ルーパーズ infinity Chapter 17 - END (Visual Novel Book Club)

Well, I guess I should add my thoughts too. So stoked I finished my first VN*. And it was in Japanese. :3

*I have played the Ace attorney games in English, but when I played them, I didn’t even know what a VN was and picked them up for the detective/mystery-solving elements

Chapter thoughts

Definitely one of the strongest chapters. I feel like the best chapters were all the ones before or just as Hilda and Tyler fell into the loop (Hilda thinking she was going insane and killing her dad in her first loop was pretty good!). And then, the next chapter that was really good was Tyler’s treasure hunt for Mia, and then Hilda getting Leona back. And then I’d jump until the last two chapters.

The middle was a lot of fluff and so many missed opportunities for conflict. And since we don’t get much background on our characters until the second to last chapter… well, cardboard characters, and I hold that that is true for everyone. Even Tyler, Hilda, Mia and Simon, which are probably the main characters if you count screen time.

Most of them are one note, even if there are two different poles on that one note (aka I think they all have a sad pole, but their main poles depend on character (Tyler=energy bunny, Mia=mysterious, etc.).

The story also have a bit of problem deciding what it wants to be. The first couple of chapters clearly hint at scary and disturbing things with 探し女 and the Leona crazy flashes, and Hilda actually killing her dad in the first loop.

Then we have some fluffy slice of life stuff, eventually leading into to the start of the Mia/Tyler romance.

On to some heavy stuff with Hilda/Leona where we see the dark side of looping (and it is the only time we see the dark side of it, rather than just being told about being soul crushing).

And then we have some happy go lucky times. Even leaving the loop day is played super casual despite being hyped up as this scary thing that they have to do exactly right. (It does have some good conversations though, to be fair.)

After that it basically becomes a mini star-crossed lovers kinda story for a couple of chapters.


I’m not saying it is bad, but I’d also not say it is great. Good? Probably not. Fine: yes. That one I can agree to.

I’d never recommend it except maybe if I knew someone who loved Geocaching (aka if I met a real life Tyler…) and they’d be happy to read a story basically centered on that with a bit of romance and some flashes of other things.

Because if you asked me what the central theme/the thing the story hinged on was I’d say: endless/looping geocaching…

So to me, it feels like the writer started with the idea of wanting to make a VN about geocaching (and perhaps looping) and then tried to shoehorn a story into that idea.

That is kinda my overall thoughts.

For this last chapter. I do agree that choosing the last image to be of Mia sleeping is just unnecessarily trying to add ambiguity. Like literally any image could have been picked. Tyler hugging Mia in the hospital bed. A few days/weeks later with Tyler and Mia out geocaching, or whatever. The possibilities were endless, but they picked that.

I will say this. The VN did get me to shed a couple of tears as Mia was disintegrating in Tyler’s arms. After 1,5 chapter of the sad: we’ll try to be together, oh no we are failing, we have failed. It finally got me and I tend to be the kind of person that starts crying at the first hint of sadness.

Anyway, I did like how the epilogue played out, with Mia waking some days later (no idea why they didn’t just pick a number and tell us that), and calling her looper friends and having Tyler crazily running to her side. That was very sweet.

I did really like the conversation in the park between Mia and Tyler. About wanting to apologize to each other and asking stuff from each other, and the hugging. Yes, probably the best writing of the whole VN.

I’m so happy I decided to join this club almost a year ago. It made me finally take a step into the VN world, and while Loopers isn’t the best. What I’ve read of BU$TAFELLOWS so far have been excellent. And I do see myself reading many more VNs in the future. :star_struck:


Aand I’m also done! :tada:

It’s been almost a year. That took me way too long for such a short VN. :see_no_evil:

I think in part it is because, like others here, I also found it lacking in the story and character development areas. But it’s not just that. I think I may be bad at gaming on a schedule, but I don’t know why it should be any different than reading a book on a book club’s schedule. For some reason I manage that a bit better.

