ルーパーズ ♾ Chapter 2 (Visual Novel Book Club)

Expect wtc to be much more difficult than this despite it being by the same author. But other than that i do highly recommend them. Umineko is the best vn I’ve ever read imo.


Well, he has a GPS :wink: Although it turned out to be not enough :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer is obviously 夏休み :smiley:


Knowing the count beforehand really helps with the pacing and it’s also an interesting bit of data. It’d be really cool to have it on the schedule table just like in regular bookclubs you sometimes have ‘pages’ for each week. I don’t know how much of a hassle making that would be though.


I was going to read ahead so I could collect and share this, but ended up having a bit of a busy week and went with a quick skim. Spoiler tags are brief descriptions of the backgrounds for relatively major changes, for example I would describe the first half of chapter 2 as “convenience store”. All numbers are cumulative, but your numbers may vary based on configuration.

Chapter 3
Screen 1 (convenience store): 1,041 Characters, 48 Lines
Screen 2 (bridge?): 1,814 Characters, 88 Lines
Screen 3 (convenience store): 2,469 Characters, 120 Lines
Screen 4 (street + black): 3,688 Characters, 180 Lines
Screen 5 (park): 5,142 Characters, 249 Lines
Screen 6 (street): 5,260 Charactesrs, 254 Lines
Screen 7 (stairs): 5,898 Characters, 279 Lines
Screen 8 (CGish at stairs): 6,412 Characters, 306 Lines
Screen 9 (???): N/A*
Screen 10 (stairs): 6,581 Characters, 317 Lines
Screen 11 (bridge): New chapter!

*Small amounts of center text that my easy hook doesn’t cover. I could have nabbed these lines, but they are often trivial.


Well…, as late struggler I’m also done with this chapter. 3 sessions around 30m-1h

Arrived at the same ranking as you! :+1:

Loved reading all the posts. So being late actually has some perks too.

Let’s see how much longer the Demo carries me and when I have to pay. Next week I can actually try and see how well I can fit this an つぐみ into my busy weeks and decide if I want to continue. Summer time is always so stressful :confused:


Catching up guys! 0_0

Just finished chapter 2. It seems like it took me about 4 hours( as long as the switch battery lasts… and maybe a bit longer).

My thoughts


Dialogue: is quite manageable.
Narration: ranging from “i get that” to " wh-WhaT why you using dis weird words i-is this an expression? there is no way this is an expression…o wait it do be one."
I’m happy to see stuff being repeated, makes learning new vocab easier.

タイラ: I dont see you staying that excited for that long… buddy.

Hylda: rip

レオナ: ちゃんと話してください

Grammar: not much of a problem.

Voices: Clear. BGM had to be lowerd a bit though.

Me slow but me gon’catch up.


Hah, yes! I don’t have trouble understanding what she says for the most part, but I’ll confess if there’s any nuance to her overuse of し and other speech patterns beyond “I am quirky” then it’s totally lost on me.


I decided two days ago to give this a go. I wasn’t too optimistic - it’s my first VN, and I didn’t know if I could read it and how much I’d like the medium, but with texthooking, heavy Yomichan lookups and the occasional DeepL query I can certainly do it, and I’m surprised how much I got into it during this chapter! I just finished chapter 2 in 2:36h spread out over 2 days, so I think I’ll be alright and I’ll catch up with all of you soon! :smiley:

I’m definitely not gonna try to understand every grammatical nuance here, especially not with all the speech quirks / slang going around. But mostly I feel like I’m fine in the grammar department and there were barely any sentences where I really felt troubled. Having voice-over helps a lot too.

Nevertheless, two questions...
  • 「私は砂場から離れてみるぜ。何となく、砂場って決め付けちまってるけど」
    Is Hilda saying here that the others have arbtarily decided that it’s the sandbox, and she on the other hand is going to try to go away from it? I thought the pin of the map was pointing to the sandbox or something?
  • そのとき、女が突然、探す手を止めた。
    Is “verb + 手を止める” some kind of common phrase that means to stop an action? I couldn’t find any phrases or grammar with it.

I agree regarding the volume! I was constantly turning it up and down. Hilda is like an headbutt to the ears. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I was wondering why I loved Leona so much, and then I realized: It’s the same voice actor as Nanachi from Made of Abyss! I even feel like they have similar personalities, haha.

Anyway, audio problems and headbutts aside, this is turning out to be quite fun, and I can’t wait to continue tomorrow with chapter 3!


I interpreted that as something along the lines of

I’ll look separately [somewhere else] from the sand box. For one reason or another I am [fixated] on that sandbox, but…

As in leave and look, but that’s not exactly natural to say in english I think? For the other line, I’m interpreting it along the lines of

… the woman abruptly stopped rummaging around.

I’m not confident in this one at all, but hey, the fastest way to get an answer on the internet is to have someone answer incorrectly first! :wink:

Seriously!? I never would have noticed that, but it totally fits :smiley:


Oh, a fellow vtuber fan!

Thanks for your interpretations!

Yeah, it took me a bit too. But in the second half of this chapter, there were a few lines where she sounded extremely familiar, so I looked it up, and yeah… same VA. :rabbit:


We have a thread here where we post clips and chatter about whatever. Stop by some time :smiley:

I realize I didn’t answer one of your questions that wasn’t covered by my interpretations


I thought the pin of the map was pointing to the sandbox or something?

IIRC, Tyler briefly explains that the pin is not exact or something along those lines. It’s also bad to do something like burying the treasure and digging up the place (most public space hobby communities have rules against destructive actions and stuff irl), so they’d have to look around and think creatively. Then I think Leona came to the conclusion that if it wasn’t below then maybe somewhere up high. Tyler praises her quick adaptation/thinking and the two end up heading away to look a bit leaving Hilda behind at the sandbox.


I’m pretty sure it means just that - but you could also analyze it more literally - with 探す directly modifying 手, so it would read as “(she) stopped her searching hand” - which indeed would equal to stopping an action.


I don’t think 手 means “hand” in this context. I would pick the definition that is more like, “effort”, personally.


Whoa, I wasn’t even aware that it had it listed as an “official” alternate word meaning - I just considered this as a metaphorical extension of “hand” :wink:


Yep, sure does! And obviously, no harm in viewing it that way. The Japanese definition even refers back to “hand” in its explanation (the 1 in there is a reference to definition 1, which is “hand”).