ハピネス・Happiness - Volume 2

Ohh, I had never heard of that ,it makes much more sense than my guess, I think you’re right.
Thanks, I really couldn’t figure it out on my own, I think I’ll consult that blog next time I have such a question haha


I hadn’t read chapter 7 yet, so wanted to read one chapter now and the other later. But just like everyone I completely missed the chapter change and finished both! :rofl:
Glad we changed to a chapter a week. The two weeks per is why I fell off a bit, just too long between each reading I end up forgetting =P


Week 6

Reading chapter 9 this week.

Are you still reading along?
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Couldn’t fully follow this week if I am honest. Made more sense towards the end of the chapter. Will have to read this one again.


Things keep getting more and more interesting (and complicated)!

I still am unsure how I feel about any of the characters. Wish we could know more about them or have more specific reasons to like/dislike them or feel attached in anyway.

Looking forward to chapter 10!


I was curious about the change in font on pg.134. Though I assumed it was used for effect, I’m new to manga and tried to look it up. If anyone else is interested, I found this site: Guide to Typefaces in Manga.

I never really considered before how intricate the process of typesetting kanji must be, especially in the era before desktop publishing software. According to the site, commercial manga used to be (and some still are) typeset by phototypesetting (Wikipedia).

Apparently there are standard fonts used for a particular effect in a lot of manga. From the website, it looks like the font used on pg.134 is extra bold Mincho font (大蘭明朝体 [Ooran Minchoutai]) “used for impact.”


The conversation between Gosho’s classmates has been the most difficult part for me of everything we’ve read of this manga so far. I still have to read it two or three more times in order to fully understand it. Other than that, it was a very interesting chapter :smile:


Honestly I’m not sure I 100% understood that conversation but just felt like they were generally talking about People being missing, the gangsters bullying people/causing trouble, what happened to Okazaki and decided that was good enough for me.

This manga has so much beautiful art that never fails to disappoint. I wonder if Okazaki is going to have to reveal his secret soon.


That’s what book clubs are for! I attempted a quick, rough, and honestly rather bad translation below. Hope it helps. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. That way other readers with similar questions can benefit too :slight_smile:

classmates conversation


Hey, did you see the まとめサイト?


I saw!


Is ”Oono Yuuki” that gaudy guy from class 3 (maybe)?


That’s right.


It’s dangerous/risky/crazy/etc.


Group missing/mass disappearance.(or something)


Apparently those guys were famous for being quite dangerous.


(My? Your?) brother’s friends got beat up, I heard (/it was said).




They got their just deserts!


But Okazaki is different (isn’t he)?


Isn’t it (the case) that he was being bullied by Yuuki?


Only Okazaki was (found) collapsed, drenched in blood (it was said).

こえー まだ入院してんだろ?

Scary!So is he in hospital again?

まさか あいつが全員殺ったんじゃね?

No way, he killed them all?


No that can’t be, that little thing(/small fry)!


No, I don’t get it/it’s not clear.


I only just finished chapter 8, got some questions:


Pg.96 じゃあおまえがなんとかしろよ = “Why don’t you go and marry him?” because the other guy was concerned?
Pg.101 さっき呼んだのはきみ TIL さっき can mean bloodthirst. = “The bloodthirst that called me here, was it you?”
Pg.102 いつからいたおまえ いつから = since when, おまえ = you, but the meaning of the sentence I got no clue
これ吸わないの this one’s hilarious, I’m pretty sure it’s basically “Hey, you gonna eat that?” but for bloodsucking
Pg.103 ぼくにおけてくれるのかい? No clue.
Pg.112 吸ったらちゃんと殺さなきゃあたりまえたろ? = Along the lines of “If you suck them properly you gotta kill them, obviously.” I think?
Pg.115 殺しとかなきゃ Obviously something like “gonna kill you now, lulz” but I don’t really get the grammar here.

chapter 8 answers

I’m not sure where you get this translation.
なんとか - somehow, something, one way or another
しろ - imperative of する
Basically “do something” or “deal with it somehow”

さっき - a short while ago, just now
Look for the simplest explanation first. This fits naturally in the sentence: “The one who called me just now, was it you?”

いた past tense of いる
“Since when were you (here)?”

Right. “Not sucking that?”

おけて - て-form of おける, potential of おく
“Will you leave him/it/them for me (please)?”

”If you suck them you’ve got to kill them properly. It’s obvious/self-evident (isn’t it?).

Contracted 殺しておかなけらば: 殺す+おく+なければ
”I must kill you/leave you dead"


Finished this week’s ch.
Thx @omk3 for the breakdown of the chatting. Berry noice

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Thank you so much for this :star_struck: I was able to get it the second time around when I actually took my time :joy: but reading your translation was very reassuring. Thank you again :heart_eyes:

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Week 7

Reading chapter 10 this week. Last chapter of volume 2!

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When should we start volume 3?
  • July 2nd (no break)
  • July 9th (1 week break)

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I voted for a week break because I am taking the JLPT next weekend but suppose I’ll have to catchup later in the week.

Same, and I have too get the third book still.
But yeah I can just catch up later on.