In any case, that aside, my thoughts on the game!

The characters all felt unique, but as has been mentioned by others, they were on the whole pretty flat. For me that was especially apparent towards the end.

I enjoyed the time loop shenanigans, and the mystery with the 探し女 - even the over the top shonen manga style geohunting obsession was fun.

I think there were a lot of good ideas in here. If it had been longer, the pacing better and those elements had been explored more, this VN could have really had the chance to shine. So that’s a bit of a shame!

Still, I think it was pretty good for what’s really supposed to be <10 hrs playtime iirc. If I’d managed my expectations accordingly, I might have been less frustrated at its shortcomings.

Reading through the threads was fun, as usual. :slight_smile: Thanks for the experience!


Oh wait, I played those too. But! VNDB doesn’t count Ace Attorney (or other games with gameplay) as a VN! Which is ridiculous, but it also means that according to them it’s still our first VN, so for once I won’t be grumpy about their weird policy.

…and in other news, I never really did what I promised in my last post, so here we go.

Thoughts on the game / reactions to other people comments

Fully agreed! The horror/mystery elements were a pleasant surprise, and it would’ve been nice if there would’ve been more here.

What I definitely would’ve liked less of were the sudden fantasy elements that suddenly popped up in the end. I have to admit it soured the last chapters for me. Up until then, this was sold as some weird sci-fi phenomenon, and I was on board with that - and then suddenly it was magic, so anything goes, including Tyler magically meeting Mia in spirit form. It also hampered my investment in the whole thing.

But while the feeling of sadness didn’t get me too much, in the end I’m happy that it did end on a happy note with Mia waking up! (I don’t accept any other theories.)

Haha - yeah, exactly. There was so much treasure hunting in everything. It conveniently solved all the problems: Characters bored out of their mind? Treasure hunting. Coma? Treasure hunting. Keeping your spirits up? Treasure hunting. Your girlfriend is trapped in another magical dimension? Well, you know the drill.

I’m honestly surprised that finding the gate didn’t involve any treasure hunting. That was the one place where I feel like it would’ve made the most sense.

All in all, this was a good first VN reading experience. The actual VN was just “alright” for me, but it did definitely spark my interest in the medium, both as a learning experience and for enjoyment. Especially the combination of listening and reading makes it really interesting for learning - with an anime, movie or audio book, repeating audio is a bit of a chore, but here repeating a line is just a key press, and it doesn’t auto advance, so you have all the time in the world to understand it.

And separate from the VN itself - reading it with the club has made it so much better, and I was always looking forward to reading your thoughts and contributing my own! Thanks to everyone who participated! And especially thanks to @Daisoujou for organizing it, @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz for answering one million of my questions, and @MissDagger for picking it up with me again!

I’ll definitely join the VN Book Club again, but it’ll take a while until I’m good enough to keep up with you at the faster reading speeds.

And apropos reading speed...

Here’s mine - in characters/hour in each of the chapters.

Loopers characters per hour

All in all a bit inconclusive with the ups and downs, but at least it seems like the trend is going up.

Also… I do have a few questions left! I actually typed them out months ago, and then forgot to make this post…


What’s the 言いはした?

I’m having a bit of trouble with the third sentence. The first part until the のに seems to me like it’s “And you wish you had arrived at that thought while you were standing in front of Mia.”

I struggle with the part after that.

  • What does the のに do?
  • What about the と感じているだろう?

The と思う is probably just Simon thinking, right? “And I think that you wish that you had…”

Is the second sentence. “This thought is something that you can not obtain when you’re not separated (i.e. “only obtain when separated”), a very very important thing.”

Is he saying that the regret was necessary, but not anymore?

Is that

  • “I noticed…”
  • “The treasure that I really want is only in the tomorrow.”
  • “For that reason, I planned to leave this world.”
  • “Tyler and the others frenetically searched to make that possible.”
  • “And so, I could come here.” (To this place, talking with Tyler as a phantom.)

登録? What is that about?


