvl 29 vocab several days earlier than usual this past week, so I did some more Unnecessary Math(s) TM regarding numbers of types of WK items for lessons and realised that I can reduce vocab by 1 item/day, so I’ll now be doing 1Rad/3Kanji/7Vocab each morning [I also did the maths on increasing the kanji count to 4, but that would have necessitated 2Rad/4Kanji/9Vocab and would have led to 11 day levels, and the 20% increase in workload did not appeal]

Next week’s plan:


I’ve seen a lot of people mention that the Lesson Filter Script was one of their favorites and that it made WaniKani better for them, but I haven’t seen many people say why it’s nice to have. Is it just an efficiency thing of unlocking new kanji sooner to get to the next level quicker??

My current schedule has me doing lessons in my car after work, so I’ve been using my cell phone. If I find the magic in this script, I might just have to start bringing my laptop to work so that I can use that in the car instead!

Also, your schedule looks fantastic! I’m very bad at making schedules, but will have to try an whip something up over the weekend. :slight_smile:


I actually use the lesson filtre to have a balance of items spread across most of the level.

I had found doing whole batches of kanji to be too mentally taxing, and they just didn’t sink in; with the filtre I can spread them out and make each day’s lessons very consistant workload-wise.

Some folks do use it for speed, and within that group some use it to skip the vocab lessons entirely, but I’m not doing either of those things - it takes me a fortnight to do a level.


I see. I’m still very early in, Level 2 to be exact, so I haven’t really got to see the system in full swing yet. I could understand how 20 new vocab would be more taxing than a good mix. I’ll at least give it a go and see how it feels!

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: