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Start Date: November 26, 2022
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Chapter 90
name furigana description ch 90
日向 ひなた sun boy :sun_with_face::sunflower:
影山 かげやま king setter :crown::volleyball:
烏養 うかい karasuno coach :smoking::anger:
武田 たけだ busy teacher :man_teacher::man_bowing: *–
大地 だいち captain :speaking_head: 1–
菅原 すがわら vice captain :cherry_blossom: :smiling_imp: *–
あさひ ace spiker :sunrise_over_mountains::teddy_bear: 1–
西谷 にしのや libero :broom::boom: 1–
田中 たなか energetic spiker :fist_right::fist_left: *–
月島 つきしま salty MB :salt: :salt: *–
山口 やまぐち jump floater *–
清水 しみず manager :lotus: 1–
谷池 やち candidate manager :fountain_pen: :cherry_blossom:
及川 おいかわ seijo captain :crown: :saxophone: 1–
coaches *–

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Please help convert this post (ハイキュー・Haikyuu! :volleyball: Vol. 6) into a wiki. I don’t have the level to do it. Thanks so much for your help!

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I won’t be there tomorrow: it’s my mum’s birthday and we’re going to have dinner together.

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Hi everyone, the sign-up for ch 46 is up.
It’s a light chapter this time. Lots of action, crowd comments, and the 2 alumni ‘uncles’ who commentate the most :grin:


As they’re currently playing against Datekou, I thought I’d do a bit on the teamwork of block and defense:


I put in the Karasuno team to hopefully make it a bit easier for you to understand in regards to their position.

One important thing, probably every choach tells you, is: If you’re (in the front row and) not blocking, you’re doing block-cover.

  1. Most often you’d only have 2 blockers against the attack from a WS (your opposite WS would have to run all the 9m to the other side and than back+some steps more for his own attack preparation which is quite a lot). These two blockers (Tsukishima + Kageyama) cover for the diagonal attack of the WS as that is the most common way for attack from the side. Your left WS (Asahi) and your opposite in the back (Daichi) would stand relatively close behind the block to cover for tipped balls that would drop short behind the block. Daichi would also be responsible for any straight attack from the WS, so he’d stand a bit more to the back than Asahi. Your WS in the back/Libero would be your main defense against any diagonal attack from the WS; that’s the position that gets hit when the attack passes left (from Karasuno’s perspective) of the block. Your middle (or here WS (Tanaka), 'cause the MB got switched for the Libero) is responsible for balls that go over the block and farther to the back; also for those that get (maybe tossed) in a high arch on the far right back. We had one opponent that would constantly toss a ball there from their WS and I had to dive quite a few times.
    If their opposite WS attacked, you’d have to think of the defense as mirrored: Asahi and Tsukishima in the block, Kageyama and Nishinoya for block follow, with Nishinoya covering the straights, and Tanaka for the back but standing more to the right.

2a) Here both WS&S would come into the middle for the block which would cover a wide area to the side. That is definitely a situation where you’d try tipping over the block either short behind or to the side which is why Nishinoya and Daichi would mostly cover for the block. Tanaka is still defending the back row.

2b) Blocking with two people in the middle is more common, though I don’t actually know which player would participate in the block more often, Asahi or Kageyama. Here I drew with Kageyama; for Asahi just think of it mirrored like with the WS-attack. Asahi would be doing block-cover here, same as Daichi though he’d also cover for any attack that goes through the block on that side. Though in theory the block covers that side as it would be positioned a bit more the the right (making Kageyama’s way a bit shorter). Which leaves the left side a bit more open, but we got Nishinoya for that. :wink: Also Tanaka wouldn’t be standing right behind the block but also a bit to the left where he can see the attacker just past the block. He’s still responsible for any high arch ball to the back (on the right). If it was Asahi instead of Kageyama blocking, Tanaka would stand a bit more to the right respectively.


Whoa, thank you Juice! This is super helpful to see it laid out like this. :open_mouth: :star_struck:

頑張ってTanaka! That’s so much space to cover. He looks totally calm about it lol.


Personally I consider Daichi’s position harder; I always quite liked Tanaka’s position. ^^


At least in girls’ volleyball you’d have relatively much time for the defense when standing in the back. And there wouldn’t be many really hard/fast straight hits by the WS to go all the way to the back on the right; those would mostly be in a high arch. Same for going around the 3-block in the middle: an attack with a relative high curve to go over it, so you usually got enough time to move under the ball or at least do a dive. Also the ball travels quite a long way back to the setter which means the setter has enough time to compensate if your receive isn’t all that well.
From Daichi’s position the ball has only a really short/fast way to the setter so there’s less time for error compensation. What I always considered quite difficult on that position is for the WS attack: deciding wether to move a step more forward for better block-cover or moving a step back to prepare for a hard straight. You can theoretically take the straight with your hand above your head when you’re more to the front which is a bit like a toss but you make your hands really hard so it’s more like the ball rebounds than an actual toss, but that gives you less control over the ball.


As we’ve seen with Tanaka’s receives so far this chapter :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the additional insight!


Much to learn he has, the young padawan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooooo, awesome illustrations, @JuiceS ! Thanks for making & sharing :grinning:

Hi everyone, ch 47 sign up is up.
This ch has more balance with some bright winterberry crispness and smoky oak barrel note… HA j/k!
This ch has the right amount of high-drama action and convo… Don’t miss out on Aone’s 1 line and Oikawa’s 1.5 lines!


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Chapter 48 character sheet is up! :turkey:

Ukai talks the most.
Someone gets a chance to try on their best news anchor voice.


I have finally caught up! will probs try and read through the chapter again before picking a character but looking forward to being able to rejoin after a long time! :partying_face:


Yay!! Excited to have you back :sparkling_heart:

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Ack @dmner , you beat me to the ch 48’s news anchor!!.. lol :laughing:

Thanks for putting up the list and reminder for this week’s reading @potatonaught ! Too much food and merriment this week, I just finally opened ch 48 tonight… :upside_down_face:

Good to hear from you @sycamore, welcome back! :smiley:


I noticed that the time stamp for the read-aloud was an hour off, probably because of daylight saving shenanigans. It should be fixed now, but lemme know if I bungled it.

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I won’t be there this week. Have lots of fun.

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Hi all, ch 49 sign up is up.
Lots of action in this chapter & awesome illustrations, not so much monologues :upside_down_face:.


39, さんきゅう, thank you!

I just realized I had meant to do the sign-ups earlier and forgot.

Had a fun go at defining a bunch of vocab words without looking them up. And then looked them up so no one has my bad definitions :sweat_smile:
But I felt confident enough to define about 44% of the words I added so that was neat!

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