Oh that reminded me. I thought the climax of the story was going to be them finding the gate in a big treasure hunt. Everything in the story was kinda leading up to that, how they would only be able to enter for a short time, how it was so dang important to notice when things shifted so they’d know it had appeared, etc. It certainly would have tied the looping and treasure hunting together in a story beat that made sense.

And thanks right back at you, @TobiasW. Picking it back up together made sure I read it and finished it. I might have done binge, no reading, binge, no reading, rinse repeat, but I did get it done and seeing you reading along with me spurred me to keep coming back to it to finish it. :slight_smile:

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Not really confident, but considering it’s part of the narration, it seems to be a formal way using the masu-stem of a verb (which is considered a noun) + the は particle, and する in past tense. So it would be just like 言いました just written in a more fancy way.

There are similar constructions that apply the masu stem of verbs in a similar way, for example お + masu stem + ねがいます that means “I very kindly ask of you to ~” and is extremely formal:

My understanding is the following… I hope it helps, not sure how clearly I can explain this.

ミアが目の前にいる時に => At the time Mia was in front (of me)
その想いに至れる => To ‘reach’ that feeling - in the sense of being certain of feeling a certain emotion. Particularly the kanji 想, refers more to feelings (emotional thoughts), while 思い is used for more rational thoughts.

想い is very commonly used in romance novels/mangas/games to refer to feelings of love and affection directed towards other people. So, thinking dearly of a loved one would be an 想い, while just the feeling would be called a 気持ち. Thinking of a loved one without any feelings involved, would be an 思い, like thinking about what your spouse is buying at the supermarket or something.

その想いに至れたらよかった => It would have been good if I had been able to reach that feeling.

その想いに至れたらよかったのに => Even though it would have been good if I had been able to reach that feeling => So here のに, which I translated as ‘Even though’, is emphasizing the regretful-ness of the situation. It’s not uncommon for のに to be used at the end of a sentence, with the ‘counter-clause’ being implied. In this case, the counter-clause would be ‘but things didn’t go that way’.

ミアが目の前にいる時にその想いに至れたらよかったのにと =>
「ミアが目の前にいる時にその想いに至れたらよかったのに」と => so と is quoting the whole ‘Even though it would have been good if I had been able to reach that feeling when Mia was in front of me’.

That hella long quote we are going to abbreviate to 「x」

「x」と、感じているだろう => The previous quote is being used as “You are feeling「x」, aren’t you?”

『「x」と、感じているだろう』と思う => The quoting of the quoting! => " I think 'you are feeling「x」, aren’t you?’ "

Detangling all that in more normal English:

“And I think you are feeling that ‘if only I had been able to understand that feeling back when Mia was in front of me’, right?”

Yes, exactly, except it’s more of an emotion than a ‘thought’, as mentioned earlier.

My understanding is somewhat different.

So in his first sentence, Tyler is expression that he regarded regret as something unnecessary. The なんか is in a way showing his ‘despise’ (which is a too a strong of a word, but my brain is failing me to give me a better one) for regret. It’s like his philosophy of life was never regretting anything.

In the second sentence he realizes ‘regret’ is exactly what allowed him to realize was his feelings were. “This feeling… this regret… so it was necessary (after all)”. The ‘after all’ I am adding there is to represent the んだ that gives it the explication-tone.

I guess you could say that the regret is not necessary anymore, since now he has realized what his feelings are, but that’s not the point he’s trying to make.

I agree with your translation, except for this one:

Mia: 「タイラたちがそうしたように、必死で宝物を探して……」

Here そうしたように would be “in the same way Tyler (and the others)”. So here Mia is basically saying that she desperately searched for the treasure (on her side), just like Tyler and the others were searching for the treasure too (on their side).

And the last sentence, she starts with そして “due to that” - which implies that efforts on both sides made it possible for her to arrive ‘here’.

I can’t quite remember, but I believe she’s talking about registering Tyler’s phone number in her phone? While she was in the time-loop there was no point in saving it, after all.

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